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The Korean title for that game as listed on the official Korean PlayStation website is 삐뽀사루 겟츄P!, which only differs in spacing and punctuation from what's on Redump. The straightforward romanization is Ppipposaru Getchyu P!, but if you want to match other discs like http://redump.org/disc/4563/, it should be something like Ppipposaru! Get You! P!

Is there a particular reason you are suggesting to not mark tones? Problems with storing them in databases, or just that they're inconvenient to type? I'm not saying that it necessarily is a bad decision, but it would be good to note the reasoning.

But Shift-JIS also supports halfwidth characters. They do get used when writing Western language words embedded in Japanese text, albeit with exceptions.

We do not host any disc images here, only hashes of disc images.

For Korean games in particular, I've noticed that redump sometimes uses fullwidth spaces and sometimes uses halfwidth spaces. Seems kinda inconsistent... As far as I know, Korean usually uses halfwidth spaces.

I'd like to have an account on the wiki so that I can mark games as bought when I buy them, and for the occasions where I find formatting/naming problems in the undumped lists.

Just so you know, that disc was dumped recently: http://redump.org/disc/55535/

But redumping a disc to get a verification is also welcome.