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Is there any desire to add support for accessing (Old Macintosh) HFS format discs? there are several open source projects that can show how it is done (hfsutils/C, HFSExplorer/Java).

It would make listing correct Contents much easier.

Yeah I got refunds on both.

I'm using an official ugreen adapter from Amazon.

Fingers crossed I'll be up and running again soon!

I bought two other used Plextors:

PX-708A - had the same sort of problem (2 or 3 flashes)
Plexwriter 40/12/40A - had a different problem (9 flashes, motor problem)


So, still looking for a solution.

Thanks both, will look into these

My 716UF will no longer recognise discs.

I still have many discs to dump, and need to keep this external unit as I use a laptop.

So is the most cost effective way to replace the drive mechanism itself with something else? Another Plextor? Asus?

Thoughts appreciated. I'm in the UK.


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Same user name is OK. Of course with capital letter to start.