And what about disc images like: … on-needed/ that are country specific, but the game itself is in english language?

Good news everyone.
Persona 2: Tsumi translation is out. You can download it Here.

Now if only someone could contact with OneVurfedGwrx, and ask him for Persona 2 - Tsumi (J) (v1.1) [SLPS-91211] fix patches, for all of us ;_;


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ssjkakaroto wrote:

I compiled p7zip 4.53 on a OpenBSD system (Pentium III 800MHz), used "touch -t 197912310900.00" on the file and compressed it with "7za a file.7z file.ecm"; then I used packiso on a WinXP SP3 system (AMD Sempron 3000+) on the same file.
Though the 7z size was the same on both machines, their md5 was different.

It's a shame that the guys who did torrentzip have no intention of doing a torrent7z...

The problem probably is with time stamp and file atributes, as rmdtrasht.exe set the date to 1980/01/01 01:00.00 (i think it's (GMt) Greenwitch Mean Time) and removes all file atributes. Of course date must be set for: created, modified and accessed time stamps.