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Hey Guys ı found Lite-On LH-20A1P This Drive But I Ask Someting
I Look This Test Result Test Resuls Say This Drive Read Leadin and Lead Out
DiscImageCreator Tool Work This Drive ?
Can I Buy İt ?


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AKuHAK wrote:

Hi, new BOOTrom appeared:
SCPH-55000 GT (b)
from Catmato

Hi how can ı download this lastest bios ?

How Can I found 0xD8 Command Supported DVD Or CD drive ?
I Look 0xD8 Command Any Software or any Tools ?


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Hi First Thanks For Creating This Tools For Everyone smile
But I Have a Problem For This Tool, I Use Pioneer DVR-221L , Sony Optiarch AD-7260S
But This Drives Not Copy The My Orginal Ps1 Cd Program Says Cant Read Scrabled Mode
and says İllegal Requiest illegal mode this track
How Can I Copy This My Cd
I Use This Command ?
DiscImageCreator.exe cd E: foo.bin 8 /c2
Thanks For Help smile