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Why not?


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Sorry, I didn't know that. I don't have any multisession discs anyway.


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Can't we just go with the noncompliant IsoBuster multisession cuesheets? I know, it's not a standard nor officially approved, but isn't it still better than not preserving these discs at all?


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Yeah, it's only visible to logged in users with dumper status (or higher). Just dump a bunch of discs and you'll gain access in no time smile Of course you can skip that if you're only interested in the datfile smile


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I don't think they belong here. You are right, they are gaming related, but where would you draw the line? You'd have to allow all kinds of movies where people play games, or movies based on games, or ...

I am personally interested in these DVDs, so I really hope we have room for this kind of stuff in a future DB ( tongue )


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Disc Preservation Project

A big YES from me!


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Interesting... http://forum.redump.org/post/31492/#p31492. IMO they should be labeled as multilingual, even if it's just for one demo, or maybe even just (parts of) the menus. What does everybody think about this?


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Hi all,

many of you probably have undumped Dreamcast games lying around. Let's finally put them to use! As you probably know, our DC dumping method is a bit more complicated than your average PS2 dumping (see http://forum.redump.org/topic/2620/drea … tructions/).

To disc owners: Here's the deal: If you can't or don't want to dump them yourself, send them to someone who can. Reply to this thread or PM the dumper of your choice directly. Don't worry, we'll only recommend trusted dumpers who return your discs right after dumping them!

To DC dumpers: It'd be cool to have at least one DC dumper on each continent, preferably one per major country. If you are willing to help out by dumping games, please reply or send me a PM. Let's make redump the definitive source for proper DC dumps once and for all!

Here's a preliminary list of dumpers who are willing to dump your GD-ROMs:

http://redump.org/images/languages/ger.ico amarok
http://redump.org/images/languages/ita.ico Rocknroms


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Yeah, happy holidays to everyone smile And a big thank you to all contributors - dumpers, admins, fellow mods, and especially those who have been working tirelessly on fixing stuff lately (languages, regions and other metadata). Your work is much appreciated!


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I believe fuzzball is right: http://www.satakore.com/sega-saturn-gam … S-JPN.html. Just look very closely at the picture; that character does seem to be a ャ instead of a セ. Would make much more sense, too tongue

Edit: You can see it much better on the front cover (look at the box at the upper right corner): http://www.segagagadomain.com/saturn17/3x3eyes-f.jpg


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If I were you I'd stay away as far as possible from these discs... I tried to dump one of them a few months ago, nearly drove me insane.

You can't use IsoBuster here. Use ddump or CloneCD with these profiles. We need the defective sectors to be all 0x55, not 0x00. You MUST dump the disc at least twice with different drives. Some drives don't catch some of the error sectors, I don't know.

I could never get a consistent read on that disc I tried, so after countless retries I gave up. Maybe you have better luck. But be warned, it can take over a week for a single pass to finish depending on your drive...


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It says "omake" (おまけ) smile

What about the CDTV? I've seen some really strange EXE dates for that system... Is it even worth to preserve the EXE date in this case? Surely neither the disc nor the program was created in 1978 yikes

Yes, please add them smile We don't really care what people do with the images; as long as it's game-related we add it. You could probably play it illegally on a private server with the image, or buy a subscription without having to buy the actual game discs and so on... It doesn't matter smile

I'm 90% sure it doesn't have any copy protection. You can't play the game without a subscription anyway, so why would they waste money on protecting the disc? But you should always check with BurnOut or PiD to be 100% sure.

In any case you can dump it like any other DVD with IsoBuster, no additional steps required.


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Yes, technically these are normal DVD-V. Just with interactive content, but still playable on any standard DVD player. Personally, I don't think they deserve their own section on redump. There's no such system as "DVDPG"... These discs are really just plain Video-DVDs and should therefore be treated as a subset of the DVD-V section smile

Mmh, -UKV does not necessarily mean it's UK-only. There are some examples of a UKV dump matching an EUR dump.

I haven't figured it out completely yet, but the last letter before the -UKV or -EUR seems much more important. There seems to be a pattern: P is for Europe, D for Germany, E for USA, J for Japan, F for France, U for Australia and so on. Haven't figured out X and Y yet... Anyway, it would be wrong to assume that UKV means UK-only.


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Yes, that should work smile


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Well afaik that's only true for discs with a large positive combined offset (larger than 1 sector = 588 samples). But again, I've never tried to dump discs with a negative combined offset smile


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Psytopia wrote:

I have Pioneer DVD drive with a combined offset of +48, but I don't intend to dump any PSX titles. Also, shouldn't reading into the Lead-In solve the problem?

Sorry, no idea ^^ I've never tried anything else than my +667 drive for these discs. I just remember that years ago, many dumpers had drives with large positive offsets so they could dump discs with large negative factory offsets.

The bigger problem I think is that you won't be able to detect a negative offset larger than your drive's positive offset with IsoBuster ^^ If you've read the guide you maybe know that you have to go back 150 sectors (in case of a 2 sec pregap) and count how many rows of junk data you see (because the end of the junk data marks the beginning of track 2). However, if the disc's negative factory offset is too large, you won't see said junk but only 00s, so there's no way to determine the start of track 2, respectively the combined read offset.

In any case your +48 should be enough for most PC discs. Common PC offsets are -22, -12 and 0. Tendentially, the older the disc, the more obscure the factory offset smile


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There is an offset for data tracks, too. Drives recognize and correct it automatically. For an audio disc it doesn't really matter if your music is shifted by 1 or 2 hundredth of a second, at least from a pure listening point of view ^^ But non-audio data usually needs to be bit-accurate, so the drive has to adjust to both the factory and the drive's write offset.

And no, there's no overlap for discs with a negative offset. If the disc has a factory write offset of -647, for example, all data and audio tracks are shifted by those -647 sectors. But, as I mentioned before, the data tracks get adjusted properly, while the audio tracks don't, that's why we have to do that manually ^^

That said, it's possible that EAC loses samples at the beginning of the 1st audio track if the combined offset is negative. It's an annoying EAC quirk. You'll have to make sure that your drive's offset "outweighs" the negative factory offset. I have an LG with +667 which I use to dump -647 (a common PSX factory offset) or similar. If you're lucky, you have a Plextor. In this case you can use PlexTools, which doesn't seem to be affected by that problem smile

As for IsoBuster, it does know where the data track ends, but it appends the pregap of the 2nd track to it. The reason we need to cut that off is because redump handles the gaps differently. IsoBuster appends a track's gap to the end of the previous track (so the Track 2 pregap is put at the end of Track 1), while redump prepends the gap to the track it actually belongs to (pregap, as per cue specification ^^).

Appending the gap to the previous track is kind of a hackish solution to allow people to listen to their audio tracks without having the (mostly silent) pregap at the beginning.

I hope that answers all your questions smile


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Sorry, but yes, it is mandatory. Using the combined offset corrects not only your drive's offset, but also minor inaccuracies the mastering plant made when pressing the disc, so to say. So why do we correct these inaccuracies? Well, it's possible that different pressings of the same game have different factory write offsets, but are otherwise 100% identical. It'd be stupid to have duplicate entries for these, so we remove (i.e. correct) said factory write offset.

Don't worry, even though we "modify" it, the dump is still accurate, but more in a sense of how the disc was intended to be mastered if it wasn't for these inavoidable accuracies, and not how the disc actually came out of the mastering plant. I hope this makes sense to you smile

Besides, your dumps would be incompatible to all the other dumps in the DB. You wouldn't be able to match anyone's dumps, and neither could anyone match your dumps.


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That's exactly it smile It's a cheap ass thing but it gets the job done.


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The biggest problem is that IsoBuster has no option to limit the extraction speed. I use CD-Bremse for that, but it only goes down to 4x. So I extract everything twice (usually in chunks of 50,000 or 100,000 sectors), or more often if I get inconsistent results. Worked pretty well so far, but it does take time smile


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Yes, a bunch smile All my DC dumps were made that way. Why do you think IsoBuster wouldn't do it right? ^^