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Not sure what's going on with the sector count here: http://redump.org/disc/58384/


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I can vouch for him/her smile

DVDs can be dumped with any (DVD-capable) drive, though the use of DIC is highly preferred (together with DICUI it also exports all the necessary info in a handy .txt file ready for submission: saves a lot of time).

For CDs you indeed need a Plextor. I'm no export on the technicalities (someone will probably correct me haha), but it has something to do with reading lead-in and lead-out which most drives can't. However, recently there were some developments and it's now possible to dump CDs with a few (still widely available) Asus and LG blu-ray drives by using a custom firmware.

So, to sum it up there are two issues here?

  • Inaccurate titles

  • Inaccurate numbers

The first one I'm not sure about what 'side' to agree with. One one hand, of course we want to use the titles used on the disc/box, but... in the case of the magazine discs they can be all over the place I'd almost say to just use a 'custom' title to aid with sorting and searching. If Redump would support multiple (regional) titles per dump, then it would be a total other story of course, but for now we have to work with what we have...

As for the numbering: I think I agree with user7 there. If there's indeed reused labels with numbers that don't match the issue they were bundled with I rather have the package issue number than the label number on the title. Otherwise it becomes a bit of a clusterfuck for anyone not waist-deep into PS2 demos to see what has and has not been dumped. But, of course the label-printed number should be added to the comments section.

silver_spirit wrote:

Sorry guys, but what is verifications ?

When a game is dumped and added to Redump, it's only been from a single disc so it's unconfirmed that the dump is 100% correct (though errors are highly unlikely, it is possible). Verifications verify a dump. When e.g. 5 people (who dumped from 5 different discs) get the same dump results, it's of course much more unlikely that the dump contains an error then when it's only from a single person/disc.

Plus, verifications often add more (meta)data about the disc. For example another barcode, another serial, or maybe another edition of the game that matches an existing entry.

I agree that any form of API would be a great, great addition to Redump.

Though, I can imagine there are also drawbacks to a Redump API. It would probably increase the server load (imagine all thousands of Dolphin users querying the API), especially when more rom managers/emulators/launchers will use it. And it would increase the 'risk' of someone scraping Redump and 'stealing' the data. Though, it's of course a point of discussion whether the data is really a property of Redump tongue

Or, maybe not an online API, but an 'offline' one that generates a json/xml file for offline use. Where a user would select which data (maybe even from a limited selection, e.g. only hashes, titles, editions and serials) he/she wants and then Redump generates a file. It would at the very least be much less of a strain on the server.


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I've taken a look at the games. The Korean one I have no idea; I don't speak, read or write Korean. As for the others:

The title on PSP cover is NBA as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/7/3/ … _front.jpg
So, no change necessary.

The US title has no 'Split/Second' subtitle as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/8/8/ … _front.jpg
And for reference a Europe cover: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/8/8/ … _front.jpg
So, no change necessary.

The cover indeed has 'Sudoku Battle Action' on there as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/8/1/ … _front.jpg

But I'm not sure if it's actually part of the title or just some description or 'genre' of the game. Most websites like Wikipedia, Gamefaqs, webshops etc. all just call it 'Zendoku'. So, change maybe necessary, but in my opinion it should stay Zendoku.

EDIT: the title on the spine is just 'Zendoku' so I think it's pretty clear now the title should not be changed.
https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/paAAAOSw … s-l640.jpg

In Japan the game is called Tenchu 4, but in Europe/USA the four is swapped for the subtitle 'Shadow Assassins' as can be seen here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/psp/95515 … ins/images
So, no change necessary.


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I'd like to hook into this topic and also propose a flag change for the Arabic language. Currently it's some weird Arabic sign which isn't really a flag. I propose this flag: https://www.deviantart.com/politicalfla … -710859049

It's a flag that apparently represents many Arabic countries as many Arabic countries have those colors in their flag. Plus, I've come across some games while language-checking that also actually use that very same flag to represent the Arabic language.

Received the email. Many thanks! smile

A few days ago I had some problems with SecuROM and my Plextor 760A. Jackal posted about it here: http://forum.redump.org/post/62811/#p62811

I don't know very much about this stuff, but maybe it was the same problem as you have. The issue has been fixed (at least in my case) in the newest DIC. Try updating DIC to the newest version and see if that fixes the issue. The newest version can be downloaded here: https://github.com/saramibreak/DiscImag … g/20180828

If you're already on that version, than you need someone with actual knowledge about this stuff, not me wink


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I've been working extensively on expanding the PS3 PAL miss list as well (requested wiki access a couple of days ago too). Maybe we should work together to avoid doing double work?

Hi, I'd like to request a wiki account. I've been researching PS3 PAL serials lately and I would like to be able to expand the PS3 PAL miss list on the wiki.