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sarami wrote:
andoryuu3 wrote:

Seems to only be Halo 2 so far

Is the error message displayed in a command-line screen?

At the time of ripping, I did not see any errors in the command line output.


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sarami wrote:

Only Halo2? or all xbox disc you have? or all DVD you have?

And please read 1st post. http://forum.redump.org/post/37654/#p37654

1. Before you report a bug, could you try the latest test version http://www.mediafire.com/file/eq80y20l9 … r_test.7z.
Nevertheless a bug exists, could you upload all created file except bin, iso, img and scm.

Hi, sorry for the late response as I've been a little bit busy. Seems to only be Halo 2 so far. MotoGP 2 ripped fine when I tested it just a bit ago.

Here are the files you requested (I used DIC version 20180730-151133):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ouabbpk6x … P2.7z/file

EDIT: Drive used was a Kreon flashed Toshiba-Samsung SH-D163A (SATA; connected over USB 3.0)


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sarami, thank you so much for your work on DiscImageCreator. I am an Xbox1/Xbox360 addict, and have heaps of old games to rip.

I'm posting here at request of dizzzy from the discord server to share a little discovery I made ripping my retail copy of Halo 2:

Discord Server: August 3rd 2018 wrote:

[6:46 PM] andoryuu3 [USA]: Does anyone know off hand if there is a way for sarami's  DiscImageCreator to preserve random padding in Xbox 1 dumps?
[6:59 PM] dizzzy [USA]: Not sure, I read your post about that. DIC produces the same hashes as Xbox Backup Creator tho
[9:00 PM] andoryuu3 [USA]: Well apparently I was wrong about FreeCell/XBC (the post was actually about these two), which is fine. But when I tested ripping Halo 2 via DIC with my SATA Kreon drive (J), it only produced an image about 2.6GB in size. The command I used was simply "DiscImageCreator.exe xbox J: Halo2.iso"
[9:01 PM] andoryuu3 [USA]: So either a major glitch happened due to read errors, or DIC doesn't seem to do random padding. FreeCell/XBC does though

DiscImageCreator is supposed to preserve random padding right? I ask because without it some Xbox 1 games won't run at all.

Thanks again for your work!

Starshadow wrote:

The video data is definitely present and accounted for in a Redump dump. Redump XBOX 1 and 360 dumps are basically SplitVid ONLY. The layer 1 half of the video data is only present on layer 1 of the dump (after the game partition). This matches the physical layout of the data on the disc. XDVDMulleter is not expecting this, and wants the layer 1 half of the video data to be copied into layer 0 (appended to the end of layer 0 video data). Redump doesn't do that because it doesn't match the original disc, and that's what we're interested in recording. But, if you patch in the SS, PFI, and DMI files and your drive firmware understands SplitVid, you should be able to do what you want with the dump regardless of what XDVDMulleter says about the video data. I have done it before.

That's what I'm interested in as well-- False alarm then. Thank you for the explanation. I will edit my post and leave a note in red text to ignore what I had to say, as well as link to your post.

I knew SplitVid was the "way to go" when creating X360 dumps (and I assumed that it was because it matched the original disc), however I did not realize Xbox 1 dumps are structured the same. This confusion highlights a problem that unfortunately plagues the 360, and that problem is most of the software related to it is out of date. I knew this was true of Schtrom360Extract and Xbox Backup Creator, but did not expect XDVDMulleter to be in the same boat (why I didn't think so is beyond me).

All of the above is exactly why I think this thread deserves extra praise-- IMHO FreeCell and ss_sector_range are a godsend in this sea of broken/out-of-date software. Personally I can't wait until DiscImageCreator is up to par with FreeCell. Seems it doesn't preserve random padding, and this time I'm certain I mean random padding. Using the following command only produced a 2.6GB image for my retail copy of Halo 2: "DiscImageCreator.exe xbox J: Halo2.iso". So I suspect either a glitch occured due to read errors, or DIC doesn't do random padding. I'll give it a shot with a disc that has been recently resurfaced and see if that helps.

In any case, I'm happy to know now that Redump Xbox 1 dumps are as accurate as they are. That's all I wanted from the very beginning. wink

EDIT: Please DISREGARD this post-- redump Xbox 1 dumps are already fully iXtreme compliant. Read here for the reason why.

Starshadow wrote:
andoryuu3 wrote:

no random padding

This is not true. Redump XBOX 1 dumps do retain the random padding.

Forgive me, and thank you. I mixed up the Video Data and Random Padding (Schtrom360Extract is the program that doesn't rip random padding; it DOES rip Video Data). It is the Video Data that makes it miss the perfect mark. No it's not crucial for the game to run, but it is crucial for the game to run on an Xbox 360. Without it, it simply will not work.

If you go to the "Viewing Xbox ISO Details" screen of XDVDMulleter and clicking "Extract Video", it will dump a "video.iso" that is incomplete (hence why "Video Data Present" isn't checked). Reinjecting it into the image does not solve anything either.

Schtrom360Xtract rips a valid "video.iso" for passing the "Video Data Present" check, but it doesn't support OEM drives outside of the LiteOn DG-16D2S (Kreon drives are supported). To get the valid "video.iso" file (which is identical across all Xbox 1 games), you have three options:

Option 1) Do a full rip using the option "whole disc (stealth xtreme 3.0 SplitVid)" with Schtrom360Xtract, and then extract the 13.6MB video.iso file using XDVDMulleter's "Extract Video" button from the "Viewing Xbox ISO Details" page (CRC-32 is "231A0A56")
Option 2) Do a full rip using the option "whole disc (stealth xtreme 3.0 SplitVid)" with Schtrom360Xtract, and then extract the 386MB video.iso file using XDVDMulleter's "Extract Video Partition" button from the "Viewing Xbox ISO Details" page (CRC-32 is "0D4AFEBE")
Option 3) Rip only video.iso using "video.iso" option with Schtrom360Xtract to get the 386MB video.iso file (CRC-32 is "0D4AFEBE")

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST inject SS into the redump rip before you can inject video successfully. Failure to do so will cause XDVDMulleter to not show valid Video Data.

The best option is Option 1 as I know it's compatible with XDVDMulleter's "Insert Video" function, however that same data in the 13.6MB video.iso file exists in the 386MB video.iso... It's just that the latter is the full partition. If you were to insert the 13.6MB video.iso file into a redump rip and then immediately afterward extract the video partition, you should get the same CRC-32 (as the 386MB video.iso from options 2 and 3) for the new 386MB video.iso you are extracting (I have tested this and can confirm).

Anyway, if you rip the video.iso from your WarPath original disc using S360X, you should get the same CRC as the video data should be the same for all Xbox 1 games. Whether it matches or not, that S360X ripped video.iso will still fix a redump rip (assuming you're ripping from the original disc; this should go without saying though).

EDIT: Please DISREGARD this post-- redump Xbox 1 dumps are already fully iXtreme compliant. Read here for the reason why.

Maybe my approach was wrong, but I was being honest (and I was not trying to 'promote' piracy whatsoever). There is still nothing wrong with the guide that I had put forth because it preserves originals.

I really shouldn't have to explain myself here, but since I'm naturally a little bit irritated after having some of my time wasted, I will anyway:
My personal copy of Halo 2 is physically cracked at the center of the disc. It should be immediately obvious why I would desire to make a legitimate backup of it to safely play on my online and unbanned Xbox 360 console. If you want me to spell it out, I will.

Yes, I realize the information I presented creates a small crisis for the redump project as it means games already dumped may need to be dumped again, but I want to point out that the said "crisis" only affects Xbox 1 games that are backwards compatible on the Xbox 360. This significantly narrows the list of games required to dump.

So I will present my information once more but with a lot less detail:
These Xbox 1 dumps made with this guide respect the security sector (SS.bin) and stealth files (PFI.bin, DMI.bin).
(Can someone please explain why these files are important to the current dump process? Thanks.)
Now that we understand why those files are important, it's also important for the games to have random padding for various reasons.
One of which is simply because some games do not even RUN without random padding, but it is also required if the games are loaded on an Xbox 360.

EDIT: Considering the above, shouldn't Video Data be important too? It's the one and only thing the current dump process does not accurately preserve.

Open up any rip made with this guide in XDVDMulleter and view the ISO details, and you'll see it: video partition, yet no video data. Without it, it's useless for use on an Xbox 360. And quite frankly, nobody has an original Xbox with HDMI. An original Xbox is far more of a chore to hook up than a Xbox 360 with modern TVs. Video Data is literally the only thing not checked off in XDVDMulleter when you insert your ripped SS/PFI/DMI into your dump image.

EDIT: Fixed major mistake. I've been using a LOT of different .iso tools recently and apparently can't keep them and their capabilities straight. I'm confident that the above information is accurate now.

I just wanted to make a quick post to say thank you so much for this thread. Huge Xbox 360 related websites have been dropping like flies in the past year or two, making information like this scarce. Now that I've given this thread the praise it deserves, I do have a few suggestions to make the dump process either "more accurate" or at the very least "more compatible"...

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