Such a coincidence!
Just less than 24 hours after I read your interesting article, I ran into a ring protected DVD, too.

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It's not reflection or something, every drive and every dumping software on my side is moaning about it.

Now trying to dump it with Chef big_smile

F1ReB4LL wrote:

As I've said, it depends on the case. Japanese titles often have an English title and Japanese one is only on the side of the box or on the spine and the 'main' title is the English one.

In such scenario, are those Japanese texts usually Katakana transcriptions of the English title?

Deciding titles case by case is of course what we should do when actually adding something, but yeah the purpose of this post is to figure out a (mostly) working, supplementary rather than obligatory guide to let people who have no idea which title to pick for CJK games get their submission optimized big_smile

F1ReB4LL wrote:

When the ingame title is completely different from the box title - use the box one, the ingame one goes into the comments.
When the box has both Western and Eastern titles and the ingame title is Western - the Western one can be used as main title, another one goes into the comments.
Each case should be discussed separately, though.

Since the box would most likely be in the language of the region, so I assume it's overall a language-first approach? i.e. Games in Eastern languages use romanized Eastern titles, and vice versa...which we actually agree with, despite our approach are seemingly different.

Jackal wrote:

The No-Intro rules aren't suited for Chinese releases.. games can have really weird box titles that are completely different from the (often English) ingame title.

That is why I needed more site codes big_smile Fortunately it seems that I can do that with HTML codes anyway, not sure if there will be a difference in terms of indexing and searching tho.

So, after a few discussions with some collectors and archivists, it seems that under certain circumstances, overriding everything with in-game title (especially for domestic games) isn't a favorable plan.

For example here's a Chinese game called 致命武力2:觉醒, this Chinese title is seen on box, in media, on the official website, pretty much everywhere except in the game - when you get into the game, there is only "Thunder Force 2 Rebirth", which is only a small subtitle on the box and otherwise seen only once in the title screen. Given the situation, romanizing 致命武力2:觉醒 and make it the Latin title would be a better choice.

Therefore, it might be better to pick a title based on the language for domestic games (unless it's a phonetically translated title).

KailoKyra wrote:

For imported / exported release, use the in-game title to rule out everything else;

In which case, for CJK submissions, would the english in-game title prevails, or the one used by the version from the country of origin of the game) ?

If not, what if the in-game title is also localized ?

I feel like the packaging title is more important than the in-game title to reference a game, but sometimes it's indeed not applicable or just wrong.

Some examples would be better - so here's a few hypothetical but very common situations:

(A) A US game got imported to China, in-game title retained English -> use the English title;
(B) A US game got imported to China, in-game title translated into Chinese -> use the Chinese title.

This is where redump's non-Latin name & parent / clone function becomes useful big_smile

Also actually, I'm not sure whether deciding by title or language is more appropriate in this situation. That's one of the things we'll either need to think over or decide on a case-by-case scenario.

KailoKyra wrote:

If it's a domestic game without an official Latin / Germanic title, pick an appropriate Latin main title Romanized from the language of that region;

So just the name using pinyin for Chinese-only releases ? Or a "litteral/personnal translation" of the title to English ? I think that the latter might not be a good idea as the main title for an entry tongue

Will these entries, with other alphabets need to be fixed as well ? (and thus extend these naming principles to other games than CJK submissions ?)

To be honest I'd like to keep both, but yes you're right - the main title for each submission should be more objective, thus a literal translation is not preferable, i.e. plain Romanization is still a better option with main Latin title.

That's why I've additionally proposed an optional "Literal Translation" field for reference, despite not necessary for everyone (?).

For submissions of other languages, I'm not sure if similar regulation is in demand or necessary, so that's another story. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion about it tho.

JosJuice wrote:

Is there a particular reason you are suggesting to not mark tones? Problems with storing them in databases, or just that they're inconvenient to type? I'm not saying that it necessarily is a bad decision, but it would be good to note the reasoning.

Majority of the media outlets (in English), both domestic and foreign ones, aren't adopting tones either - maybe for the inconvenience to type, maybe because tones make the texts less readable, I'm not very sure, but it seems to be some kind of unannounced rules everybody magically abides to.

Also, I thought it would be a good a idea to introduce as little extra characters as possible to Latin name field, that is also why I'm reasoning about Umlaut ü smile

Hi everybody, I'm tenyuhuang a.k.a. Tenyu, from mainland China. I've joined last October, and has been dumping and submitting games since then. While I'm glad to have all the support and help from the team, since most of my submissions are either Chinese or Japanese, we began to run into some practical problem - one of them being: how to properly name a Chinese submission.

This proposal aims to solve, or figure out a way to solve that issue and move things forward, while providing hints and hopefully valid inputs to other related issues.

I've been writing this during the holiday where there is a lot of distractions, so my apologies in advance for my indecent English writing skills and grammar mistakes.

The full version of the proposal can be seen here.
Since it's a bit too long, I've also provided a significantly shorter version for easy reading and reference.

Bear in mind everything is suggested based on my own experience and knowledge, most of the content will be open for discussion, and I'll be expecting your valuable input.

Thanks in advance!

If no further suggestions / feedbacks are received by 2019/2/28, I'll finalize the first version of Pinyin adoption plan and CJK naming workflow for review and approval.