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Maddog wrote:

As we are at it, there is a similar quite likely wrong assumption about DreamOn Collection 3, probably just because DreamOn Collection 2 and 4 were bundled. On the other hand, 3 was actually given away in very limited quantities as part of the "Sega Premiere" pack.
http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2 … s-kit.html
Even Sega Retro seems to have just a copy/paste text from 2 and 4 when describing this disc. Although it could theoretically have also been bundled with DCs, the rarity of 3 compared to either 2 or 4 probably suggests that it was indeed only made for bundling with the "Premiere" press pack.

Hi, I dumped that disc back in 2010 so I can at least give you some additional information about my particular copy of the disc.

My copy of DreamOn Collection 3 came in the Dreamcast bundle I had bought at an online shop in 2003. The bundle consisted of the DC + 2 controllers + VMU, all unused. I remember that the disc came in the same cardboard box as the console in a standard clear jewel case. However, while the Dreamcast itself and the included cables and manuals etc. were brand new, the DreamOn disc obviously wasn't, as it had quite a few scratches on it. Also, it wasn't mentioned anywhere that a demo disc was included in the package, neither on the box of the Dreamcast nor in the listing on the shop's website.

So yeah, I'd say it's unlikely - at least in my case - that the disc was originally bundled with the console. I guess the shop just added whatever demo disc they had lying around to my particular package as a bonus. The "Premiere" disc you showed wasn't included, btw.


back in 2009-2010 I dumped a bunch of PC discs. I initially submitted them as 'Original' since I only had the loose discs and didn't know better at the time. However, as I recently found out, they were actually part of a compilation.

http://redump.org/disc/9384/ <-- Region should be Germany, I guess

Please change the edition for these dumps to 'GamePack 2' (or 'GamePack 2: 10 Super CD-ROM-Spiele auf 11 CD-ROMs', which is the official compilation title).

While I'm not very active in the "scene" anymore, I still hate to see false information in the DB, especially with discs I dumped myself smile

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience smile

Sorry, I dumped all my PS3 discs using a standard BD-ROM PC drive. I don't have access to a PS3 or any sort of special hardware right now, so I cannot provide the metadata for any of my dumps. You'll have to wait for someone else to verify the dump using an actual PS3 or something.


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The upside? 1. Consistency, both internally (see the various Swedish DB entries I've mentioned earlier, for example -- it's all just completely inconsistent right now) and externally (with the rest of the world going by these rules). 2. In case of German, it doesn't break grammaticality (having verbs/adjectives in upper case is just grammatically wrong; furthermore, certain words have different meanings in upper case vs. lower case).

The downside? 1. requires you to have some very basic knowledge of the language (to be able to tell what's a proper noun, for instance). 2. requires you to think. 3. no-intro does it differently. 4. it doesn't look as uniform as having one style for all languages

As I see it, it's not going to happen. Well, sorry for "taking over" your topic, Read Only. I was asked to state my opinion, which I did. What you do with it is up to you (I'm talking to the "higher-ups" here tongue ). I still think the upside is more important than the downside here. But it's really not that big a deal anyway.


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AFAIK this is specific to German (and Luxembourgish, which isn't really that important for redump tongue )

Anyway, I think we shouldn't follow the one-size-fits-all approach of No-Intro but rather go with the various language-specific title capitalization conventions (as mentioned above).


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Correct me if I'm wrong but English grammar never had such a capitalization rule. This is a capitalization convention based on a certain tradition specific to titles, it is unrelated to proper grammar.

I wasn't speaking about English in general, only titles. And I have never said that these "rules" apply to anything aside from titles. You're absolutely right, this isn't a fixed set of rules -- it's more like guidelines people have agreed on over the time (that's why I put the quotation marks around the word "rules" in my last post...). In fact, it would be just as correct if we just used regular English sentence capitalization (referred to as "sentence case" here). Either variant is perfectly fine. But I don't think that anyone on this project would want to switch to sentence case...

English capitalization grammar is the same as the one of any Germanic or Latin language as far as I know : the first letter of the first word of a sentence if capitalized, as are the first letter of proper nouns, and that's it.

German would be a counter-example. We capitalize all nouns.


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Well, okay.

I just think the No-Intro standard is a bit "lazy" when it comes to capitalization. Their naming convention says that "all common names, adjectives and verbs should be uppercased. Articles and link words should be lowercased except when first word." That's fine for English titles, but most (if not all) languages have totally different capitalization "rules".

Take German, for example. In German, adjectives and verbs are written in lower case. If we followed the No-Intro guidelines strictly, we'd have to change many titles. For example, "007: Die Welt ist nicht genug" would be "007: Die Welt Ist Nicht Genug"; "   
LEGO Insel 2: Der Steinbrecher kehrt zurück" would be "LEGO Insel 2: Der Steinbrecher Kehrt Zurück"; "Die Stadt der verlorenen Kinder" would be "Die Stadt der Verlorenen Kinder". These are just a few random examples. For me as a German this looks just wrong tongue

Other languages have different rules. In many languages, you don't capitalize anything unless it's a common name, is the first word of a sentence or capitalized to look more stylish. An example for such a language is Swedish. Currently, the database is quite inconsistent:

In "Disney's Atlantis: En Försvunnen Värld", for example, every word is capitalized. "Harry Potter och fången från Azkaban", on the other hand, follows the rule to only capitalize the common names "Harry Potter" and "Azkaban". "Vem vill bli Miljonär" follows the German capitalization rules for some reason (the verbs "vill" and "bli" being lower case, the noun "miljonär" upper case).

The correct spelling for these examples is "Disney's Atlantis: En försvunnen värld"; "Harry Potter och fången från Azkaban";  "Vem vill bli miljonär". The No-Intro spelling would be "Disney's Atlantis: En Försvunnen Värld"; "Harry Potter och Fången Från ; Azkaban"; "Vem Vill Bli Miljonär".

We have the same problem with other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and so on. As for French, the situation is a bit more tricky. There are several valid capitalization schemes, so we'd have to decide on one (I'd propose the one MusicBrainz uses).

When I was a mod, I always tried to go with these language-specific rules (as stated by the redump dumping guide: "For capitalization standard we are using, see MusicBrainz"). Other mods regularly edited many of my entries. Maybe they thought it looks better to have everything in upper case, I don't know. As I said, I'd propose to go with the correct rules for each language, even if it's not consistent with the No-Intro guidelines.

The reason I edited my response was that this is really not that big a deal. I didn't want to sound like a maniac for obsessing about such a minor problem tongue Well, too late for that, I guess tongue


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(deleted my initial response; I think I'm giving this too much thought...)


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Wait, do these fixes follow any "official" capitalization standard? I understand there are several possibilities in French (see http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Language/French; http://french.about.com/library/writing … titles.htm), but it seems you simply use the English capitalization rules (lower case prepositions, conjunctions, articles; everything else upper case).

On a general note, redump is currently very inconsistent with French, Spanish, Swedish, ... capitalization. I'd really like to see an official statement on whether we should follow language-specific capitalization rules (which seems to work great for German titles atm) or simply force the English rules on every other language (which I think is stupid, to be honest).

http://www.share-online.biz/dl/R9WU66ENH7 big_smile


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I usually do this, Nexy, so probably there wasn't a barcode on my box or it was covered by a sticker, I don't remember... As I said, I can't check the box at the moment (I moved and it's still at my old place).

I'm quite sure there are a couple of people who have the dump, so maybe one of them could language check it again.

To sum up, I'm confident that the edition should be Original; as for the languages or region, I can't make any definite statement right now sad


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I don't have access to the disc at the moment (nor the dump), so I can't language check it. But I do know my disc is in exactly this box: http://ogdb.eu/index.php?section=game&gameid=41539. So unless the person I got it from took a White Label disc and put it into the original edition's box, I'm quite sure the edition should stay Original smile

I have no idea why the barcode on OGDB is different; maybe it's the box barcode and I missed it when I dumped the disc.


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http://redump.org/disc/18723    L 401    IFPI 6820
http://redump.org/disc/18727    L 401    IFPI 6810
http://redump.org/disc/18750    L 401

I've double-checked these discs, the rings are absolutely correct (i.e., as they appear on the disc). Not sure if L 401 is supposed to be the mastering SID code, though. It's written much smaller than the rest of the ring and in a different position, so I assume it has nothing to do with the mastering code. Sorry, I can't provide a picture, my camera doesn't catch letters this small smile

I can add a flag to let you dump between any two sector ranges, will it be useful though?

Yes, please, that's exactly what I need big_smile

Data tracks are aligned because the drive does it automatically, what you suggest is to dump as audio, then descramble + align in software.

Nope, I'd skip the whole trap disc part for PC discs, of course. All I'm interested in is DCdumper's re-reading ability big_smile

BTW I will get round eventually to a 0.43a with some additions, been busy.

Looking forward to it big_smile

Hm. No, the Samsung doesn't overread, but I thought this isn't a problem for data-only discs? I don't want to dump any audio tracks using DCdumper, just plain old 1 data track discs ^^ I thought we don't have to worry about overreading, offsets etc. in this case.

I've successfully used DCdumper on 3 previously undumpable discs so far. I have another 4 or 5 discs which are obviously too damaged, but I'll continue trying ^^ Just thought I'd let you know that your work is much appreciated, jamjam big_smile

I think DCdumper could be useful for some of my problematic PC CDs, too. Would it be possible for you to implement a CD dumping mode? When enabled, DCdumper should dump from sector 0 all the way to the end of the disc, instead of always 44990-549150. All I'd need is a parameter to specify the number of sectors on the disc, or (ideally) have DCdumper look it up on its own.

Ah, I see. Well, I'm using 500 sectors per section for now, so it's not that big a problem anymore.

But I've already got another idea tongue Could you make section size variable? I mean, imagine I'm trying to dump a disc using sections of 500 sectors each, which fails repeatedly. Dumping the same range with sections of 250 (or 100, or 50, ...) blocks each however works fine. Would it be possible to tell the program to automatically switch to a lower section size once it reaches a certain number of mismatches? For example, if I try to dump a disc with -p50 -i500, I want the program to continue with, say, -i100 once the 50 passes are over instead of just aborting the whole process.

Well, thinking about it, that sounds even more difficult to implement tongue

EDIT: Okay, forget it tongue This idea is crap; I could just use the smaller section size to begin with smile Meh, sleep deprivation ftl sad

Outstanding work, jamjam!

First of all, thanks a lot for implementing DeviceIO. The new versions (0.3a+) do work for me, even on my IDE to USB adapter big_smile I've just finished my first GD-ROM dump using DCdumper (0.42a). 0.41a gave me a wrong last track even when using -i26. The 0.42a dump however matches the DB perfectly! I'm gonna submit it soon.

I have no idea if this has already been suggested, but would it be possible to put all the first pass checksums into a single file? When I dumped a disc using -i26, I had to CTRL+C it due to read errors, and I ended up with like 36.000 individual files tongue It took my computer several minutes to delete these.

Apart from that, I couldn't really find any flaws with DCdumper yet. DC dumping is almost too easy now tongue And yes, persistence does pay off:

..................:::::::::::::::: PASS 40 ::::::::::::::::..................
Reading section 1: 044990-045489 - read error.
Fake read. Retry - MATCH: ed7ef69ac65c52209c0bea3a4abc7a8f

Stupid first sectors, always giving me trouble! big_smile

Try just 'j', the second parameter is treated as a single character and passed to startstop.exe. Not handled very well at all, just a quick workaround until I can get to grips with windows api, and just use #:#:# OR drive letter.

That was the first thing I tried. Same result.

If by do it like isobuster you mean work with your drive, it might be possible. If you mean the way it dumps or does something, let me know the difference.

Hehe, all I can say is that ddump is the only dumping tool that doesn't work with my USB adapter (well, okay, neither does dcdump, obviously tongue ). CloneCD, Alcohol, IsoBuster and so on, they all work just fine.

The SH-D162D might work with partial reads past that point. The program does try reading sector ranges a lot, and the way it cycles through the sections every pass seems to help. If it's like the lite-on though, I'll handle it the same way.

No, it's not like the Lite-On. The SH162D reads sectors above 450.000 correctly, it just refuses to start reading at ~495.000+.

Suggestions and feedback welcome. Will post source at a later date.

All I get is the following error message: "Could not get handle to CD. Check input." I'm sure I've used the correct parameters ('dcdump 3:0:0 J:'). I suppose my IDE to USB adapter is to blame again... It doesn't work with ddump either. Too bad, I think this might actually be the tool I've been waiting for for years tongue The only suggestion I have is... do it more like IsoBuster (which works for me), and less like ddump tongue

My "TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C" has read errors without fail on partial ranges over 440000 initially, but after a few passes can read them.

My SH-D162D does that from ~495.000 onwards, but can't start reading above even after a few passes. I have to extract 495.000-549.150 in one go.


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Dat updated, it should be correct now ^^ not sure if it worked now because an admin changed something in the background, or because I forgot to update the dat earlier tongue

No problem, you can still use it to dump 3-track-games. Just make sure to dump track02 separately on a PC drive using EAC with offset correction (and add 352800 bytes of 0x00 to the beginning of the file afterwards). You should be able to match redump's dumps then smile

That's easy. Your dumps match dumpcast perfectly, which means that only your tracks 1 & 3 can possibly match redump (since they're identical on redump and dumpcast). Dumpcast uses a different gap layout and offset handling.

Therefore, all your tracks are missing the factory offset correction. Additionally, track02 is missing the 352800 bytes (2 seconds) pregap. Furthermore, your track05 pregap is 1 second smaller than it should be.

I don't want to imply anything, but it's completely impossible that all your other dumps matched redump, unless you used different settings for Sonic Adventure and Floigan. The fact that they match dumpcast proves that your gap handling is completely different than redump's smile

I've brought this up before (several times -.-). We finally need a definite decision on how to deal with these disc titles neutral

Also, if you have a look at http://redump.org/discs/system/dc/title/biohazard, can anyone explain why we have "Biohazard: Code: Veronica" with Genteiban as edition, and "Biohazard: Code: Veronica: Kanzenban" with Original as edition? Does anyone know in which cases we put these -ban things into the title or edition field?


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Would it be possible to create a function that outputs GD-ROM sector locations as well? It sounds so trivial but I'm not exactly a genius at maths tongue Any help would be highly appreciated & rewarded with new Dreamcast dumps ^^

The 1st sector (#45000) is ROUGHLY at r=3.0cm, the last (#549150) at r=5.8cm smile