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Max_Fire wrote:

Hi !

Would like to help the Redump team by providing the AMOK (Brazil) game rip, so I need instructions on which program to use and who to send the iso to.


Are you sure that your Amok cd sold in Brazil does not have the esrb rating TEEN printed on cd?
I’ve seen a lot of Brazilian Saturn discs for sale that contains regular USA discs inside.

I check every now and then where my topics are using "view my topics" in profile menu: http://forum.redump.org/search/topics/user/62541/

I can see that some topics are still in Dump section and are already added, others are just forgotten.

Very interesting. I'm looking foward to see those disc in the db. Just be patience with mods until they get you an invite code.
You can check if you have any of the missing games.
http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Dumps


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The second track is different because the fourth brazilian disc dumped at that time was not a RE-1 (rerelease). Redump is actually missing the first three disc that is rev 0.


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Multi cue as one for LD area and one for HD area.


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> Did t....p method return any C2 bits?

I also dump the cd using t....p and plextor, which got the same result as DIC. t....p only did like 12 c2 reread times.


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I did another dump using a non-plextor drive and t....p method. There's only a single byte difference in track1 between two methods.
I attached the tracks and t....p logs for analysis.


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I have a problem with this cd, it has one c2 error. The cd don't look scratched at all.

I made two dumps using different versions of DIC

Using dic test_20170816 using c2 command and reread 10k times
Using dic test_20181001 without c2 command
DIC logs and pictures at: https://mega.nz/#F!td5llKaT!ivqN6ZfaJ5DHnw__xVbfXQ

Name: Club Saturn
System: AUDIO
Media: CD
Category: Club Remixes
Region: Brazil
Serial: UMD-51023
Version: Original
Barcode: 6 02435 10232 0

Mastering Code: SONOPRESS UMD51023<tab>5126/97
Mastering SID Code: IFPI L029

Hello Pietro,

This is an invalid dump because you can't dump cds without a plextor drive. PS2 midias with purple data side are cds.


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There’s a link that You can see all topics you create in your profile.


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Just put 10000 after /c2.


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Done. tks

It is time for me to request a Wiki account in order to put some detailed info about 3DO missing discs.
Can I have a wiki user, please?

Take a look at this:
http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … e_Creator)

For CD based games you will need a Plextor drive. If you have any brazilian exclusive game I may help you dumping it.
Please use english language next time, or no one understand you.


If you’re from USA, you should buy one of those 755uf external.


The best option for you is buy from a member here that already tested the drive and sell for a fair price. xTMODx sold me one this way.


I pm’ed you about those 755uf drives. You definitely should buy them all.

Did you play it for a few seconds using VLC before dump?

There's a new listing for 5 USD at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dance-Dance-Rev … SwulBZkhzp to buy Dance Dance Revolution X2.
If no one buy this one, I'll try to buy one in my region but the prices here are around 50 USD.


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I try to dump a dvd-video "Biohazard 5th Anniversary - Wesker's Report (Japanese)" using a usb drive.
It's my first dump so I don't know what is wrong.
Could you explain if my dump is ok or not? Also could you explain about the options /c and /f in dvd dump?
First I played for couple of minutes with vlc and then use DIC.

Logs attached


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I'm interested for the 716 model. If everything work well in the end, I could buy the premium model as well.
I'll send a pm to you passing some more details about negociation.


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This is my first post as a member here at redump.org.
I'll be straight forward to what I'm looking for - I wanna help from someone here to sell me a working plextor drive.

I have a px716 fw1.11 that is not reading media at all (win10 regconizes the drive only)
I have a px40tsi scsi that is not tested
There's no used plextor drives where I live

So, I'm accepting suggestions of how we can negociate and I hope you guys can help me.