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I can't add these dumps at the moment, as the redump website can't support adding a DVD for the PSP console. This should be implemented by iRobot soon, so i'll add it when it's possible.


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bump for logs reupload


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bump for logs reupload

bump for logs reupload

bump for logs reupload


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please add the logs for the new dumps. thank you!


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Logs reupload please

iR0b0t wrote:

I did add it, taking the submission info from this topic.

The error was due to displacement of ISRC tag.

I will ask sarami to change the order.

Ok, thank you!
Topic unsticked and moved to the History for Dumps section.

@iR0b0t: while trying to add this disc i've received this error: "Error parsing cuesheet in row 6.". Maybe it was because of a special character or something else from the cue file? I think that this should be fixed as soon as possible.

Mastering SID Code is missing, can you check it again?

http://forum.redump.org/topic/15273/psx … -searcher/

According to Enker, this could be a case of a "false positive".

EDIT: More examples are Alundra 2 & Ape Escape. Only the Japan versions are protected, the others just have the JP text.
Alundra 2 also gets a false positive with MODPAR & Version 1 of your tool.

If DIC is doing the anti-mod scan, it could be using a similar method as this other tool.
I've changed the redump entry but maybe people that knows better than me how the anti-mod string works could help to solve the matter.

at the end of the *.img_EccEdc.txt file you'll see:

Total errors: 0
Total warnings: 87664

and the redump "Errors count" should contain the exact sum of the two numbers exposed here.
So, your dump is correct, the errors count is correct, and i think this is a small bug from DICUI, because the submissionInfo.txt file doesn't report the sum of both numbers but just the first part (Total errors: 0).

Also, i haven't noticed the anti-mod string so this is an error from me. I'll add it right now.

cool, thanks for this fix. i've just changed the languages.


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That was my error, already fixed that. Sorry for the trouble smile

Thanks. I've tested the game and actually it's English only, so i will fix the Redump entry.


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He already dumped http://redump.org/disc/63462/ http://redump.org/disc/63463/ and http://redump.org/disc/63163/ for us, he have a Plextor drive and can help us with some other new stuff smile Please add him and give him the dumper status.

Regarding the IT names i should say that the titles used in the datfile are not exactly matching the cover and the disc.

For example:
the datfile title is "Magazine Ufficiale PlayStation 2 Demo Italia 09/03"

the cover says "PlayStation 2 Magazine Ufficiale - DVD Demo 15"

the disc title is "ups2m demo italia 09/03"

I haven't added them myself to the database, i've just sent them when i was not a mod yet, but they can be corrected of course.
We should decide to put the cover name or the disc title as the main name inside the datfile.
My opinion is that the cover title may be easier to order and it's easier to get a consistent file name for all the entries. Starting from "PlayStation 2 Magazine Ufficiale - DVD Demo 01 (Italy) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)" and going on. Or, if we want to take an "international" title to be consistent with all the other entries, the title may be "Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 1 (Italy) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)" for example.

Good to know, i'll try to dump my laserlock games with my PX-716SA when i'll be back home next month.


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We can only accept dumps from original disc sources, dumped with the methods explained in the wiki section of the website. What is the game that is not listed in the wiki page? Any info on the serial number?

PX-7XX series reads CDs and DVDs, while the other drives reads only CDs.
Aside from that i haven't noticed anything different between models, the drive reliability all depends on the state of laser wear IMO. Sometimes you may find a better model or a worst model, based on how many discs was readed with that particular drive. I own a PX-708A, a PX-716SA, a PX-W4012TU and a PX-W4824TA.

There's not a recommended model for CD-i games, it's a standard CD and any Plextor drive from the wiki page http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … patibility can be used to dump it. Personally i've used a PX-716SA to dump a CD-i game without a problem, but like i said any drives from the wiki guide could read it.

Yes, it's L330 and A01 reversed. I've fixed the ringcode.


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He's here to contribute mainly with PS3 and PS4 stuff, and recently joined our Discord server.


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We gave you the dumper status and i've added your PSP verifications. http://redump.org/discs/dumper/catlanx/
If you have other PSP and PS3 verifications please add it to the forum, or use the "new disc" form from the main page (under the discs menu) if you want to submit something that's not yet inside our database.

AFAIK, it's not mantained anymore. Personally, i don't use it anymore because DICUI can find the EXE date and the Libcrypt sectors automatically, and after all the dumping procedures, the program will add all the obtained data to the submissioninfo.txt file. When i was using the "old school" DIC dumping with batch files and command line, i've noticed too that psxt001z sometimes may fail to obtain the data from the disc, because the EXE file it's not in the place where the program is searching, usually the root of the disc. You may use this guide http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … andard_EXE if you still don't want to use DICUI to obtain manually the same data.