Wow those look great! What all did you do differently for those?

I am still pretty new to this stuff, but I could not make out anything with a black PSX disk.

That photo is of MX vs ATV Unleashed.

The phone is a 1st gen Google Pixel. They are coming out nicely. Here's a few more:
Conker Live and Reloaded:

Ah this works great, thanks! This will be my first dump / submission and taking pics of the ring codes was pretty easy using Open Camera.

Enker wrote:

I mentioned some Kreon compatible drives in the Dreamcast thread, but I'll list all of them here for quick reference. You can search for either Samsung, Toshiba, or TSSTcorp to find these drives.

IDE drives: SD-M2012C, SH-D162C, SH-D162D, TS-H352C, TS-H352D

SATA drives: SH-D163A, SH-D163B, TS-H353A, TS-H353B

I had a bit of a hard time finding this information so I'd thought I would post it here.

I purchased a TS-H353A on eBay because that's what was readily available. Once I was trying to flash the kreon firmware I kept getting an once I selected the firmwareware bin. It was saying "This Firmware is not compatible with the selected drive." Eventually I found that you can start the sfdnwin.exe flash tool with "-nocheck" via cmd prompt and then it will flash no issue. The kreon firmware was marked "SH-D163A_SB01_KREON_V100" even though I was flashing a TS-H353A. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post attachments like that? It should be searchable on google.