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Well, here's my problem, ImgBurn extracts one .BIN file per game disc, what tool are you'all using to get each track extracted to separate files and MD5s calculated for them, i assume this is one program and in one pass?

Regarding http://redump.org/disc/24435/

SLPM 65875(65383).  The Mold SID Code on mine clearly says: 45WB

There is/was a "Limited" or rather the "Deluxe Pack" that has the SLPM 65383 Disc in it, so i think this is the same disc repainted for "Altus Best".  But i get this MD5 for my clean unscratched Atlus Best Disc:

# MD5 checksum generated by ImgBurn v2.5.7.0 dac69f87b6729cc2bf778e74c011c96e *SLPM_65875.ISO


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Thanks for that, i tried CLRMamePro and i honestly could not tell what it is used for here, i looks like a ROM librarian program, but i will follow that link and see how we get it to do something with my PS1 multi-track .BIN files.  Obtw, i trust i have only "original" discs in my game collection, but that's why i'm here checking MD5s in the first place.  wink

Update:  Umm, i'm back, i see good stuff at that link, but no tutorial on using CLRMamePro's Dir2dat function, i get stuck on "Profiles" which seem to require ROM files not BIN files...?


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How do i go about fixing bad ReDump data?  (small things to big things).

How do i create a ReDump entry where one does not seem to exist in the index?

Of all the many "tools" i already use some, i use ImgBurn & HxD for 99.9% of everything i do, but what's better for ReDump specifically for PS2 games, for PS1 games, and (much much later) for PC games?  What tool gives multi-track MD5s ???

Thanks in advance!