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Those numbers are used as version reference so it s a bit like if a software suddenly go to v1.25 then back to v1.15 despite it s the same code.


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First glad to see your back.

Then I noticed that when downloading dat file timing seems different.

For instance Mattel Hyper Scan dat which is untouched since 2014:
- 20141214 20-56-56 version downloaded before
- 20141214 21-56-56 version appearing since

And as so for other dats 1 or 2 hours difference.

Is this plan to be fixed or will remain like this?


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Thanx smile


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I was wondering if there is a way to see directly all the discs that have SBI included?
Else do you know an up to date source to check at?

I found this:http://psxdatacenter.com/sbifiles.html but not sure it's full list

Thx a lot


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Hello, sorry to ask but anyone would have the files to update the firmware drive?
I have version 1.02 and by what i ve seen there s an update but don't exist on plextor website (only for 40x)

AN old post but i'm interesd too since i saw lot of PS3 dumps today in the news feed

Hello, i have a problem with this game
it's a cd based PS2 game and when i dumped it i get different CRC. ISObuster don't mention any error. The cd has no scratches and i played only 2 or 3 times. Surface is velvet.

What strange is i got one CRC when i dumped it some days ago. and today i get only 2 CRC (For 7 dumps). and the lasy 4 dumps got the same one.

Hello, is there a special way to dump this disc. Like many others one i got it's written a special way. I don't know the exact name for this it's like an extension partition. Looks like like track 45 on session 2 (my disc is one session i just refer to the track) from this image http://forum.redump.org/topic/2329/how- … ion-discs/ except there are 3 lines except of two.
I dumped it like normal cd and seems there's no erros. When i open the file in isobuster it appears the same way than the cd.


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Hello, after have done some releases i have some interrogations/advice about multiple things (speciall yregarding to PC dumps).

World revesion don't have a (W) after their names, and so some games get their number version, some not.
Some releases got serial (the xxxx-yyyy), some not since it can be added in the db why not adding it?
Some releases got their track number with 0, some not (ex: moto racer (E) Fun Tracks (F) WipEout,...)
It looks strange in romcenter or clrmame. Why not use Track 01, Track 02, .... for all games? and by the way shouldn't it be lower case (track 01, track 02,..). So as disc 1,... (if u refer to MusicBrainz capitalisation standart as said in the guide)

I know it don't look so important but having a db organized about naming convention should be better.
Specially for sharing files, sad to loose time unpackISO every files everytime there s a change just for a name changing, better have it at start well done. If u need help renaming ask me, i get used since times on MusicBrainz and about rules for french english and some other languages).

To finish i was wondering about some "free, cheap releases" of games (which not mean platinum or classics edition from an editor). Do you think it's useful to reference demo, not offical releases,... of games (ex World of Warcraft trial edition)

I asked cause i also have lot games that were given with a french magazine (ex: i Alone in the dark serie was distributed with lot of magazines around the world as a cheap edition). To my point I think it's interesting for verifying existing dumps (in this case the cheap release is just a reedition of the original game) but not for first dump. If the reedition change from the orginal it would multiplies the number of versions of a game without an interest (no "offical" releases , without real package, edited as a limited number and sometimes with other things inside such as internet kit, advertising,...). I refer to alone in the dark series, look at the different versions already on db and on this feed http://forum.redump.org/topic/2636/pree … fferences/ If i had mine version we will get another new one (i got an internet kit on it for a french provider that no longer exist).



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Cd-serial and ring code is the same thing? And if not where can i find the first one? So except that and the cue it msised nothing in my infos?

and i don't use Clrmamepro since i don't like it, i always used Romcenter for my roms collection wink

For the read/offset values i was asking at what it correspond physically on the cd and for the driver (like +22 will mean cd started to have infos 22 offsets after the normal start of the cd,....?)

PS: fucking ring code, i have to use a mirror since the up side is printed


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Hello i'm back.
In order to be totally sure i found some cds that i got which are already in the db: Quake (http://redump.org/disc/2251/) and the ultimate doom - the flesh consumed  (http://redump.org/disc/4426/) and so it works.
Quake got audio tracks so after resize correct dump that match the one above and audios matches too with the -22 i found with IB (so +80 in EAC options with my +102 value of my driveoffset value)
Doom din't have any audio tracks so match the dump above directly.

But i have some other questions now wink
When i inserted quake Cd, EAC told me i can use this disc with accurate rip, i said ok and so after the check he automatically checked "Use AccurateRIP with this drive " in Drive Options (F10), and with this checked the dumped audio tracks werent matching the db. So i suppose this is normal just a feature that don't really work today, isn't it?

The second one will be just for infos, what are exactly the read and write offset value? (i have a little glimp of it but would like to be sure)


PS: By the way when will be my previous dumps added in the db?


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So for a protected game in a play purpose it will be better to use a clone cd image than a redump.org image since you don't need to use a crack, this is sad since i don't like to use crack.
For your first sentence we came back on the same problem: i understand what u said (specially since it's what i rode in the guide) but i m confused about the sector size. I understood IB can't detect start of audio and it's why we have to remove but what i don't udnerstand is that my data track as a equivalent sector size after remove = to the one said by IB So the bug only happend while ripping? or IB had 150 sectors before the data track when ripping?


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You're right.
For the freeze i will take the example of this fun tracks release:
IB says Track starts at 24 957
24 957- 149 = 24 808
and it don't load sector view when i try sector 24 806

I must admit i'm completely lost with these sectors and hex editor thing wink
For example i don't udnerstand why HxD put yyyy in right column for FFF and not sector viexw in IB

Why there re these FFF and 3F 13 B0 BE at the very end of the file i sent you while i see nothing in sector viex from IB?

And why if as u say the driver freeze between audio and data track it happens at this sector since there are 150 other sectors before the end of the data track

Finally where are the gaps? at the start of every track file or at the end?

For other releases if EAc don't detect me strange gaps i suppose all my dumps will be good if the sector size said by IB = the sector size of the file said by cd mage?

And last one not related to this. By doing a image with protection like this will it be possible to play it without a crack (like if i made the image with clone cd?)

But so if my dump is ok i suppose it's the same for Moto Racer and i'm quiet happy i can continue without loosing lot of times editing bins. So i just loose some hours for no problem wink


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Here it is: http://dl.free.fr/rPUul9mCv
Hope we will have finish soon, i can't scan and dump over games while i look for this.

So this error can be interesting since it's just one sector before the "end of data track sector said by IB -150 on Fun Tracks and on Moto Racer too


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I understand a bit but not totally since i 'm not sure how the datas have to be in order to respect the redump.org method.
Here my data track is as secors as IB say it.
Maybe u can download my iso on underground gamer (or i can send it to u) in order to tell me if it's good or not

by the way which hex editor do u think is best, i have win hex workshop?

And in your post in dumps section you spoke about : "but if you try to go one sector back progam and cdreader freeze"; Is this normal since the same thing happen when i do sector viex on the fu ntracks release?


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Ok i checked on my sony laptop, the drive is a Matsushita UJ 832 (which by the brand name is a panasonic UJ 832 in the accurate drive list). I got the same CRC. So i suppose my dump is ok.

I just noticed something. Method A for gap detection is really fast on the laptop but longer on my LG drive; it s very long for the first audio track and after same speed as the laptop for the other tracks. Is it normal?
I tried method C: don't work freezes on a track and method B: gives really strang gap 0,16; 0,4; ...  and don't correspond to what detect my laptop or method A on my LG drive. I keep method A?


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i checked the 0 only on the cd with isobuster, i used resized without cdmage open.
Here i have a LG dvd writer, I have some old cd writer and driver (plextor ones 10 years old) so i think i will try to plug these on my pc tomorrow (its 4AM here wink or try on another computer and see if the crc are the same and contact u if there s a problem.
Maybe it's jsut the 2 cds which are like that (fun tracks and Moto Racer, two games from 1997). Cause here it looks logic, i dump the data track, delete the bad datas cause isobuster couldn't find the start of the audio track. And so finally i got an data track with 299 sectors full of zero (1,987 seconds) at the end and one sector with just 26 lines and zero after

thx for the answers


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Hum not sure you totally get me:

For the errors for sure i know these 150 sectors have to be cut
My question was about the 150 ones from the last sectors with data to the end sector said by Iso buster or cd mage (after have used resize on the bin) which is by what we said the pregap. And if it's write i suppose if i download redump.org releases not made by me i will always found 150 sectors full of zero at the end of the data track of every CD data+audio?

And really thx for the answers since i know i like to be precise wink


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sorry didn't finish the other msg before your answer since i was verifying my other release.
So just to be sure before i made other releases and have to correct them after.

It's normal that the size said by cd mage (end sector) correspond to the size of ISO buster after i used resize.
And the end of the file is 150 sectors full of 0 with just a few lines used at the sector: "endsector-150"


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Yep i dump from original medias (don't think it's possible to make a redump.org dump from a copy)
It's the same game but for Windows

And for the zero lines and it was the same for my other release Fun Tracks (Ignition)


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edit: Stupid question that i solved myself
Just to know, is it normal to have 150 sectors of zero of the end of a data track (pregap of Track02?)