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Progress! The program can now initiate the dump process. However there are a few issues. When I tried to do a dvd dump of a PS2 game the dump began, but it took forever and the file was only 2KB afterwards? Then I tried doing a Xbox and Xbox 360 game, both seemed to go normally except that when the dump was finished they did not complete the hash check. After manually checking the hashes of the two Xbox games, they both did not match the redump checksums. I've included what logs I have available. This was on Debian 9.

ps2: https://transfer.sh/x0nmr/DesertStorm.tar.gz

xbox: https://transfer.sh/uCzEB/Halo_2.tar.gz

360: https://transfer.sh/bSOMf/GoW.tar.gz


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Hello again, thank you for the update. I receive the same error still. The output is unchanged from my last comment so I will not include it again.


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sarami wrote:

But, there isn't /dev/sr0 and /dev/cdrom in ubuntu of WSL, so I can't confirm it's working or not

Hi Sarami,

I gave this a go and wasn't able to get it working. I can help with testing more if that is needed. Although I'm afraid I wouldn't be of much more help than that.

h0lylag@debian:~/Desktop$ ./DiscImageCreator_linux.out xbox /dev/sr1 test.iso
    x86, AnsiBuild, 20180712 12823
     Argument: test.iso
     FullPath: /home/h0lylag/Desktop/test.iso
    Directory: /home/h0lylag/Desktop/
     Filename: test
    Extension: .iso
StartTime: 2018/07/16(Mon) 00:30:32
[F:StorageQueryProperty][L:227] GetLastError: 22, Invalid argument
EndTime: 2018/07/16(Mon) 00:30:32

Oh I guess I missed that. Its the "Official Xbox Magazine Best of Xbox Game Demos Vol. 1." Here is another photo: https://img.cat/i/cmbyfvj.jpg

Also I got a reply back from the Splinter Cell demo guy. He says hes interested in dumping and submitting it. I linked him to all the appropriate areas. He says he thinks he might still have his old 0800 drive.

In regards to the region issues, I want to have my dumps be as correct as possible. Let me know what I need to do to fix them.

For the Splinter Cell demo, I messaged the OP about it on Assembler Games. We'll see if he still has the disc / is willing to help out.

How are you deciding based on ringcodes that they are likely only USA releases. By the "-US" in the mastering code? How do you distinguish regions by barcode? Do you have a reference that can be read / used?

Here are some examples I was talking about. All of these don't have any other versions submitted, are marked as World, and are unverified. So by that logic they could not have been verified against other regional variants to conclude that they are in fact World releases.


The actual game version of Band of Brothers: Earned in Blood follows this same scheme.

So really the best / only option is to completely ignore the region lock code, and submit the games from the region they were sold in. Then wait for other people to dump from their region to confirm the dumps match, then the disc is updated to a World region? Maybe we can update the Xbox guide a little bit to reflect that.

To answer your question no I have never seen that before. I thought I was going crazy at first because the photobucket web page was cutting off the bottom half of the image obscuring the Splinter Cell sleeve. I had to right click > view image to see anything useful.

This was the only thing I could find that might be related: https://assemblergames.com/threads/orig … box.59742/

Ok that is my mistake then. When I read the Xbox dumping thread the way I interpreted the region table was that you matched the letter up and that was the region the game should be submitted as.

I feel like there is a good number of Xbox submissions that are marked Region: World, only have that one version, and is unverified. So I think they would all need to be fixed?

I marked them according to what was in the DMI.bin string. Otherwise no, I don't know that they saw release outside of USA.

Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood Demo

Far Cry Instincts Demo


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Fantastic, thank you.


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Are there extra requirements for having a wiki account? I'd like to get one if possible. Mostly for helping with the Xbox missing list.

Thank you.

I purchased a few demo discs recently. At first I thought they followed the same naming scheme, but there actually a few differences. The discs are different than the cases too. Some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/qLe6Rbc

Per the case, names are:

Exhibition Demo Disc for Xbox
Exhibition Demo Disc for Xbox Volume 02
Exhibition Demo Disc for Xbox Volume 03
Exhibition Demo Disc 4 / Exhibition Demo Disc Volume 04
Exhibition Demo Disc Volume 5
Exhibition Volume 6
Exhibition Volume 7

So with all of that said, perhaps "Exhibition: Volume X" for all of them? Or if it should be exactly as on the case or disc? I was hoping to get some insight on what to submit these as.

EDIT: Nevermind, I wasn't paying attention apparently there is already a dump for Volume 2 so I will go with that.

Wow those look great! What all did you do differently for those?

I am still pretty new to this stuff, but I could not make out anything with a black PSX disk.

That photo is of MX vs ATV Unleashed.

The phone is a 1st gen Google Pixel. They are coming out nicely. Here's a few more:
Mercenaries: https://img.cat/i/m0otzly.jpg
Conker Live and Reloaded: https://img.cat/i/p3aikfy.jpg
Black: https://img.cat/i/hsh4q6i.jpg

Ah this works great, thanks! This will be my first dump / submission and taking pics of the ring codes was pretty easy using Open Camera.


Enker wrote:

I mentioned some Kreon compatible drives in the Dreamcast thread, but I'll list all of them here for quick reference. You can search for either Samsung, Toshiba, or TSSTcorp to find these drives.

IDE drives: SD-M2012C, SH-D162C, SH-D162D, TS-H352C, TS-H352D

SATA drives: SH-D163A, SH-D163B, TS-H353A, TS-H353B

I had a bit of a hard time finding this information so I'd thought I would post it here.

I purchased a TS-H353A on eBay because that's what was readily available. Once I was trying to flash the kreon firmware I kept getting an error saying "This Firmware is not compatible with the selected drive." Eventually I found that you can start the sfdnwin.exe flash tool with "-nocheck" flag via cmd prompt and then it will flash no issue. The kreon firmware was marked "SH-D163A_SB01_KREON_V100" even though I was flashing a TS-H353A. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post attachments like that? It should be searchable on google.