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Sup all.

I dumped my personal copy of Final Fantasy IX and while I was in the middle of dumping one of the discs using XEBRA's built in disc ripper, I think I might have accidentally let my PC go into sleep mode so the disc didn't finish dumping properly. I wanted to check this disc, and the rest of the discs that I have dumped to put my mind at ease that I did indeed, without a fathom of a doubt, dump each disc properly.

I understand that the SFV, MD5, and SHA1 files are somehow involved in this and I assume I need some kind of program that will use those files, but I would like a reccomendation of what users on this site use and how I would use that program step-bystep (and please, no programs that are bundled with offers to install spyware or any other crap on my pc, I hate that garbage.)


EDIT: Looked through the sticky topic entitled "Tools of the Trade" and found a program called HashCalc. Is this the program I will need?

I am trying to create proper dumps of Final Fantasy VII and VIII using the guide on this site, as XEBRA, my usual method to dump PSX games, cannot dump these two games.

Thankfully, neither game has audio tracks (Man that would suck having to do all those extra steps), however, I have a few questions.

1. I did not see any options to change the speed at which the data track is read in ISObuster. Do I need to change it and if so, where can I locate it?

2. I am given an ISO file as an output, but I do not want an ISO file, I want a BIN file (With a downloaded CUE from this site). Is it safe to rename the extension from .iso to .bin? Is there an option to change the output file to a BIN file?

3. Can opening a PSX disk in windows explorer and looking at the files and folders inside the disc cause any permanent damage to the disc?