Nexy wrote:

This has been known for a long time now, but the idea hasn't been pushed much.

The bright side is, entire discs do NOT need to be redumped, only the sub code, and a .ccd file generated for that dump.

I would just start dumping things both ways then and eliminating unnecessary files then until peoples start to take action about revising dumping methods.

original dump method + ccd and subcode from clonecd

then to burn with subcode and ccd info with original dump = "copy /b file1.bin+file2.bin outfile.img ..."?

Nexy wrote:

Is something not being documented (dumped) properly or enough?

Yes, flags are not preserved, anomalies in the sub code (securom+possibly other), subtitles (for ex karaoke discs) are not being preserved. In addition it is not possible to store cd-xtra/multi-session in bin/cue format.

We have a huge problem then that went unforeseen. This makes me a sad panda.

DJoneK wrote:

Voted yes, but the question can be misleading.  It doesnt mean to switch to the tool clonecd and just dump everything with that tool.  It just means if we should use the .ccd/.img/.sub format for cd dumps instead of current .bin/.cue

Of course, I'd rather have a new format made where you can have split tracks + subs + cuelike thingy, but who will make that... sad

Have to agree with DJoneK, the way the question was layed out can stir up quite some confusion.

If we're talking about storing things more properly, that's great and all but it comes down to software that will properly write onto media and how dumping/converting into this format are the biggest questions.

I say, if everything can currently be preserved and written to media 1:1 why fix something that isnt broken?

Is something not being documented (dumped) properly or enough?

Edit: also wanted to add, proprietary formats scare me.