hellodeibu wrote:

Hi there! I'm @hellodeibu over on the VGPC discord server. I have been trying to help get the last missing Korean-region Wii titles to complete the archive, and would like to request an account so I can both verify my ripping process is perfect, as-well as submit the missing titles as I get them. In case you're not familiar with that's been happening; we have been running a fundraiser to get the last titles in, and right now I have about 9 titles from said list, which I started dumping.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.



I can vouch for hellodeibu, so far he's been a tremendous help in trying to preserve the final Korean Wii discs.


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prosuWANTED wrote:

Hello! I want to register an account here so I could dump some Russian Wii games that are hard to get a hold of outside of the country.

I can vouch for prosuWANTED, he is helping us dump some Russian PAL Wii exclusives. Please create an account for him. Thanks!


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Hi CGarz,

Could you elaborate from which region Wii discs you're planning to contribute?

Hi, bienvenue a redump.org smile

We highly appreciate any help in getting the French region PAL Wii discs preserved. There are a lot of French Wii exclusives still listed on the undumped list:

[RVEF]    Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis
[SC7F]    Call of Duty: Black Ops
[SM8F]    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
[RXHF]    Chaos à La Maison
[R6DF]    Code de la Route
[RRJF]    Cuisine Party
[R54F]    Des Chiffre & Des Lettres
[RITF]    Intervilles, le jeu officiel
[RPAF]    Kid Paddle: Lost in the Game
[REAF]    Le Tournoi des Celebrites
[S33F]    Let's Sing 2017: Hits Français et Internationaux
[S34F]    Let's Sing 2018: Hits Français et Internationaux
[RZYF]    Mon Coach Personnel: J'enrichis Mon Vocabulaire
[SONF]    Mon Premier Karaoke
[RMXF]    MX vs. ATV: Extreme Limite
[RQ9F]    NBA Live 09 All-Play
[R7YF]    Pékin Express
[R7TF]    Pétanque Pro
[R57F]    Questions pour un champion
[SQUF]    Quiz Party
[REWF]    Real Stories: Mission Equitation
[RVTF]    Real Stories: Veterinaire
[RVXF]    RTL Biathlon 2009
[SSCF]    Scene It? Lumieres! Action!
[RLNF]    Koh-Lanta
[RJ7F]    Télé 7 Jeux: Mots Fléchés
[RGFF]    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
[S32F]    The Voice, la plus belle voix
[RJ9F]    Think Logic Trainer
[RT7F]    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
[STIF]    Titeuf le Film
[R58F]    U-Sing
[SU3F]    U-Sing 2
[SUSF]    U-Sing Johnny Hallyday
[RWNF]    Warning: Code De La Route
[RRUF]    Winter Sports 2009: The Next Challenge

Offcourse the full undumped list can be found here:

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … AL_Missing

Billy is helping out shrinking the PAL Wii undumped list, i've already marked several discs in the wiki he's got incoming.


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I can vouch for Nanook, he's a truly amazing software coder and is willing to help dump some missing PAL Wii discs. smile


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FredlFesl wrote:

I already posted a dump here in the guest area.
Now I would like to join because I got some other games which are currently missing in the database.


Your dump is a match of:


So technically it's a verification. Thanks anyway for providing the infos.

Kind regards,


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Hi Zowayix, great that you want to contribute to the PAL Wii database!

For undumped PAL Wii discs you can check here: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … AL_Missing

This list is the most up-to-date list.

The automatically downloaded wii dat by cleanrip is horribly outdated. (at least it was when i checked)

@NorthernLights Welcome, and thanks for submitting your first Wii dumps! smile

Once your dumps get added to the database (first dumps will mostly take a day or two) you will be promoted to dumper and you can see the wii datfile AND all Wii discs through search (also explained in the Wii dumping guide)

If you want to know what games are undumped you can already check the PAL Wii undumped list:

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … AL_Missing

I maintain the PAL Wii undumped list and the Wii dumping guide. If you also have NTSC Wii games please let johnsanc know, he maintains the NTSC undumped list. The Japanese Wii section is almost complete.

I will add your tip about the Dual Core and Unlimited Speed settings to the Wii dumping guide, THANKS for that!

@user7 Actually the PAL Wii undumped list is as up-to-date as can be (with the current knowledge of existing discs). There are probably a lot of 'revision/v1.01+' discs out there that we don't know of as they pop up quite frequently at redump.

Also, it is perfectly possible there are some Spanish titles not on the list, this can have multiple reasons:

1) Foremost, the titles on the undumped list are listed under their English names (eg. Survivor is called Supervivientes in Spain, so Supervivientes is listed as Survivor on the undumped list with the Spanish serial).
2) I don't know the existance of the Game smile

So, please let Diego know to look for the 4 letter serial on the boxart and check if that is listed in the undumped list. If the serial isn't listed on the undumped list and doesn't match anything in the redump database it is a new game. (And i would happily add it to the undumped list smile


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Ok thanks, would be a really nice addition though!


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Is there a way to turn on email notification when receiving a PM?

I only get email notification on replies to a topic i created/replied.



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Hi and welcome,

As for point 1.

Please check the GC/Wii dumping guide at: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … Cube_/_Wii

In section 3 and 4 you can read which info in needed, how to find it and where to post it smile

Good luck!

iR0b0t wrote:

Hi, sorry for the delay.

A randomly generated password has been sent to your email.

The password for this new account can be changed on the change password page upon logging in.

No problem, thank you very much!

Hi, i've compiled an undumped PAL wii games list (posted this already) but found out the undumped PAL wii wiki was very recently updated. Now i would like to get in contact with the creator and merge my list into the wiki. I'm volunteering to keep the list up-to-date too.

I also want to write an up-to-date CleanRip dumping guide for GC/Wii (as this is the preferred dumping method, which provides BCA data, but the wiki entry for this method is empty)

Thank you very much!