System: Sony PlayStation 3 (Sony PlayStation 3 Updates?)
Media: CD
Game title (Including subtitle): PLAYSTATION 3 System Software Update (Version 2.0)
Category: Applications
Region: Europe
Serial: SCJC 80003
Mastering Code (laser branded/etched):

Sony DADC<TAB>A0100884592-0101<TAB>23

Mastering SID Code:


Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped):


Mould SID Code:


Errors count (Scanned with edccchk v1.26 and CDmage 1.02.1 B5): 0

Scanned images:
Disc - Front:
Disc - Back:
Disc - Mould SID Code (Photo):

Pastebin-entry containing the disc log from DiscImageCreator:
7z-compressed archive with information from DiscImageCreator (except disc image):

Bundled with Sony PlayStation 3

Own Comment: This particular disc was bundled with a Sony PlayStation 3 in Sweden.

Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD) (from FILENAME_mainInfo.txt):

0320 : 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20  20 20 20 20 20 32 30 30                200
0330 : 37 31 31 30 36 31 31 31  34 30 30 30 30 04 32 30   7110611140000.20
0340 : 30 37 31 31 30 36 31 31  31 34 30 30 30 30 04 30   07110611140000.0
0350 : 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30  30 30 30 30 30 30 30 00   000000000000000.
0360 : 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30  30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30   0000000000000000
0370 : 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................

ClrMamePro data (FILENAME.dat from DiscImageCreator):

<rom name="SCJC 80003.bin" size="143641344" crc="55cdd1fc" md5="b1dbd0cf4827419cdcae3488e3c9fe8b" sha1="a0354a96d66114199d2a8ce5677a7148b6e4727d" />

Cuesheet (FILENAME.cue from DiscImageCreator):

FILE "SCJC 80003.bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

Write offset: -647

I've got one of the ODDs that you have mentioned (HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4241N 0C29).
Let me test all the commands in FriiDump using that ODD and GC/Wii discs smile

Verifications and additional information is always nice to have smile

Let us see:
Electronic Arts ID: EAX06101513D (Disc), EAX06101513IF (Front Cover), EAT06101513IB (Back Cover)
Serial: SLES-01584? (Downloaded the picture of the disc and changed both brightness and contrast)
Probably matches this one:


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sarami wrote:


              Length of Directory Record: 34
        Extended Attribute Record Length: 0
                      Location of Extent: 335260
                             Data Length: 2048
                 Recording Date and Time: 2002-10-31 16:31:47 -05:00
                              File Flags: 2 (Visible, Directory, Disassociated, File has't record format, Owner/Group ID has't, Final Directory Record)
                          File Unit Size: 0
========== LBA[000020, 0x00014]: Path Table Record ==========
         Length of Directory Identifier: 1
    Length of Extended Attribute Record: 0
                     Position of Extent: 335260
              Number of Upper Directory: 1
                   Directory Identifier: 

This disc points 335260 sector as the position of root directory, but this sector is all zero byte, so dic can't read the directory record and can't detect the protect.
I think the correct position of root dir is 21 or 22 or 23 or 24.

Can Isobuster read the directory correctly?

IsoBuster doesn't show any directory record at sector 335260, it's all zero byte.
I can see the start of a directory record from sector 20-->23.
If you need any screenshots or anything else, just ask for it smile


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I want to start off by giving sarami and all contributors to DiscImageCreator kudos and a warm thank you for all the work you do! big_smile

I've experienced a bug, tested with the latest version and test version (no idea if it's present in earlier versions).
DIC doesn't recognize that The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal has a SafeDisc protection, and therefor it cannot get dumped properly (it founds a load of C2 errors, naturally).
I'll include the compressed archive with the files from the latest test version of DIC before I canceled the dumping of that disc.
Cheers! smile


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I'm using CDEmu. In my case, I'm compressing the disc image to the xz-format. That way, I'll be saving some disk space compared to uncompress images, and still be able to mount it without any problems. There are other ways to mount compressed disc images in GNU/Linux, but I'd prefer what I've just described.
It could mount both .toc and .cue and a lot of other disc images and cuesheets.

Give it a go! smile

I sent you a PM with some questions that could fix your situation with CleanRip. Maybe someone else is going to give you an answer in this thread.


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I recently got access to two different disc repair machines.

The disc repair machines in question is JFJ Easy Pro Plus+ and Disc-Go-Devil from Disc Go Technologies, Inc.

JFJ Easy Pro Plus+:
This machine seems to be good, so far I haven't had any problems with it (see the Note-section below), and all of the discs that I have tried to repair works great and looks a lot better than before.

If you use the coarse sandpaper, you're going to remove any markings that you could feel with your fingernail from the outer edge of the disc into and including the Mastering Code. This might also include the use of soft sandpaper and/or the buffering pad, I'm not sure at the moment.
So, I think you should note/scan/photo that kind of information (Ring code) before you are going to send those kind of discs to someone/company that is going to repair your disc(s).

I'm going to try out the Disc-Go-Devil machine later next week, so I'll provide more information about that disc repair machine when I'm done testing it.

I'm able to download them individually and they exists in the Cuesheets archive.


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GreyFox: Good point, thanks for the correction! I try to read things properly, but I still need to practice a lot more on that...


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karasuhebi wrote:

Thanks for welcoming me into the community! However, I'm not seeing the reason why Wii dumps disappeared. :-\

Hello karasuhebi!

You're still a New member. After you have submitted one or several dumps, you'll (most likely) get Dumper status.

Try to follow the Dumping-Guides as closely as possible.
Then post a new topic in the Dumps-section of the forum if you have a new dump or a verification. smile

EDIT: I wrongly assumed that verifications should be posted in the Fixes & additions-section of the forum.
The reply posted by GreyFox gives a good explanation.


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Nexy wrote:

btw, someone reported that DIC is no longer working with PX-W2410A and old version worked.

That was me.

PX-W2410TA (PX-W2410A 1.04) has never worked properly with DIC, but the support got completely broken somewhere between version 20140110 and 20140306
Before that, I could use the device to dump either the audio tracks and getting a data track with the wrong hashes, or I could dump the data track and got audio tracks with the wrong hashes.
I always get the same error message like the one that is described in the first post about the PX-W4824TU/TA.
I could only dump at 16x speed.

sarami, could I be of any assistance to get the device supported in DIC?

Low light in the room. The rest should be pretty self-explanatory when looking at this image:

Some days ago, I submitted the following topic: … er-trucks/

In that topic, I submitted some new information about Monster Trucks (Sony PlayStation):

I got an answer in that topic from Enker:
"An admin would need to lock the barcode to make it verified.

The ring field cannot be locked until the 'Mastering Code' and 'Mastering SID Code' are provided. They are present on the disc, but require a strong light to see. There is no way to scan these codes from the black discs, so the ring cannot be verified."

Now, it seems like Enker was actually wrong, because I have successfully scanned the bottom (black or blue) surface of the Sony PlayStation-disc with a regular scanner + a 25 W halogen lamp.
I have also checked/verified the disc surface manually by holding it in front of the halogen lamp and looking at the Ring-surface to be absolutely sure that I haven't missed any information under the bottom surface (especially Mastering Code (Ringcode), Mastering SID Code and Toolstamp).

So, here is the addtional information:
Monster Trucks (Complete Ring codes):

Mastering Code (Ringcode)                                
DADC AUSTRIA<TAB>A0100219137-0101<TAB>15                                        

Mastering SID Code


Mould SID Code

Additional Mould Text

Write offset(s)

Keep in mind that the current information in the Rings-section of the game was submitted by me.
So please, edit (not add a new field for) the existing Ring-field to add the new information.

Additional scans: