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Nope, I'm using IsoBuster (+CD-Bremse to slow down the drive). Works pretty well. I could never get CDRWin to work...

No idea about that thing's name, the packaging is long gone smile All I can say is that it's by a company named DeLock, and on bottom side there's a sticker that says "Ver:108B0".


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Drive: Samsung TSSTCorp SH-D162D w/ Kreon Firmware (through an IDE-to-USB connector)
MB: MSI MS-7358
OS: Vista64, up-to-date


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ghost wrote:

besides when it comes to dvds do you have the slightest idea the millions of movies and varations out there?

ghost, lemme fix that for you: "besides when it comes to PC games do you have the slightest idea the millions of different versions, editions and varations out there?" I hope you understand what I mean... If anything, the complexity of the task or the number of discs out there should be an incentive, not a reason against it ^^

NvrBst wrote:

Audio could be popular but video is so large that it probably wont be of too much interest to random people; average joe will ignore redump and stick to h264/xvid avi/mkv etc.

I think neither will be of interest to many people. As I've said, there already is AccurateRip for Audio CDs, which does *exactly* this, except for "advanced" things such as overreading etc. Average Joe still thinks that 128 kbit/s sounds great (the more audiophile Average Joes might prefer iTunes ^^). A FLAC rip is already overkill to most people, even if it's not offset-corrected, or no overreading or gap detection was used. Redump dumps would definitely be way too clumsy for most people. You couldn't even tag them without altering the checksums tongue

All that being said, I still don't understand why a games DB - especially one containing Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 would be any less dangerous than one with movies or music... The games industry isn't any less fierce when it comes to persecuting filesharers ^^ quite the contrary.


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Mmh, take AccurateRip, for example. They do exactly the same thing for audio discs, just not accurate enough for me (without overreading, gaps etc). They've been doing it for years, have tens of thousands of discs in their database and afaik never got into trouble. I doubt anyone could possibly sue redump or any other project for providing checksums ^^

Wii, 360 and PS3 actually are hidden for guests, so that could be done for regular DVDs/Audio CDs, too, if you prefer to keep it silent ^^


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Still no one interested in a fork? http://forum.redump.org/topic/4174/dump … des-games/


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Because we're lazy and incompetent. That's what you wanna hear, isn't it?

Seriously, the mods are little more than adding/fixing slaves smile you'd have to speak to the admins about such general questions regarding the project's direction. As far as I know, redump only wants games or gaming-related discs, so these discs - as rare and interesting as they might be - won't get added.

That being said, I've repeatedly said that - personally - I'd love to have all kinds of discs in the database, even if they're not gaming-related. Video-UMDs and Video-DVDs in general, maybe even Audio-CDs. I'm not only interested in games, and I'd love to have bit-perfect DVD-V and CDA dumps (and even CDi movies ^^) just as much as PSX or PS2 ^^ But I doubt that'll ever happen... Besides, this project has bigger problems than that smile

Don't be disappointed smile Seriously, I'm really thankful you're doing these language checks, so don't give up. Usually everything gets added, even if it takes a few days.

Sorry, my mistake. I had accidentally marked the topic as read, so I missed your replies ^^ All fixed now.

Okay, I believe you're right. I couldn't find any evidence for a release outside the UK. Neither amazon.de nor amazon.fr have the game listed -- at least not the PS2 version --, but amazon.co.uk does, so it's very likely that it hasn't been released in Germany or France.

I'm not 100% sure... Yes, it's one of these BBC TV show games again, but at least the PC version was released in the US, too, so maybe this one wasn't bound to the UK? I couldn't find any evidence for a UK-only release yet sad

but i wish we had the english title as a alternative in the db.. the different titles make it hard to see whats the game is for non german, italian..spanish etc speakers

That's not what the alternative title field should be used for I think. We really should have a dedicated field for this, something like "international title" (or rather "US title"). Alternative title should only be used for transliterations (even though I'd love to have a dedicated field for that, too tongue) or cases where the game title is ambiguous.

Besides, all the "Der Herr der Ringe" games don't have their "The Lord of the Rings" counterparts as alternative titles as well.

People should care a bit more about everything smile But usually they won't. Fortunately, it's easy to catch this kind of mistake when adding new dumps by checking with a scan of the game cover.

There are far more annoying things, such as incomplete or missing language detection (I admit I'm not immune to that, either tongue), or generally all kinds of missing/obviously wrong information. Sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to run after dumpers to get everything together. But I'm not complaining, after all this is why mods are needed smile

Maybe I should finally write a "New Dump" template for the New Dumps forum, so people know what's mandatory, what's optional and what is not needed. But then again, most people don't read stickies, so I doubt it'd help much sad

The movie does have a French title and the game has that French title on the cover (and is listed under that title on amazon.fr etc.) so I think it's safe to assume that "Seigneur des Anneaux, Le: Le Tiers Age" is the correct title for the French version of the game.

Plus, the GC version in the DB uses the French title, too: http://redump.org/disc/1615/


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Or just add "Operating system(s)" as a new field to the DB entry... Along with "Copy protection", "Layer break" and so on. I've suggested this to iR0b0t before but it seems he has either no time or no interest to touch the PC section atm... or maybe he already has something in the works, I don't know ^^

Better to split the IBM/PC section to DOS/Win3.x/Win95/Win98/WinXP/Vista/Win7/Linux/whatever

That would be a huge mess. Most games run under many of these operating systems.

Cool indeed ^^ Finally the wiki is being put to use. Anyone willing to do a full IBM PC list? lol 

@r09: But weren't all our current PCE CD dumps "bad" anyway? I believe there was some dispute about the gaps... Was that ever resolved?


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You needn't use CMP. Just calculate CRC, MD5 and SHA-1 as you would with any DVD game (via HashCalc or whatever you use).

When adding the disc, put the following in the "ClrMamePro data" field:

size 12345678 crc aa11bb22 md5 736528356283765235 sha1 634587648561287563287546

Just replace my random numbers with your image's values. Size is the image size in bytes (as always, real size, not size on disk). CRC, MD5 and SHA1 should be self explanatory smile

Then you need to supply a cuesheet. PS2 CDs are MODE2, so you can always use the following:

FILE "Track01.bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00


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As for the only Beatmania I own, the PAL PSX version, it's quite an inconsistent mix of "beat mania", "Beatmania" and "beatmania" on the back cover and "BEATMANIA" on the spine. "Beatmania" is used all throughout the manual, except for the Dutch part, where it's always "beatmania".

The ingame logo most likely says "beat mania". The space between both words is quite small, however, so I'm not 100% sure. MAME uses "beatmania", btw, so there might not be a space after all.

What does "locked" mean?

No idea. As I've said I'm not familiar with Hashcheck. My guess would be that it cannot access the file because it's already opened elsewhere.

And for resume, If the HASH of my ISOS fits with those that are on the web, that means that my dumps were correctly done, Am I right?

That's absolutely correct. You don't actually need the .sfv or .md5 files. As long as all the checksums on the website match your local file, you can be sure it's 100% identical (and correct)!

Strange, if you open the .md5 in a text editor you'll see that it contains the exact same hash as on the website:

.md5 file: c92fcaaa3b8e6edb377c9573be67ae03 *God Hand (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).iso
website: c92fcaaa3b8e6edb377c9573be67ae03

I'm not familiar with Hashcheck but maybe it needs you to rename your file according to the .md5 filename in order to verify it. Try to rename your file to God Hand (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).iso

Or better yet, use clrmamepro tongue It can both check and rename your files automatically ^^

Okay, I knew they did this for patches, but I've never heard of a physical release with a cracked exe before tongue I mean, I can't even imagine why they wouldn't just use the original exe. Who if not them would have access to it?

The real irony here is that this is UbiSoft, one of the main protagonists in the ridiculously-restrictive-DRM circus ^^

I know it's a bit off-topic, but I just have to share that with you tongue

During the usual pre-dumping examination of my original copy of Rainbow Six (Gold Pack Edition), I found the following:


I couldn't believe my eyes when PiD said "RAZOR 1911". Seriously, what were they (UbiSoft, to be exact) thinking? Using a cracked .exe in an official release of their own game? That's the first time I've ever seen something like this. Or is this common practice?

In any case, way to go, UbiSoft. You sure are great role models big_smile I'm sure that finally convinces people that piracy is bad tongue

names with special characters are only allowed as alternative title, or is this entry an exception?

I thought so too, but there are many more exceptions, for example all the Pokémon games. The main problem is - once again - the lack of consistency.

There is no technical reason for not allowing these non-ASCII characters in the main title. IMHO the alternative title should be used exclusively for transliterations or cases like Resident Evil 5 / Biohazard 5. But well, I've brought this up before and I'm sure no one will listen to me this time, either.


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HwitVlf wrote:

For some reason, EAC is not properly dumping the last sector even though my drive does support overread. Tomb Raider has a single 1A byte (rest are all 00s) in the last sector of the last track and EAC dumps it as 00. I'll double check my EAC settings against the tutorial again, but does anyone know of a setting in EAC that could cause this to happen?

Make sure to check "Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out" in "Drive Options -> Offset/Speed" and specify the correct read offset sample correction value (i.e. the amount of samples you determined via IsoBuster's sector view for track 02). Other than that there aren't any offset-related options you could change.

To check if your drive is actually capable of overreading with EAC, try the following: Go to the EAC Options (F9), choose the  "Extraction" tab and uncheck "Fill up missing offset samples with silence". Extract the last track again. If EAC fails to read the offset samples, the resulting file will be a few bytes smaller than it should be. In that case you cannot use EAC to dump the last track. You'll have to do it manually with IsoBuster instead.


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Sure, here's the track: http://hotfile.com/dl/41109282/9e8d3e6/ … 7.rar.html


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Jackal wrote:

I think someone posted a method with clonecd here some days ago, but I'm unable to find it, so I hope someone can link to it

I believe Jackal is referring to this topic. That CloneCD method won't work, though, it just prevents EAC from showing a sync error in the overread sectors. That doesn't mean it can actually access any data in the overread sectors. If you are lucky you'll get a match, but only in case the overread sectors are all 00s. Therefore, you can never really be sure whether you've lost any data!

However, that IsoBuster method proposed by velocity37 might actually work. I didn't try it yet but it does sound promising for drives that support it. It's still quite intricate so you should rather buy a decent drive. A Plextor PX-716A is usually quite cheap here on eBay.