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Fired up my PlayStation 3 to play some old games, and surprisingly enough there was an update!
Although the discussion about this project has unfortunately stalled, I'll continue to include new PUPs as I discover them.

4.82 Update | Patch

P.S. Website is down at the moment but you can get the dat in the original post.


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Thanks for the tip! I've added SEX 3.65 to my MIA.


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After futher investigation I have to revise my prior statement. You cannot tell the revision number nor the date by looking inside the DEX PUPs. Now that this is clear, I have decided to split the CEX/SEX double releases rather than appending the (tar) date.

I have also created an easy way to generate the dat as you like.

For Jackal, the link would look like this:

dex = 't' type | 'v' version | 'r' revision | 'i' target | 's' suffix | 'd' date
download = 0|'dat'|'zip'

Unfortunately I don't have the original revision/date for each DEX release, but you can look at my current progress here.

Also I want to add that I'm not here to push my agenda and am open for new ideas and compromises, but I will stick to my opinion that if we keep the disk version, that they should be in the same archive to save space.


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Besides the PSDevWiki take a look at these two cases:

CEX 1.91
The PSDevWiki and other sources don't even mention that this exists. The only proof for that firmware is the IRD from the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock [BLUS30074] (which I'm still looking for btw)

CEX 1.94
This version (according to the PSDevWiki and Wikipedia) finally added spport for the DualShock 3 controller. This feature was actually planned for the next major release (2.00), but since some games needed that functionality (Assassin's Creed, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune), Sony made a minor version only including the DS3 change.

http://www.shacknews.com/article/49583/ps3-firmware-v194-adds-dualshock3 wrote:

The newest PlayStation 3 system software update to version 1.94 adds firmware-level support for the upcoming rumble-enabled DualShock3 controller. Though the update is not yet available for download, it's bundled with Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, the first retail game with built-in support for the DualShock3.

Trivia: It never got released online.

This is the format of an official PS3UPDAT.PUP download link:


If you were to generate an original looking 1.94 download link, you will find no trace that it is real on the popular search engines (comparision).


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I see your point - and I thought about it too. But I see the DISK versions as part of the official firmware files from Sony as well. Not all CEX versions have a disk version either, and some versions got released on disk only. What about those? Should we include those in the disk form or should we include them in their respective repack form? What even makes a PUP official, besides it's content? There certainly are repacks (check my Blacklisted list) so which is "more" geniune, repacks (with the corrected size) or disks (with unnecessary padding)? If you choose the latter, then I'll surely include all disk releases (based on the IRDs).


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Whoops, I thought you were willing to go all in and categorize the whole zip. CEX/SEX would be easy, DECR should also be fairly simple (I verified the revision from the sdk files) but DEX is another story. I'm not sure if the revision is exposed somewhere inside the PUP so I can only make an educated guess based on older documents, fortunately the date is documented though (see below).
So you were thinking about something like this:

game (
    name "ps3-cex-342"
    description "PS3 System Software Update 3.42 RETAIL/CEX"
    rom ( name PS3UPDAT.PUP size 175193760 crc df869675 md5 6ba866514589155ab094099a9f358ffd sha1 62788f6e1555ed62d32591cab463c59ce393e870 )

game (
    name "ps3-cex-342-disk"
    description "PS3 System Software Update 3.42 RETAIL/CEX-DISK"
    rom ( name PS3UPDAT.PUP size 268435456 crc 020ac0ca md5 d4a54d6dac5ee949f4491b219783bd6f sha1 56555c31beb79fdadec127845b428e4eb5aaa4da )

game (
    name "ps3-cex-342-patch"
    description "PS3 System Software Update 3.42 RETAIL/CEX-PATCH"
    rom ( name PS3PATCH.PUP size 35086836 crc d0fb526e md5 f007b6488895021b81ecdf0df52e1e06 sha1 686469b05b066f2aa827013240fd9ff4395ca46d )

game (
    name "ps3-decr-481"
    description "PS3 System Software Update 4.81 TOOL/DECR"
    rom ( name PS3UPDAT.PUP.481.001 size 160258808 crc afd9177d md5 ffde72ec8d2af76f4eed7db8844cf268 sha1 5c7be1666f5998e2b55b6e240db9592308cbe036 )

game (
    name "ps3-dex-481"
    description "PS3 System Software Update 4.81 DEBUG/DEX"
    rom ( name PS3UPDAT.PUP.481.001.forDEX.release.20161024 size 190858396 crc 5532d6d8 md5 4c42f04cdcbd94d7e9f3df34aad5983e sha1 19b0a92af30d345ecb5077c134a8245bff4ffe02 )

I, for myself, can say that I don't like this separation. Also you would lose all the space savings when doing this:

CEX uncompressed: 32.377.519.771 Bytes [30,1 GB]
CEX compressed: 15.189.955.274 Bytes (47% of original size) [14,1 GB]

Since the PUPs are very uncompressable, I'll ignore the fact that LZMA2 saves ~500 KB per file, so I can certainly say that separating the files will cost you 16 GB.


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For what I can tell, CEX and SEX always came as PS3UPDAT.PUP / PS3PATCH.PUP, for AVTOOL I can't really say.

DECR came as PS3DECRUpdateData.481.001.zip with the following content:

└── cell
    ├── Readme_DECR-481_001_e.txt
    ├── Readme_DECR-481_001_j.txt
    └── target
        └── updater
            └── ref-tool
                └── PS3UPDAT.PUP.481.001

DEX came as PS3DECHUpdateData.481.001.zip with the following content:

└── cell
    ├── Readme_DECH-481_001_e.txt
    ├── Readme_DECH-481_001_j.txt
    └── target
        └── updater
            └── debugging_station
                └── PS3UPDAT.PUP.481.001.forDEX.release.20161024

IIRC at some point the readme files were called release_note-e.txt and release_note-j.txt (not entierly sure).

Jackal wrote:

Is there any way to recover all the the original DECR / DEX version filenames? Maybe using archive.org?

I see your point on keeping everything as genuine as possible, but unfortunately it practically isn't possible. There's no way we can track down every file related to the releases so I rather just work with the PUPs (the other files are negligible anyway). We could deal with that mess but I rather prioritize consistency over authenticity.


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Jackal wrote:

Wouldn't it be better to leave all filenames inside the archives to PS3UPDAT.PUP?

I tried to keep a consistent naming scheme for the files but the problem is that Sony doesn't have one to begin with. Here are the 3 options:

  • Use the usuable name / Retail naming scheme
    PS3UPDAT.PUP would be the name you would need the file to have to update your firmware. It is also the name Sony names their Retail updates (official link). Then we would have to decide if we name the patches the Sony way (PS3PATCH.PUP) or the usable way (PS3UPDAT.PUP). But now and then there are multiple releases for the same version (sometimes different build/revision, sometimes silent rereleases) and it starts to get messy after that.

  • Add the revision / DECR naming scheme
    If you download the latest DECR update, you'll see that Sony uses a different format, e.g. PS3UPDAT.PUP.481.001, consisting of TYPE.PUP.VERSION.REVISION. For categories with a never changing revision number (e.g. CEX = 000) I would drop the revision number since it doesn't reveal any more information. That would certainly be an option, but how would we name e.g. CEX 3.41? In my current dat I went for PS3UPDAT.PUP.341.1 and PS3UPDAT.PUP.341.2, suggesting that the single digit number is part of the version.revision number, which in fact isn't. The most logical way should be below.

  • DEX naming scheme
    Once again, Sony uses another naming scheme. This time it includes more information, e.g. PS3UPDAT.PUP.481.001.forDEX.release.20161024. For my naming scheme I dropped the for (forDEX) (for is always the same), release (again doesn't change) and the date (not really useful for when there is just one release). The identifier isn't really useful, since the folder/archive already reveals that information, but I would make for a clean seperation between version.revision and the date. With this option the name for CEX 3.41 would be PS3UPDAT.PUP.341.CEX.20100721 and PS3UPDAT.PUP.341.CEX.20100729.

I'm open for more possibilities and some feedback, but I can't figure out a more appealing naming scheme.

Jackal wrote:

Also, the descriptions should be closest to Sony's official naming, so maybe instead of 'PS3 Official Firmware', use 'PS3 System Software' or 'PS3 System Software Update'?

This is the description from the latest Readme distributed by Sony:
PlayStation(R)3 System Software Update 481.001

  • PS3 Official Firmware 4.81 DEBUG/DEX

  • PlayStation(R)3 System Software Update 481.001

  • PlayStation 3 System Software Update 481.001

  • PS3 System Software Update 481.001

  • PlayStation 3 System Software Update 4.81

  • PS3 System Software Update 4.81

I'd choose the last one (since it matches my current system), but then again I'm here to get your opinion.


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Altough several sites already cover this, everyone makes mistakes. Even some of my sources (like the PSDevWiki) has bad/missing information or even worse, bad hashes. I see redump as the gold standard in preserving games and firmwares, so the question is why shouldn't this be considered worthwhile. As a matter of fact, my dat includes several files which ain't publicly avalible (anymore) and I also have many files waiting for verification. Together with redump I'm hoping to reach a bigger audience and maybe even find some files which are still missing in action.


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The disk version is just the normal version truncated to 268435456 bytes. There are disk-only releases so I thought I might as well include all disk versions (they are also for example needed if you want to build a PS3 ISO). It doesn't take more space if you keep the files archived. I'll send you a link if you want to check out the files.


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The plain official update files (PS3UPDAT.PUP) released from Sony themselves seperated in 4 categories (Retail, Shop/Demo, Debug/Test and Tool).
It also contains the update files included on PS3 game disks.

Hey guys,

since the last update for the PlayStation 3 was released almost a year ago I decided it would be time to create a datfile to keep track of all the released official firmware files.

The style is already redump-like and I'm positive that it is polished enough to present it to you.

If anyone already has some experience with PS3 updates and want to help me out, feel free to check out my website (currently unavailable).

I've attached the current dat in here for those who don't want to visit my website.


Added CEX 4.82

Separated CEX 3.41, CEX 3.56, SEX 3.56

Changed description to 'PS3 System Software Update'
Renamed AVTOOL

Renamed .DEX.DECR to .DECR
Removed CEX 2.43 JIG
Modified revision numbers for DECR
Added some missing GEX firmwares