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Not Really sure what the problem is but on the newer version of this including the test version it errors out on dumping discs for me, but older version do work.

LBA[268743, 0x419c7]: [F:GetLBAForSubChannelOffset][L:58]
        Opcode: 0xbe
        ScsiStatus: 0x02 = CHECK_CONDITION
lpCmd: be, 04, 00, 04, 19, c7, 00, 00, 01, f8, 04, 00
dwBufSize: 2448
Checking SubQ adr (Track)  1/ 1
Checking SubRtoW (Track)  1/ 1
Reading DirectoryRecord    5/   5

Set OpCode: 0xbe, SubCode: 1(Raw)
Checking SubQ ctl (Track)  1/ 1
[F:ProcessReadCD][L:1462] GetLastError: 87, The parameter is incorrect.

Please wait for 40000 milliseconds until the device is returned


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Haldrie wrote:

Basically I'm going to the select menu on my custom firmware and changing the USB Device to UMD Disc and when I go to the drive on my computer I get an ISO file. I tried running the dumper that is listed on the forums but even with Time Machine installed I can't seem to get it to run to see if the dump from USB is the same as from that program.

The from usb option usually produces 2kb under-dumps, you should use pspfiler6.0 to make psp dumps, but it can only rip it to the memory stick, (and has a confusing menu system at first)
The specified software in the howto section is way outdated btw....

pepsidrinker wrote:

Here is a tip, the game might have a larger pre-gap then 2 seconds dump track 01 with isobuster then use cd-mage to check for errors.

read my post here...

http://forum.redump.org/topic/2564/poss … ames-help/

how many errors at the end of track 01 gives in cd-mage might possibly be the real pre-gap if it's not 2 seconds.

Thanks for your suggestion but it would appear that it is truly a 2 second pregap... I might give up on this disc for awhile and come back to it later...

hrm when I try to go back 149 + 1  I get this message

Device reported Error code : 05/64/00

Just did a surface scan in isobuster, that one sector is comming up as unreadable in my laptop... im about to give up on this bloody game X(

SoulReever wrote:

What does the accurterip list show your drive offset as? It could just be the offset is too low.

on my desktop machine its +6
on my laptop im pretty sure its +667
so yeah it should work on my laptop

nrl_quaker wrote:

hi. wellcome to redump. eac has a bug with 2 track discs. you have to add pregap manually.
try to go back 150 sectors.

to add pregap manually you have to:
psxt001z.exe --gen pregap.bin 352800 (if pregap is 2sec)
copy /b pregap.bin+Track02.bin NewTrack02.bin

Okay I will try that, Thanks I didn't know EAC had a problem with 2 track discs...

SoulReever wrote:

ack, nrl_quaker beat me to it. tongue

There is a pregap and Isobuster should find it if you go back -150 sectors from the start of track 2. If you still get all 0000's, try another drive since not all drives can correctly read raw audio (my >1 year-old Lite-ON couldn't).

Also thanks, Will try on my laptops drive once I get a os reinstalled because I was getting all zeros like you said 150 back. Thanks for the help, Much appreciated smile

I just recently found and bought a copy of Tail Concerto so I figured I would dump it so it could be added to the redump database...

Now the problem is it has 1 data track and only one audio track (Which appears to be just padding btw) which has no pregap... (Image in EAC of no pregap) So im confused because the CD dumping guide assumes that the audio track would have a pregap...
Do I still take any thing off the data tracks' end or do I just run it through psxtoolz? And how would I go about ripping the audio track seeing as it has no pregap I have no clue how many sectors to go back to check for the read offset?!?!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?