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Such a change could also benefit the numerous PS2 games where Australia is considered a part of Europe smile


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Hehe big_smile persistence...


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I already offered to write a guide, and I still could do so if there's demand. Or iR0b0t probably could put his guide back on and we'd improve it.

I think redump uses language codes as per ISO 639-1. 'Nn' refers to Nynorsk, one of two concurrent written languages in Norway. I don't know whether games actually use Nynorsk or Bokmål, but in case it's really Nynorsk simply flagging them "No" would be less accurate.

Edit: Oh, I should've read the No-Intro convention first. Seems like they also follow ISO 639-1. Maybe a Norwegian member can clarify whether Nynorsk or Bokmål is being used in games, otherwise you're right and we'd probably have to switch to 'No'....

I'd say since the game is set to French by default, this version most likely has only been released in France that way, hence its region has to be France (unless of course the PSX is capable of checking the bios language and adjusting the game accordingly? I don't really know that). My theory is being supported by the fact that the dump in the DB seems to contain all common languages except French.

The game languages are En,Fr,De,Es,Sv,Nl, no doubt here if you checked properly smile

Edit: RiMMER was quicker but since his opinion matches mine you should go for it and add it that way big_smile


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Looks like we've just hit the 10.000, congratulations smile Only ~2700 verified dumps, though, so it's still a long way to go.


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Huh? That's very possible smile


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69 more dumps at the moment in 24 remaining days... that's about 3 discs per day. We can do that big_smile


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Thanks, that's the kind of statement I was waiting for big_smile


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All right, I think IsoBuster would have worked just as fine for your dump. The CRCs wouldn't have matched, though, because ddump fills erroneous sectors with 55, IsoBuster with 00. So I wonder which of these methods is officially suggested; I don't want the database to be flooded with duplicate dumps just because of how different programs handle corrupt sectors differently.


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I've come across a PC disc protected with LaserLok (v5, if that matters). What is the proper way to dump this? It contains corrupt sectors, as it seems. Should I read it with IsoBuster and replace the unreadable sectors with zeroes? Or is it better to use ddump, which I believe overwrites unreadable sectors with 55's?

I guess there is no way (and it won't make much sense) to recover the actual data inside the sectors, is there?

Thanks smile

If the disc itself is valid (i.e. not burned and dumped correctly) I think it should be added to the database, regardless how negligible the differences to other editions of the same game may seem. Yes, even if that means we'd have 20+ versions of the same game in the DB.

But that's not even the topic; I'd still like to know how to add these magazine discs.


I have a bunch of PC gaming related magazines with discs. Some of the discs contain only demos and videos and some contain full versions. How should I add this stuff? Are the demo discs relevant at all or should I just dump the full versions?

Furthermore, how do I name such a disc? After the magazine+issue or after the game that's on it? The latter could be problematic since there are even discs with multiple full versions, I think.


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I did check Wikipedia. If you say we use ISO/GOST that's fine. What do you think about the other issues I pointed out, btw? Particularly Sturmovik vs Shturmovik. Also, if we use ISO/GOST on it, wouldn't it have to be Šturmovik? OK, that would be like replacing one non-ASCII character with another one...

I guess I was a bit confused because to me it looked like several transliteration systems were being mixed (like using sh instead of š, or zh instead of ž) but I think I understand now smile


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I don't know, according to Wikipedia Tsar, Tzar, and Czar are various Latin alphabet spellings of the same Slavic word, the title of a Russian, Bulgarian or Serbian monarch. So you're right, Tzar' seems to be correct as well, but since Tsar' is more accurate in terms of transliteration, I'd personally go with it. But I guess that's up to you smile

What about IL-2 Sturmovik: Dorogi vojny vs Il-2 Shturmovik: Zabytye srazheniya (Disc 1) and Disc 2? Wouldn't one of them have to be changed for the sake of consistency? I suppose 'Sturmovik' is the western name of this game while 'Shturmovik' would be the accurate transliteration.


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while skimming through the recent dumps list I've noticed two minor errors:

The size of http://redump.org/disc/9954/ can't possibly be correct.

Furthermore, I'm sure the romanisation of http://redump.org/disc/9948/ has to be "Rytsar' dorog". I don't speak Russian but I'm familiar with the transliteration rules and as far as I know, 'ц' has to be 'ts' (or 'c', depending on the romanisation system you favour) instead of 'tz'.

I hope a Russian mod or at least someone more familiar with Russian grammar than me can go through the other Russian dumps (don't worry, we don't have that many of them yet) and check the transliteration. There are several possible systems; I wonder which one was agreed on for use on redump?

Thank you smile

Well, it may not be that complicated but you can make horribly many mistakes, especially with the gaps (which EAC more often than not fails to detect properly). Furthermore, you'll need a drive capable of overreading - many people probably don't have one.

But anyway, this discussion does not really belong here smile


After all, this project used to be PSXDB smile I think most people focus on dumping whatever can be dumped the easiest way, which would be single track PSX, PS2 and (non copy-protected) PC discs. Just wait until all these "low hanging fruits" have been grabbed and you'll actually see some of the more interesting, harder-to-dump stuff appear ^^

It's quite similar to the MAME's situation, where basic, widely available games like Pacman or Space Invaders were taken care of at the beginning of the project, leaving the more obscure stuff for today.


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It varies indeed. I've pakkiso'd many PS2 isos lately and some games just can be compressed incredibly well due to huge dummy files on the disc. Metal Slug 4, for example, compresses to about 2% of its uncompressed size. Disc 3 of Metal Gear Solid 3, on the other hand, stays 94% the size of its uncompressed counterpart.

If I were to estimate I'd say that on average PS2 games can be compressed some 40-60% with PakkIso (or plain 7zip, of course).

A) In EAC you enter the value from the sector view, which in this case is +8. This is called the combined read and write offset.
B) You submit just the write offset, which can be determined as follows: write offset = sector view - drive offset. In this case it's +8 - +6 = +2.

Edit: Screw it, Rocknroms beat me to it smile


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If the data track was 7-zipped & ecm'd and the audio tracks were in ape format, the game was most likely compressed with PakkISO. To uncompress it, simply un-PakkISO it smile By dragging the game's folder onto unpakkIso.exe it decompresses the 7-zip with the data track, unecms it and converts the apes to bin which you can easily burn afterwards.
Hope I could help smile

Wouldn't it be enough to upload checksums of the MDS file? Every dumper with access to the disc could easily make them himself, and redump.org wouldn't have to risk legal problems. On the other hand, I don't know if the MDS files are consistent, i.e. if the same disc dumped by several dumpers yields the exact same MDS file.


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It is possible and also very reliable. You'll need a "special" drive, though, like the LG 8164b (or the 8161-8163b, as far as I know; other drives have been reported to work as well, though). Then you need friidump for the actual dumping process. Search for friidump 0.4 since earlier versions can't dump dual layer Wii discs properly AFAIR. Just give it a try, it's not very hard if you've got a compatible drive big_smile


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Actually this information is already available in the recent changes rss feed. Try to open it in Opera or IE; Firefox doesn't seem to recognize the relevant "author" (which is in our case the mod who changes/adds something) field.
Inconveniently, you'll have to update it regularly so you won't miss any changes. A more permanent solution - maybe a "changelog" on the dump page itself - would definitely be advantageous.