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I have bought 2x copies of MALDITA CASTILLA EX PS4.

I am pretty sure these are just (Europe) but the versions sold in Spain, with Spanish text on the box.

So when I submit this should I put the region as Europe or Spain?

I also bought the Japanese Cursed Castilla Ex Limited Edition for the PS Vita, it came with an Audio CD so should I dump the audio disc?


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You can't fake the region to rip UMD's, you need a PAL PSP, a long time ago using a pandora ms you could switch regions from USA Japan and Europe, but it was permanent, unless you re-done it back again.

I have a UMD Video with HK region and the only way I can dump it is with a Hong Kong Region PSP.

The fake region might do something more to do with the online side of things, if you fake the region to Japan, it might go on the Japanese sony network like my proper Japanese model does, maybe?


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I have just tested this and it seems ok.

1st. I don't have a drive set up to dump my SSv2 from XGD3 discs.

But what I can dump is a bad SSv2 using my kreon drive, if you then inject it into the ISO, and run abgx360 it fixes the bad part and produces a fixed SS, inside the ISO, which you can then extract from the ISO.

If you then run ss_sector_range.bat you end up with a proper SSv2

I tested this on an XGD3 dump (not by me) with the SSv2 hashes in redump, found the corresponding SSv2 on abgx360, ran ss_sector_range.bat and the abgx360 one matched redump CRC32.

Then found one of my dumps on abgx360 downloaded the corresponding SSv2 ran ss_sector_range.bat and it matched mine, the one I had got from my disc and fixed.

So is it worth me submitting all of my XGD3 SSv2.bin files using the above method.


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When was the data lost, quite some time ago?

I think it might be ok, looking at my redump.nfo collection, 2016 looks about right, I think what it is nearly every Wii game dumped in 2017+18 was a new dump, and a few I am still yet to submit.


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Have some forum posts been deleted or vanished some how, according to the forums, my latest Wii verifications is saying 2016, think I have verified later than that, can you explain.

http://forum.redump.org/topic/15627/add … fications/

2016-10-26 01:17:58

http://forum.redump.org/topic/14813/add … fications/

2015-06-27 23:48:44

Their should be newer stuff than 2016-2015 lots of it. I have dumped tonnes of Wii games over the past 2 years and a lot of verifications.


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Does the resulting iso work as it should.

If put in ISO folder, does it work as a game.
And if you put it in ISO\Video does it work as a Video.

If so I would say you are on the right track.

OK, found the ring scans and I uploaded them here https://mega.nz/#!U4Q3XCjQ!jlP9MWWwqSLM … D0aiaiXLAM


Also what about the thing you should do with an infected disc, throw it in the trash, or send it to be destroyed so the virus or fungus doesn't leap from the trash can back into another cd.

Its like if you don't take viruses seriously it usually comes back to haunt you, Imagine if no one took AIDS serious we would all be dead, same thing with a cd virus take it serious or spread it? I personally would throw the disc in the trash smile every time. Like I did, but what if while touching something of mine it decided to live their, I could still have it passing it to every disc in my house potentially.

Maybe I should call the Rare/Exotic disease clinic and report I have a case of CD eating virus can you come prescribe it with something, or put it down, and disinfect my entire house and contents, not likely smile

If user7 links wont load try this, https://www.preservegames.org/2018/05/d … -disc.html

God knows how long cd's have on this planet, but to know they have a disc eating virus, definitely makes me worry.

You really need to have seen jamjam's disc, that was exactly the same weird fractal type pattern (random) looked the same but just more so.

Anyway don't worry about it, from what I can make out is maybe it doesn't spread easily, as its still quite a rare thing apparently, so that's good, but be on the look out especially if you buy lots of discs from say Japan/China.

https://www.nature.com/news/2001/010627 … 28-11.html

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldn … discs.html

Doesn't sound like what is on my cd, but their are definitely viruses that eat the aluminium on the disc.

They are definitely not surface scratches, but they are in the surface, as I just put my own surface scratch on the disc, got the same black mark, but mine looks like a scratch were as the other marks look like fractal graphics that have been eaten in by the virus, jamjam's looked the same but even more fractal graphicy, I am going to do to more scans of the marks in close up.

Good idea, but they don't look like surface scratches to me.

OK this no April fools joke, this is real.

Sometime ago jamjam sent me some scratched discs that he didn't want, that I said I would clean and dump, which I did do.

But one disc at least definitely wouldn't dump after cleaning had been done, which was weird, but thought nothing much of it, till about a week later, I happened to show a mate who isn't really in to computers but watches a lot of bullshit tv.

Anyway, can't remember how or why the subject was raised, but he said he heard about a virus that easts cd's literally, it lives on cd's like a parasite.

We had a look at the cd that jamjam sent me that wouldn't dump, and what it looked like was it had visible marks on the picture side, like someone had been drawing some sort of fractal graphics on the disc with a very fine tipped fountain pen. The marks were black, and were like little snail trails.

Anyway I decided to bin the disc in case any other discs caught the virus, I still didn't really believe it, until recently.

I got a batch of Jap PSX discs a little while ago of ebay, not looked after disc only, but one wouldn't dump, even though I gave it a good clean.

This also has black squiggly marks on it like jamjams but not as bad.

So I have scanned the disc, and found a scan from someone else who has the same disc.
At first I thought the black squiggles were part of the art, but they aren't because I got a scan of the disc of the net, and the one of the net has no marks like mine.

Look also how the marks go into the centre and get more random, this is definitely not part of the artwork.

The files are attached. Please look at them.

If you are a serious game collector this is quite worrying, all the more reason we get every single disc dumped before the virus spreads to every disc in the world.

This is like the AIDS of the CD world.

Please take a look at the scans, I am worried as I don't know how easy this virus can spread, and if it spreads easy, which I am preying it doesn't, and how long it takes before the virus becomes active on the newly infected disc. That's the real worry.

Now it has a proper surface scratch I done with a screwdriver, looks the same color, but look at the other black marks and how it goes really squiggly near the centre, trust me this is a virus that eats cd's. I am 100% sure.


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I am sure this is still a bad dump, unless when you open the iso in isobuster, and all the files have the proper LBA and file sizes, like I said I don't think joining 2 isos gives you a good dump. It didn't with my umd I tried.

The iso that gets added to the join second doesn't even get seen if you no what I mean.


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Enker I got hold of one of these discs to dump, it was Stealth/Wipeout Pure.

So I dumped both isos the way you said.

I looked at the isos in isobuster.

The game iso, had reference to the VIDEO folder but no STREAM folder.

The video iso, had FULL reference to all the game files, but they  were zero bytes.

In an ideal world we get a proper dump of one of these discs, I don't think it would work properly ever, or at least not until cfw changes just to support these discs properly.

What I mean is to play the video, you need the iso to be mounted, this then allows you to play the video, but I doubt you could then flick to the game. Anyway.

If you join the game then video, the game works.

If you join the video then game, the video works.

Or you can put one iso (the video iso) in ISO/VIDEO and the game iso in ISO that allows you to watch the video and play the game, the only thing it doesn't allow is mounting the video and then switching to the game, doubt this would ever work even if you injected the game files into the video iso. Which could be done by using Apache, it still would only be to test what happens.

I don't think joining the isos is the way forward they somehow need to be fused into one iso, rather than stuck together.

Years ago when Gran Turismo came out it was Dual Layer on the PS2, and I followed a tutorial that used programs I have long forgotten about, but it involved extracting both layers merging the layers into one then it would work on hdloader, it was long time ago and I have forgotten the ins and outs, it worked anyway, and it was what reminded me about dual layer, layer breaks, which I then spoke about here and IRobot made a tool to find layer breaks.

Anyway I believe these isos need to be merged rather than joined, or used as separate isos.


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Ha smile ha, 50K

It is smile

Anyway for Xbox dumping (The original xbox) using FreeCell, my new way.

Do everything the same, but if you have multiple discs to dump or verify, do this slightly different method, after dumping the ss.bin leave xbbc open and just run freecell, then when freecell finishes eject the disc, swap it for a new one, dump ss.bin leave xbbc open and run freecell again, no need to keep ejecting the tray, I can confirm the dumps it makes are the same.


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Maybe I will, we will see.


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Most of the xbox dumps are blue, is that because they were fixed at some point and all set to blue.

I am getting set to sell some of my xbox games, but I was going to re buff some of the ones I am selling, I would how ever still like to dump it after a buff to make sure the discs work, and I am not selling not working discs.

I am confident they will all dump, I will collect all the info the same way as if I had never dumped it before, is that ok, just so you can turn some dumps green, before I kiss the games goodbye.

Is that ok. Or are you not interested, in which case I can just buff the discs check they match ship them off and save hours collecting data.

I am selling them to the Ghost Muncher.

oh and I cleaned the disc as the surface was a bit coated, with probably fine particles of nicotine, jackal let me know if you can look at this new dump, and replace the error sectors and see what you get.

I dumped it again with c2 errors set to 0, and got these hashes.

<rom name="Image.bin" size="761692848" crc="5de7d79a" md5="d04ec2bc7e3e7fa57a46741a48d8760a" sha1="d56b95bb6f160132f119319658a8e5b11008f7fd" />

the first time with c2 set to  10, I got different hashes,

    <rom name="Image.bin" size="761692848" crc="78065c38" md5="c9edb6da2cab63628d10ed4a510784b2" sha1="ff99fde7260d42a79eaf91d2b8597e9125c34404" />

I dumped it yet again with c2 errors set to 0, and got these hashes.

    <rom name="Image.bin" size="761692848" crc="432f9585" md5="3dcfa951cf9f2050c931a2857b8b0c81" sha1="4bfae26b77141632f3ecc5b31a9ab818515ebbad" />

So definitely no consistent result.

How about xbox one dumping instructions, pioneer isobuster smile


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Their is a problem when burning audio cds, your drive will adjust the files slightly to do with the drive offset, meaning when you read in your backup the audio will be slightly shifted by a few bytes, you can correct this, by working out how many bytes your burning drive shifts the audio on a burnt disc. Once you have that amount (x) you can adjust the audio by x but in the opposite direction before you burn, So when you burn and x is applied you get the audio exactly right. Then when you read your backups the audio will no be shifted.


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Thanks Ss got one for £43 which is pretty cheep, as I was after a new BD a few months back and was going to go for a pioneer of some sort but they were about £70, this will do nicely instead, it came today and I am doing one of the xbox one games now, to see if it verifies, then I got a brand new one I can dump. Thanks for letting me know the 209 worked.