Yeah, to be honest,  I think so too, I've seen a lot of hebrew games on various platforms, but, except some PC games and  these 2 PSX games, they were all standard european version...

user7 wrote:

This lead me to find another old auction, new serial number identified!

Nice find, and since it's a new serial, it's better ! I expect hebrew games will reserve us some more surprise !
Just a question : Are you the guy who bought this game, or is it a random guy? It is to know if I can expect a future dump or if we have to wait for it to reappear on eBay...

Damn, if you are right, sorry for this...

user7 wrote:

For sure, I hope I didn't snipe a disc you wanted to purchase. I don't plan on keeping it anyway, so if you want it I'll resell it to you for what I paid for it after I dump it. I just didn't want to see it get away... who knows if it will ever be found again lol!

Don't worry, I don't want it so much lol, if I would bought it, it would only be for dumping purpose like you, so you can sell it to anybody you want ^^. And you did the right decision I think, because as you said we aren't sure to see it anymore...

user7 wrote:

> Can somebody confirm my thoughts?

I can confirm that I love you! Dude that's SO MUCH for sharing this! Bought. Will redump.

No problem lol, I was trying to find the FIFA 2000 hebrew version on eBay, but I found this one instead, so that's good ^^.

And yes, I was also thinking that is weird to not find any serial... All we can do is wait now smile .

Hello guys,
I was wondering if this game matches a dump in the database or if it is undumped: … SwGwlaJmIi
I can't find it on any list on Internet, I always find the hebrew version of FIFA 2000 but not the FIFA 99 one...
Moreover, I checked and the Barcode seems different (I didn't see any serial on the covers pictures, or maybe I am just blind?).
Can somebody confirm my thoughts?
Thanks for your answers!