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Does anyone know if this drive is compatible with the dumping,

Pioneer BDR-209DBK it is much easier to get one of those, and cheaper.

I'll wait till someone can let me know, thanks.


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Anyone know how to dump the discs, I have a couple. smile Bet its hassle smile


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Maybe you was not the dumper, but just you were talking me through the dumping process, I know I couldn't match it and in the end gave up, and you made me a patch to convert mine to the one in the database. Going to dump it now, and yes mine is cd.


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Wasn't this in the database a very long time ago, but a cd version dumped by IRobot, because I seem to remember I had the same disc but when I dumped mine it had one more error than the one IRobot had. I am going to dump mine again anyway but just wondered were the old dump went smile

I might be able to I will have to see if I have them still on my drive, possibly yes.


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I am guessing now these dreamshell dumps cant be used as the data tracks are 2048 bytes.

I received one of these very poor quality adapters today, and it wasn't doing a lot at first but after a few hours of getting no where I sussed it.

First job was to dump a suspected bad dump of mine originally dumped by me using a brand new disc. I then got quizzed it was possibly bad so I re-dumped it recently and it matched my old dump, the original dump was done with cdrwin, and the re dump I used dcdumper, and even though the disc has some specs of dust on it, I don't think its that, because the dump on the dreamcast with sd adapter gave the same hashes, so more than likely a bad trurip dump, I still have 2 of the game factory sealed, and I may end up opening one of them.

I have just dumped a 3 track game, and it dumped fine, I can't for the life of me find the dumpcast dats, so how can I submit this 3 track game I can dump tracks one and two with DIC and use the track 3 from the dreamcast sd dump. Or do you still want it dumping with dcdumper.


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I can confirm I got no difference when I dumped the game on the dreamcast, only compare tracks 24,25 but they matched the redump versions.

Let me know what to try next maybe the trurip version is bad, their doesn't seem to be a dump cast version.


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Is it supposed to do anything I think it has probably crashed, the sega at the top flashed blue at the beginning but that stopped very shortly after starting.


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Finally got it dumping, the build quality is a piece of crap, I wouldn't be surprised if the data somehow gets corrupted by the adapter, we will see, soon.


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My Dreamcast SD adapter came today, so what should I do with it to dump a game.


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How does DC and SD Ripper tool work, if I can I will.

In the mean time, I have noticed some minor specs of whatever on the disc, so rather than open a new one I will carefully try to clean this version I have opened, its looks like the specs might be doing it, weird how if it is a bad dump it seems to be consistent, think I have had that before with dreamcast games consistent bad dumps, let me know about the sd tool what you can.

No worries, just bought one, I will give it a try when it arrives, which should be quite soon, will leave the disc as it is for now. Can't blinkin wait smile A Dreamcast GD-Rom ripper using the GDReader cool. Will the image be in the redump format, that will be strange to see how it rips the discs.


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DIC doesn't work with my Plextor, not for GD dumping, or it works but takes eons to dump.


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dumped it again with DCDumper, and it matched the redump hashes, track 24,25 the same, I do still have two factory sealed versions of this game, I don't really want to open them, but could prove worth while, it will either prove mine is a good dump, which is most likely (waste of time opening it) or it will be the same as the trurip dump (possibly an alt) which would be worth it.

How do trurip dump DC games anyway?, I would like to try it that way first of all.


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When you lost the site and finally got it back on a new server from a backup, was any amount of time lost, ie, were any of the games I may have ticked say in the last day or two redump.org was up, might they need re-ticking, I was just looking at some of the Dreamcast games, which was what I was doing, I think, when the site went down, and it looks like some I may have (ticked) now are saying I don't have them, I can't check as I don't have my Dreamcast drive at my house.

Any thoughts, ie how many days were lost from the day it went down, to the backup you used to restore.

ok will check to see if I can find the lost new verifications I posted. Thanks for the heads up. Got some games to dump anyway or verify.

Just before the site crashed I could have swore I submitted some psp verifications (I know I did) but I can't seem to find the thread, I still have my data I submitted, for those and any other dumps that might have vanished, is it likely this post of jap psp dumps has vanished and possibly others, It was around the time the site crashed I submitted them.


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A Murder of Crows wrote:


There are 35 pages of replies here and I'll go back through a few of them (more if i can find a thread search tool), but I figured I'd take a short-cut and ask directly:

I mainly try to dump game system discs (Saturn, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, SegaCD, NeoGeoCD, 3DO).  I saw no specific instructions for any of those formats EXCEPT dreamcast.

Am I to understand that I just need to follow the CD dump guide with nothing else needed in order to produce Redump verifiable dumps?

You need a Plextor drive which has px_d8 support, that is the first thing.

We use the DIC method now and a Plextor with  px_d8 support. See the DiscImageCreator thread for the actual program and instructions, and keep the log files.


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By mounting the trap disc image with a tool like daemon tools, that then tricks the drive with the dreamcast game in it, into thinking its the trap disc, but then I thought not that easy to code, just forget DIC for dreamcast dumping and get the TSSTcorp SH-D162C or D, you should be so grate full for these drives that you go out and buy one to celebrate the fact. They are only $10 and stop all this whinging smile

I also tried DIC with my Plextor and it started and finished without reading anything. Just so you know.

Are the discs dump-able, I can possibly get some, but don't want to bother if they can't be dumped.


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You know the game Tokyo Highway Battle, which has 3 regions, I have all 3 regions, pal, us, jap (many copies of the jap).

I have dumped this more times than I care to remember, from mint discs (factory sealed), and roughly half the time I dump it one Audio track has a problem, even dumped it from two different discs and got matching bad dumps, which is really weird, then dumped it another time and got the proper dump, even the pal dump had one bad audio track, someone re-dumped it and I was removed (will dump it till I get a good dump, then re submit it).

My question is why does this game consistently produce bad dumps, is it mastering errors or something similar.

Thanks smile


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Been on an absolute roll today, got 3 Dreamcast games working, all with one little tiny mark that seemed impossible to get out, after they had been polished the normal way, the normal way of using buffing pads, does not really get these odd very tiny deep marks sometimes found after a normal clean. What you need is one of these, Silverline 675223 Loose Leaf Buffing Wheel, 100 x 15 mm (their is an Amazon link on the first post).

The way they work, is the opposite way to normal buffing pads (flat 120mm bonnets), the part you buff with is round the edge of it, not the face side like buffing pads usually buff with. You can buff say one little mark much easier with one of these than normal, you still use shoe polish and need a drill, but once you have identified a particular mark on a disc, you can concentrate all the buffing effort on the one mark, instead of the whole disc. These buffing pads are also very good if you have a lot of scratches round the outside edge of the disc, working round the disc you can buff the outer edge very quickly with very good results, and it will get the scratches out very easy.

Today this is the buffing pad that got the 3 Dreamcast games to eventually work, once I was happy I had got each of the bad marks wiped out completely, I then polished it exactly as I would do normally, and got the surface as mint as I could then dumped it, and hey presto dumped fine no problems.

So if heavy scratches are the problem try these sort of puffing pads, then buff with the normal sort to make look pretty, the prettier it looks the better it dumps, it helps to have a magnifying glass so when you are on the final stage with the Novus2, you can see how the disc is coming along and when its finally as clean as you will ever get it. And that is pretty damn clean if you have sussed it out and have the right tools.

Anyway good luck with your cleaning, I am going to buy some "New Liquid Kiwi Neutral Polish" as soon as I can find something else to buy so I get free P&P, I will let you know if its any good or not.

Any one who wants to send me their discs, let me know, if cleaning is to much hassle for you, I would be glad just to add them to redump, as a dumper, don't mind sending them back if need be, as long as you can pay P&P.


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It can be done my hand but takes 10x longer and is far less affective, and the disc will look sad when its done even if you are really good at doing it, compared to a drill + buffing pads + shoe polish.

Discs that barely contain any scratches and are just full of fingerprints can be done by hand using novus2, but you need soft finger tips or you will add loads more scratches, builder's, plaster's and brick layer's and the like should not try cleaning a disc with their fingers, would probably be like cleaning it against a brick wall.

Will do, only I don't have all the ice logs for all my dumps but I will collect up what I have and post them, leave it with me for a day or two.