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is there a possibility of Redump releasing dat files with additional fields (serial, version)

If you want to have it, I can make it happen.

That would be very nice. For Dolphin's purposes, the serial and version are the only things that really are needed (in addition to the hashes, of course). The disc number would also be convenient to have, but it can be determined based on the serial.

iR0b0t wrote:

What will you do about discs which don't have a serial or version, though?

I don't think there's anything we can do with those unlicensed discs other than checking whether the hash is in the database or not. A lot of those discs even share the name that is displayed in the GC IPL, so there really isn't anything good to go on other than hashes.

No. You can't download any games on


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Okay, then let's ask this instead: Are you here to submit dumps? Because the first post of the topic doesn't sound entirely like it.


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The PS2 database is public anyway. You won't get any additional information about PS2 games by registering here, you would just get the ability to submit your own dumps. (Not that I think anyone who's associated with a blatantly illegal emulator is going to be approved for an account...)

Hiccup wrote:

A problem with this - the serial field is for the disc label serial, not the disc image header serial. It usually matches, but doesn't always. Maybe redump should start cataloging the header serials?

I'm not aware of any discs like that other than (which seems like a somewhat suspicious dump since everything beyond the first four bytes apparently is identical to Do you have any examples, other than that one?

Recently, I've been working on improving Dolphin's ability to tell users whether their dumps are good or not. (, if you're interested.) What really would be nice to have is the ability to check whether the user's hash matches the hash in the Redump database, but I'm not sure what the best way to do that would be.

What would be ideal is if Dolphin had a way to map game ID+revision+disc number to a hash, either using a local copy of a database or by querying through some kind of API. (In case you're not familiar with GameCube/Wii games, the game ID can be obtained from the Serial field in the Redump database.) The intended way of doing something like this seems to be to use the downloadable dat files, but they don't contain game IDs, so all Dolphin would be able to do is check whether the user's hash exists in the database. What this means is that if the user's hash isn't in the database, Dolphin can't tell whether this is because the user has a bad dump or because the user has a dump of a disc that isn't in the database yet. So I would like to avoid using a database that doesn't contain game IDs if possible.

The only currently available alternative I can see that would be able to do what I want is sending HTTP requests to like a normal user browsing the website and then parsing the results. This works, but having to parse the HTML is annoying and can lead to things breaking if the website changes the structure of its HTML. Does this sound like a good or bad idea, both in terms of whether the HTML structure can be expected to stay the same and whether is fine with the extra load? (If this is implemented, Dolphin would only connect to if the user specifically presses the verify button for a game, so I hope the load won't be too high.)

Or is there a possibility of Redump releasing dat files with additional fields (serial, version, etc...) or making a web API available?

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Can't really comment about which romanization system is better for Chinese, since I'm not familiar with any smile I can only suggest something that supports all the dialects, since, as far as I remember, Taiwan uses its own dialect and there are Taiwanese game releases.

There isn't really any convenient romanization system that works with all dialects. If there's a game out there that is in Hokkien, it'll most likely just have to use a different romanization system.


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The Korean title for that game as listed on the official Korean PlayStation website is 삐뽀사루 겟츄P!, which only differs in spacing and punctuation from what's on Redump. The straightforward romanization is Ppipposaru Getchyu P!, but if you want to match other discs like, it should be something like Ppipposaru! Get You! P!

Is there a particular reason you are suggesting to not mark tones? Problems with storing them in databases, or just that they're inconvenient to type? I'm not saying that it necessarily is a bad decision, but it would be good to note the reasoning.

But Shift-JIS also supports halfwidth characters. They do get used when writing Western language words embedded in Japanese text, albeit with exceptions.


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We do not host any disc images here, only hashes of disc images.

For Korean games in particular, I've noticed that redump sometimes uses fullwidth spaces and sometimes uses halfwidth spaces. Seems kinda inconsistent... As far as I know, Korean usually uses halfwidth spaces.


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I'd like to have an account on the wiki so that I can mark games as bought when I buy them, and for the occasions where I find formatting/naming problems in the undumped lists.

Just so you know, that disc was dumped recently:

But redumping a disc to get a verification is also welcome.