I can add a flag to let you dump between any two sector ranges, will it be useful though?

Yes, please, that's exactly what I need big_smile

Data tracks are aligned because the drive does it automatically, what you suggest is to dump as audio, then descramble + align in software.

Nope, I'd skip the whole trap disc part for PC discs, of course. All I'm interested in is DCdumper's re-reading ability big_smile

BTW I will get round eventually to a 0.43a with some additions, been busy.

Looking forward to it big_smile

Hm. No, the Samsung doesn't overread, but I thought this isn't a problem for data-only discs? I don't want to dump any audio tracks using DCdumper, just plain old 1 data track discs ^^ I thought we don't have to worry about overreading, offsets etc. in this case.

I've successfully used DCdumper on 3 previously undumpable discs so far. I have another 4 or 5 discs which are obviously too damaged, but I'll continue trying ^^ Just thought I'd let you know that your work is much appreciated, jamjam big_smile

I think DCdumper could be useful for some of my problematic PC CDs, too. Would it be possible for you to implement a CD dumping mode? When enabled, DCdumper should dump from sector 0 all the way to the end of the disc, instead of always 44990-549150. All I'd need is a parameter to specify the number of sectors on the disc, or (ideally) have DCdumper look it up on its own.

Ah, I see. Well, I'm using 500 sectors per section for now, so it's not that big a problem anymore.

But I've already got another idea tongue Could you make section size variable? I mean, imagine I'm trying to dump a disc using sections of 500 sectors each, which fails repeatedly. Dumping the same range with sections of 250 (or 100, or 50, ...) blocks each however works fine. Would it be possible to tell the program to automatically switch to a lower section size once it reaches a certain number of mismatches? For example, if I try to dump a disc with -p50 -i500, I want the program to continue with, say, -i100 once the 50 passes are over instead of just aborting the whole process.

Well, thinking about it, that sounds even more difficult to implement tongue

EDIT: Okay, forget it tongue This idea is crap; I could just use the smaller section size to begin with smile Meh, sleep deprivation ftl sad

Outstanding work, jamjam!

First of all, thanks a lot for implementing DeviceIO. The new versions (0.3a+) do work for me, even on my IDE to USB adapter big_smile I've just finished my first GD-ROM dump using DCdumper (0.42a). 0.41a gave me a wrong last track even when using -i26. The 0.42a dump however matches the DB perfectly! I'm gonna submit it soon.

I have no idea if this has already been suggested, but would it be possible to put all the first pass checksums into a single file? When I dumped a disc using -i26, I had to CTRL+C it due to read errors, and I ended up with like 36.000 individual files tongue It took my computer several minutes to delete these.

Apart from that, I couldn't really find any flaws with DCdumper yet. DC dumping is almost too easy now tongue And yes, persistence does pay off:

..................:::::::::::::::: PASS 40 ::::::::::::::::..................
Reading section 1: 044990-045489 - read error.
Fake read. Retry - MATCH: ed7ef69ac65c52209c0bea3a4abc7a8f

Stupid first sectors, always giving me trouble! big_smile

Try just 'j', the second parameter is treated as a single character and passed to startstop.exe. Not handled very well at all, just a quick workaround until I can get to grips with windows api, and just use #:#:# OR drive letter.

That was the first thing I tried. Same result.

If by do it like isobuster you mean work with your drive, it might be possible. If you mean the way it dumps or does something, let me know the difference.

Hehe, all I can say is that ddump is the only dumping tool that doesn't work with my USB adapter (well, okay, neither does dcdump, obviously tongue ). CloneCD, Alcohol, IsoBuster and so on, they all work just fine.

The SH-D162D might work with partial reads past that point. The program does try reading sector ranges a lot, and the way it cycles through the sections every pass seems to help. If it's like the lite-on though, I'll handle it the same way.

No, it's not like the Lite-On. The SH162D reads sectors above 450.000 correctly, it just refuses to start reading at ~495.000+.

Suggestions and feedback welcome. Will post source at a later date.

All I get is the following error message: "Could not get handle to CD. Check input." I'm sure I've used the correct parameters ('dcdump 3:0:0 J:'). I suppose my IDE to USB adapter is to blame again... It doesn't work with ddump either. Too bad, I think this might actually be the tool I've been waiting for for years tongue The only suggestion I have is... do it more like IsoBuster (which works for me), and less like ddump tongue

My "TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C" has read errors without fail on partial ranges over 440000 initially, but after a few passes can read them.

My SH-D162D does that from ~495.000 onwards, but can't start reading above even after a few passes. I have to extract 495.000-549.150 in one go.


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Dat updated, it should be correct now ^^ not sure if it worked now because an admin changed something in the background, or because I forgot to update the dat earlier tongue

No problem, you can still use it to dump 3-track-games. Just make sure to dump track02 separately on a PC drive using EAC with offset correction (and add 352800 bytes of 0x00 to the beginning of the file afterwards). You should be able to match redump's dumps then smile

That's easy. Your dumps match dumpcast perfectly, which means that only your tracks 1 & 3 can possibly match redump (since they're identical on redump and dumpcast). Dumpcast uses a different gap layout and offset handling.

Therefore, all your tracks are missing the factory offset correction. Additionally, track02 is missing the 352800 bytes (2 seconds) pregap. Furthermore, your track05 pregap is 1 second smaller than it should be.

I don't want to imply anything, but it's completely impossible that all your other dumps matched redump, unless you used different settings for Sonic Adventure and Floigan. The fact that they match dumpcast proves that your gap handling is completely different than redump's smile


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Would it be possible to create a function that outputs GD-ROM sector locations as well? It sounds so trivial but I'm not exactly a genius at maths tongue Any help would be highly appreciated & rewarded with new Dreamcast dumps ^^

The 1st sector (#45000) is ROUGHLY at r=3.0cm, the last (#549150) at r=5.8cm smile


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If I want to preserve a game disc, I go to redump. Or toseciso. If I want to preserve a (floppy) disk, I go to SPS. For cartridges, I have to use no-intro. Truong's DB for Audio-CDs. DVDs? No idea.

I've always dreamt of an all-in-one media preservation project. Redump would be the ideal basis with its transparent verification system. Out of all the preservation projects out there, I think it has the most potential. Why not make it the ultimate place to go for preservationists of all kinds? smile


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Why not?


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Sorry, I didn't know that. I don't have any multisession discs anyway.


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Can't we just go with the noncompliant IsoBuster multisession cuesheets? I know, it's not a standard nor officially approved, but isn't it still better than not preserving these discs at all?


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Yeah, it's only visible to logged in users with dumper status (or higher). Just dump a bunch of discs and you'll gain access in no time smile Of course you can skip that if you're only interested in the datfile smile


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I don't think they belong here. You are right, they are gaming related, but where would you draw the line? You'd have to allow all kinds of movies where people play games, or movies based on games, or ...

I am personally interested in these DVDs, so I really hope we have room for this kind of stuff in a future DB ( tongue )


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Disc Preservation Project

A big YES from me!


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Hi all,

many of you probably have undumped Dreamcast games lying around. Let's finally put them to use! As you probably know, our DC dumping method is a bit more complicated than your average PS2 dumping (see … tructions/).

To disc owners: Here's the deal: If you can't or don't want to dump them yourself, send them to someone who can. Reply to this thread or PM the dumper of your choice directly. Don't worry, we'll only recommend trusted dumpers who return your discs right after dumping them!

To DC dumpers: It'd be cool to have at least one DC dumper on each continent, preferably one per major country. If you are willing to help out by dumping games, please reply or send me a PM. Let's make redump the definitive source for proper DC dumps once and for all!

Here's a preliminary list of dumpers who are willing to dump your GD-ROMs: amarok Rocknroms


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Yeah, happy holidays to everyone smile And a big thank you to all contributors - dumpers, admins, fellow mods, and especially those who have been working tirelessly on fixing stuff lately (languages, regions and other metadata). Your work is much appreciated!


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I believe fuzzball is right: … S-JPN.html. Just look very closely at the picture; that character does seem to be a ャ instead of a セ. Would make much more sense, too tongue

Edit: You can see it much better on the front cover (look at the box at the upper right corner):


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If I were you I'd stay away as far as possible from these discs... I tried to dump one of them a few months ago, nearly drove me insane.

You can't use IsoBuster here. Use ddump or CloneCD with these profiles. We need the defective sectors to be all 0x55, not 0x00. You MUST dump the disc at least twice with different drives. Some drives don't catch some of the error sectors, I don't know.

I could never get a consistent read on that disc I tried, so after countless retries I gave up. Maybe you have better luck. But be warned, it can take over a week for a single pass to finish depending on your drive...


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It says "omake" (おまけ) smile

What about the CDTV? I've seen some really strange EXE dates for that system... Is it even worth to preserve the EXE date in this case? Surely neither the disc nor the program was created in 1978 yikes