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Looks great.
I think you should also get in contact with the author of DIC and DICUI.
I mean it would be ideal if your enhancements in finding antimod games etc. got integrated into the established tools.

Thank you for the answer, very insightful.
By "new lines for each new Mastering Code" you mean the Mastering code in the 1st column, I suppose?
Not the Mastering SID Code?
Am I Correct that the Mastering code on PSX disks is usually the serial# followed by a spce and a single digit?

About PVD: Do I understand correctly that  tracks verified <=> PVD verified?
Then there would be a mistake in my linked example disc because PVD is not verified but tracks are?
I've seen this very often with other discs.

About Cuesheet: I still don't understand what exactly is needed to verify a cuesheet.
My understanding would be that verified tracks should also verify the cuefile.

Also, if I just want to add data for verified dumps, like ring data and barcode, can I add it without submitting a redump, just by posting the data in the forum?

Finally, to speed up the process of submitting verifications (~50 verifcations to come) Is it ok to leave some info unfilled, that is identical, like name, foreign name, region, lanuage etc?
I'm thinking about putting in the serial number and the new/missing data.
This would save me a lot of time.

I'm about to do verification dumps on multiple psx disks, often adding missing info like barcodes or ring info.

What I don't get is the "Write offset" attribute in the ring info table, let's take this example:

Of all examples I looked at, the offset is always identical to the offset written above in the general game info.
My understanding is that the offset is based on the data of the disk and that it can't be found by looking at the ring.
So why is there an entry?

Also, each line in the rings table is a seperate entry from a separate disc of a separate dumper, right?
So, in the example, the lowermost line of the rings table seems to have 2 entries in the mould SID.
Does that mean there were 2 IFPI numers on the same disc?
Is this even possible? I haven't seen it before.

Also, when I do the dump, I edit the !submissionInfo file later, because I read the ring info afterwards.
Now different to the last time I did a dump, there's now not ony a txt fie but a json file as well.
Is it ok if I just edit the text file?

Finally, how is it possible that a data track is verified but the cuesheet and PVD is not?
I see this a lot of times, again like in the example.