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yilez wrote:

Edit: Funnily enough, I've been speaking to JayFoxRox about this on the xqemu IRC. I'll read that thread properly later.

I don't remember that; what's your nick / time so I can check what I said? (I keep logs because I tend to forget a lot of stuff tongue )
Also don't waste your time with that other thread - that is not the issue here.

Seeing how those fail at different addresses, this just sounds like a bad set of discs. - however, 3 broken discs (what Jackal said) of the same game does sound strange..

Do you have more information about each disc?
If they are the same, we might be able to just dump the broken sectors from the other one.
Also dumping at least parts of the discs, would still be a lot better than not dumping them at all (the information printed on the disc would be of interest so we can rule out a massive fabrication error if others have similar issues + partial hashes for the data track should be enough to generate a full hash later on if some people have the same disc).

Also I've checked the remaining SS range entries and they would equate to:

-7970541-3620644 # Garbage [negative = value too large]
929056--639302 # Garbage [negative]
-5647194-1871508 # Garbage [negative]
-4878751--9782664 # Garbage [negative]
1651512-1310022 # Garbage [start after end]
-10166893--2467619 # Garbage [negative]
-811541--8662161 # Garbage [negative]

So it indeed looks like only the first 16 entries of the SS ranges are used (Also both SS range tables match).

Another thing: What drive / FW did you use to dump it?

Personally I'm not aware of any degradation issues with Xbox games, but I haven't really looked into it. Keep in mind that those games are 15+ years old now. However, I noticed that I have a couple of games which have a broken Xbox DVD hologram. Somehow the plastic looks like it splittered internally or somehow (internally?!) was covered in oil. I'm not sure if the games came that way or when it happened. They still work fine though.
(See http://i.imgur.com/AZmmTUt.jpg - it looks a lot more severe in person, the scan doesn't do it justice. The hologram is almost gone at that point and you can just see-through the DVD)
However, this probably deserves a different topic altogether.