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Still looking for a drive. Could anyone from Norway act as an intemediary and help me get this drive? I would pay for the drive and the shipping costs to the UK.


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Hi! I would like to obtain a Plextor drive in order to dump various CDs that I have and CDs that I will obtain in the future (I will probably not be able to dump many until late December however). I live in the UK. What would be the cheapest way of obtaining a drive, and as the drive will probably be IDE, would an IDE to SATA converter work to connect it to my computer?

On the dumping guides, Disc Image Creator is used to dump CDs. Is a Plextor drive absolutely required for this or is there some other way to dump discs suitable for redump with other drives.

Additionally, I noticed that for all multi-track CDs, each track is in a separate .bin file. I have not found a tool that can dump CDs in this way, and I would like to be able to.