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It's a new dump:
Tiny Toon Adventures - Toonenstein Le Chateau Hante

And you're right, it probably has -647 factory write offset, because the German, PAL and NTSC versions of it all have the same offset. I don't have a Plextor drive, but I'll try to find a drive with the right offset.


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I'm trying to dump a game according to this guide:

When I'm on the "Determining the combined offset" stage, I get all zeroes in the sector when I'm in EAC. I checked like 10 times, the pregap on the second track is 2 seconds, so I subtract 149 from the number in the text box and then take back another sector by clicking on the arrow, as written in the guide. I see no data on this sector or on the sectors next to it. The guide says that in this case I should try dumping with a drive with a larger offset, but I have two drives and both of them have an offset of +6. So how I can dump the game with these drives anyway?

Thanks in advance.