gaijin wrote:

WH16NS40 supports D8 reading mode?

Seems the link to the test tool is down in the few place I saw it posted on this forum, but if you tell me that I can't read Lead-Out with this drive (no clue how to test this, info is really all over the place), I'll start looking for a plextor on the DIC recommended list.

I'm just trying to be 100% clear, as the info is a bit all over the place on this.

I have an internal drive which supports the DIC cd command (or at least doesn't give me an error like my external drive does), and my drive is listed in the driveOffset.txt ( VendorId: HL-DT-ST ProductId: BD-RE  WH16NS40 ).

Is that all I need to create proper dump with

DiscImageCreator.exe cd D: imagename 48 /c2


Currently trying to match some verified Saturn dump to see if I'm doing it properly, yet after 3 different game dump, all my hashes differ for every track, and size is different for the Data track.

Edit: If my drive is not compatible, which one would your suggest I get (preferably from that is affordable? I have games from just about every CD consoles, Atari Jaguar CD, sega cd, Saturn, 3DO, CD-i, Dreamcast etc...