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Congratulations big_smile
I sure hope progress won't slow down once PSX gets close to completion. There's plenty of other systems which are IMO being neglected somewhat. Maybe the obscurer systems are being added to TOSEC rather than redump, who knows. Well, still it's an impressive effort which I'm proud being part of big_smile


Now that's some great news big_smile My files are being scanned correctly now big_smile

I see you've managed to rip that 5th volume as well - congratulations big_smile

Oh well, it looks like I got my hopes up too soon sad

I guess I'm lucky big_smile Roman investigated the problem and according to him, the new version of the 7z SDK fixes the problem big_smile I hope he'll release a new version soon.

Then it would be the best to contact Roman directly and write a 'bug report' on the clrmame forums

Just did that smile

4gb is exactly limit of addressing with 32-bit...
but I assume you are using 64-bit version cmpro64.exe ?

I'm using 64 bit clrmamepro and 64 bit 7-zip.

if so, the only solution would be replace lzma compressor within clrmame with newer one that supports large files

How would I do that? Does such an updated compressor even exist? sad

I'm quite sure there were only 7 of them [source].

Extracting them directly via 7-zip works like a charm. The files don't seem to be corrupt - I've dumped and packed the games myself. Also, the problem occurs with all 7-zipped isos >4 GB I have, also the wii ones! This means ~10 files which all happen to be >4 GB would have to be corrupt smile And no, I'm not on FAT, I use Vista64 on an NTFS partition.
Good ideas so far, but I guess either clrmamepro or its implementation of 7z is the culprit smile

So I'm not alone smile Man, I'd love to use RomCenter anyway, if only it could read 7z...

like many of you, I use clrmamepro to rename and check my roms/isos. I think my version is quite up-to-date (3.123); I can't check that though since the official page seems to be down. Anyway, I'm having trouble reading files over 4 GB. All my isos are 7-zipped, so the bug might be related to this? When I scan my PS2 folder, for example, I get this warning:

Corrupt Archive File:C:\Emulation\Dumps\Sony Playstation 2\Champions_E.7z | Reason: NO ENTRIES
Corrupt Archive File:C:\Emulation\Dumps\Sony Playstation 2\God of War.7z | Reason: NO ENTRIES

Both the compressed and uncompressed files are well over 4 GB. Does anyone have the same problem? Are there maybe newer versions of clrmamepro fixing this?


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I like that decision. IMO No-Intro is the most convenient naming convention, the only thing it misses is a [!] for verified dumps. I really hope redump considers adding that.
As for TAK raw file encoding, I've read that the author intends to implement it in one of the next versions, so it should merely be a matter of weeks until we can do that.

Wow, thanks big_smile I hope that analysis didn't take you too long hmm

So, did anybody have a look at it yet? I've just ordered a more reliable drive which should arrive in a few days, so I might give it a try then again if the subs don't yield correct gaps.


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Yeah, good job indeed. I wonder what will happen when all PSX/PS2 games are dumped since most dumpers don't care that much about other systems. Impressive work anyway big_smile

Well, here's the sub: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yzmjlr5mx3n.
Thank you for your efforts so far big_smile

Would CloneCD subs be appropriate? Or should I use another tool?

I've come across a CD with quite ridiculous gaps. It's from 1994 so I suppose it's not a copy protection issue. I've obtained consistent results with two drives. What do you say -- do PC games often have strange gaps? They certainly don't look normal to me.


It works, I just tried it. Thanks to both of you big_smile

Thanks for your kind help, iR0b0t. I already have another question tongue
I want to remove the pregap from Track 1 as described in the guide. I downloaded resize, but it keeps telling me that it's incompatible with my 64 bit Windows. Is there anything I can do about that?

Need moar help... I have a PC game here (Warcraft 2) with 1 data track and 16 audio tracks. I tried to detect the gaps with EAC on 3 different drives with all 3 gap extraction methods and got different gaps for every drive and extraction mode! Method A wouldn't work on most drives, but B and C always did. I could try even more drives but I guess I'd only end up with more alternative gaps. What am I supposed to do?

But aren't they only created by EAC for CDs containing audio tracks? How do I get them for CDs with only a data track? IsoBuster has never put out any cue sheets for me yikes

Ah, thank you big_smile And I won't need to create a cuesheet if the disc only contains a single data track, will I?

Hi, I know this is kind of a noob question but I can't seem to figure it out myself sad I'm trying to dump a PC game for the first time. Before, I've only done console games (PSX, PS2, GCN, WII), where you could easily enter the various checksums into the fields at the bottom of the page. For PC games, however, there are no such fields, so where am I supposed to put the checksums?
I think I've read all the relevant guides but I still don't know how to do this sad  That "ClrMamePro data" field must be what I'm looking for, it's just that I don't know what to do in ClrMamePro, hence I have no idea what to enter there. Please shed some light on this.

TIA, amarok smile