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This is pretty nice for saving space, but it leaves a lot to be desired if there isn't more you can do with an image after it's optimized.

When an image is optimized, it outputs the file with an iso.dec extension. Is this normal, and can it be reversed with anything so it's usable again?


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Am I allowed to write a testimonial on this program? Because I'm certainly happy that I've got the right Blu-Ray combo drive that works with this.


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I support this decision. We can get the bare essentials of information on these game titles from GameTDB by following up with the GAMEID that Shiranui ripped them in.

Any point-of-view information (barcodes, matrix, etc.) would come from others later as verifications.

I've tried Wii Backup Manager and ISO Compressor to convert the disc images to WBFS and back and compress them to C(I)SO and back.

I tested uDraw for these programs, and integrity results for them are different from whence I ripped the game using the Wii homebrew app, CleanRip.

If you want to maintain CleanRip qualities, I'm afraid compressing or converting your games with these tools is a no-go.