Legend of Zelda, The - The Wind Waker (U).rar (need 1 more block)

WinRAR 3.71

I have a winrar packing programme called real scene packer, it might be of use. Let me know if you would like it. smile


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Jackal wrote:

We can't go back to the old naming now.. several fields have changed. Some contents of the serial field have moved to the version field, etc... It's technically not possible, and it also doesn't make sense. Tosec and No-Intro also don't have 2 naming conventions. The only optional parameter that we have is the no-intro convention PLUS serials.

We were aware that this step wouldn't please everybody (but still substantially more people were in favor of the no-intro naming than the previous one). Rocknroms wanted to keep the old naming, as did some other mods. My only advice to those people is that they should use their own custom naming (several people on here were already doing this, so they should be able to help you in that department).

I am going to choose my own custom naming based on the old names, for all the stuff I have compressed already, some sets are fully un compressed so wont take to much time to re-name them (psx) (ngc).

Stuff I have made pars for all ready I am generally going to keep the images as they are and just new ones I add from now on will get the new names.

I'll probably switch to the new names for everything, but I will definately be waiting as serials may come back into it at some point. So it would be pointless to change names and then have to do it all again sometime soon.


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I have a solution that would make everybody happy on the name switch front.

Considering the names are only changed in the dats, cuesheets, gdi files, sbi files, sfv files and md5 files, why not give us both, I for one could stick to using the old names and everyone else could choose what they used, how they see fit.

The actuall files that end up getting renamed are all dependant on the individual user, some have little bits of renaming to do others have a whole heep to do.


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Here's what I mean:

EXAMPLE 1: http://redump.org/images/regions/E.png  50 Cent: Bulletproof PS2 1.00 Original, Promo   SLES-53734 
EXAMPLE 2: http://redump.org/images/regions/F.png  50 Cent: Bulletproof PS2 1.00 Original   SLES-53906 

EXAMPLE 1: 50 Cent - Bulletproof (Europe)
EXAMPLE 2: 50 Cent - Bulletproof (France)

EXAMPLE 1: English Language only
EXAMPLE 2: French Language only

What I mean is if a game is made with only (English) it should not be called (Europe), it should (England), even if a Game shop in France, Germany, or even Japan decide they want to sell that game

When a game is French only its rightfully called (France) not (Europe).


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It will only take me a few days to get the re-naming done. The pars thread will not be changed only new games added will start new posts in the exsisting threads with the new names of course.

Just a minor point I would like to bring to your attention, and it's very important as it seems like this is an error of some sort.

ENGLISH only games (often bought in the United Kingdom / England) seem to be getting wrongly named (Europe).

This is most definately wrong as England is not Europe.

Europe games that include English and other European languages, German, Sweeden etc. should be named (Europe), but English only games if they are the UK versions should be England or UK or maybe even GB (Great Britain). Definately not (Europe) on it's own.

Let me know if you think I am wright or wrong. I defiantely think I have a valid point, that you may want to consider.


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How on earth are we going to rename everything, when most of it is in compressed format.

And all my PAR's are totally useless now as they use the old names.

I wouldn't have minded the switch if it was done along time ago, but to do it when we have 7000+ dumps, is a total nightmare. yikes

Renaming for the next month was not on my agenda.