Hello, it's been a long time, but already here smile

Here is a rare Final Beta copy of Wirehead for the PAL market.
The full game had never been released except in the US on the Sega CD platform.

Game title: Wirehead (Europe) (Beta Final) (1995-12-09)
Disc title:
Game languages:
Version: Beta Final (1995-12-09)
Media: CDR TDK CD-R74
Serial number:
Ring code info:
Mould SID: 
Master SID:

https://mega.nz/file/U4ZlCIjZ#FeT0G9Zkp … QpfjQSd-iw



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Hello Sarami

I use the latest test version, and when dumping a Sega CD game, it stops with the

LBA[085774, 0x14f0e]: Track[01]: SubFailed to reread because crc16 of subQ is 0

This is the game already dumped: http://redump.org/disc/60540/

Here is the logs https://mega.nz/#F!ItQiRKjQ!Cd8IfB85BME5IGSVscyvLg



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Hello !

Some datfiles may have been updated without having a "the Recent dumps" item.

Maybe I didn't find yet but is there a way to see the latests compiled dats ? order by the compilation date that could be easy to find what is the latest we miss (like on datomatic).

And possibly download all the dat pack according to the permission we have?


Best Regards

F1ReB4LL wrote:

For the speed, the fastest you read something, the more you may have error, like jitter correction on audio track is more active, and as the speed increase, the algorithm can't think out the box, so it forces interpolations to keep a constant bitrate.

Erm, no, you're misunderstanding the reading process. Interpolation only appears on hardware CD-players (when you're listening to the music), not when you read the data digitally, sector by sector. It is either copied properly (0 C2 errors) or not (>0 C2 errors).

Ah ok ! When I dump PSX games a long time ago I had to disabled the jittering process in order to have raw datas, and not corrected one. The best method was the Disc at Once to avoid those problems but some CD couldn't be copied in DAO. 
I thought by default the datas were corrected so my bad !

It would stay a mystery indeed for our brushes indeed ^^

Yes hope he will find another way to dump the saturn kit it properly.

For the speed, the fastest you read something, the more you may have error, like jitter correction on audio track is more active, and as the speed increase, the algorithm can't think out the box, so it forces interpolations to keep a constant bitrate.
That could be an explanation why at 8x it takes time to reread sector and detect error. I think reading the brushes don't have sense and can give different corrupt data, as there is no etching on the disc.

My thoughts is if I make a cleaning kit with brushes, I don't want the machine to have error reading data and stop the CD when the lens read a brush. So I'll make a blank part, may put this at the end and I will force the lens to go to this area for cleaning with specific drive command.
As you force the lens, you don't have to read the datas, only positioning the lens head, that's why I think there is no data between tracks and this is used as a pregap to fake the drive and act like a real CD to avoid reading the brushes part.

I really want to test the driving lens commands on the real hardware big_smile
Btw some copy protection works that way, you force the head to get some "hidden" datas.

- For the ring:
Not sure for the  [tab] as there seems to be only one or two characters long, let me know for future ring reading ^^


Oh great thanks you to take a look at this !

@F1ReB4LL: You're right, I use the same command each time, I only change the name wit a .bat file. I copy the command from the guide and as I dump psx games too, sometimes the /nl is here, I compare and it does nothing on mega cd games.

For the ring code sure, I was more busy understanding how to make a good dump big_smile

M-20001  AG308A   FD827K
No IFPI and no stamp

@sarami: What I can say physically, we can clearly see the first track in the center of the CD and then a blank part where the rushes are. Then we can see a burned part on the outer of this blank section.


Can we asssume that the brushes area could be blanked ?

For the noc2 flag non zero area, there was a drive correction, some jitter stuff that try to interpolate the data. In this case, as the drive speed is faster, he may found something on brush but can't read, maybe he is trying to interpolate in own error.

Btw do you think that if I remove the brushes, there would be little holes, something will change or the holes would make the same ? (I assusme that hole = read error too)

Thank you again for your help, and hope we ca fill this area with 0 tongue

Hi ! Thanks !

So I can't test with CloneCD Now but I try different things:
- No c2 option
- 24x reading instead of 8
- Dumping single track with isobuster

I put everything in this folder: https://mega.nz/#F!R0wAXZyD!Yc1QHm5RDpaPFqf_VPDQeg

With the c2 option and 8x readding, nothing works, the bios see a CDROM but doesn't seems to recognize what it is because there are no datas.

With the 24x reading and c2 option, there were no errors but I have no sounds with the separate bin, yet when I use the img, everything is perfect, program and sound.
It does the same thing with no c2 option and 8x reading.

For isobuster I get different CRC for the dumps, it seems like he is trying to read something sometime.

I don't know what to do with all thoses files, I'm not an expert sad
Do you think you can make something great of these ?

Best regards

Thanks F1ReB4LL

I'm trying to understand evrything and see what's is the .sub purpose.

It seems like the brushes area is in the 2nd track pregap. The data at the end of the first track is full of 0 and there where no errors reading.
The second track is on the outer edge of the brushes area, we can see this physically on the CD.

I'll try to wait for DIC to finish, and extract it with CloneCD, I'll tell you !

Btw thanks for helping, I understand a bit more how everythings works big_smile

Hi all !

The purpose is to dump this Cleaner for the Japanese MegaCD


I try to dump it but it appears too many errors with DIC.
The CD have some brushes on the laser side, there are little holes in the CD so that the brushes are fixed with the sticker on the top of the CD.


First way was to think about removing the brushes and have the CD surface cleaned... Problem I don't really want to destroy my item big_smile
And not sure that the hole in the CD won't be a problem for reading.

Next we Dump the content with isobuster and surprisingly, it works

I get The 4 tracks, and Dizzy help me to make a Cue. I try in Kega the iso alone, and the program run perfectly but have no additionnal sound, the same with the Cue with the others tracks.


I then Extract the audio with EAC, The track where OK and when I put them in the Cue everything works, I have the music and the sound

Here is the result: https://mega.nz/#!N8BzVYjS!z7ghpuj7g6vT … urqQG3u9_g

But I face a problem, the Gap between the tracks where the brushes are, it is about 28min long and I don't know how to calculate the resize parameter to get the perfect track.

Here is the EAC screen with the gap calculated

The gap is 00:28:53.22, and I'm not sure if we have to take in account the miliseconds.

If someone can help smile



F1ReB4LL wrote:
maxoojc wrote:

full Jap set with extras

With all the demos and Fresh Cleaner? smile http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Games

Hi !

Sorry, wasn't at home for few days smile
First I get an hand on my plextor, so I could start dumping some stuff to try out.

And yes I have the fresh cleaner, and some of the sample needed, and some that are not in the list.
I have some rare beta version too, I had to make a complete list that you can tell me what is worth to start with !