How about adding .sbi files to the dat?


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ok thank's for your answers.

I think i can succeed to inject the libcrypt data manually for games that i really want to play wink

i will submit my dumps infos tomorrow.


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On another subject, i had dumped 2 PSX CD of a friend some time ago.

It's Star Wars - Episode I - Jedi Power Battles (F) [SLES-02608], Star Wars - Episode I - La Menace Fantôme (F) [SLES-02035].

These games are not in redump database.

All these games are 1 track, so, as it's not really complicated to dump these kind of game, it's unlikely that i've made mistakes. By the way, i've always double dumped these games with my 2 differents DVD drives to check that the CRC are the same. I dumped them with Clone CD.

The problem is that i no longer have these CDs (as my friend got them back and know lives thousands kms away) and i can't get more informations except my dumps.

As French release are quite rare, i can give you the CRC if you are interrested.

It's up to you.


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Hi everybody,

If i have well understood, there is a way to extract .sbi from a .sub (of Clone CD extraction).

.sbi are files that only keeps the unusual information of subchannels.

I'd like to know if someone knows a way to create back a .sub file from a .sbi file (an utility that create back the standard information missing to have the .sub file).

The trick is that some emulators (pSX for example) or V Daemon doesn't support .sbi but can deal with .sub format.

It would be a way to use redump dumps on these emulators without having to wait that .sbi format is supported.

Thanks in advance!