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hmm, i dont see any "Star Wars - Racer Revenge" dumps in the database

It's not a RIFF header problem, all the tracks there have a riff header and since other tracks match it can not be the reason.
And since the last track has many zero'ed data in the end there should be everything okay, dunno what the problem is.

Maybe it is better you upload your track somewhere to check the differences(?)

I've checked this track and it should have a RIFF header in  the beginning

52 49 46 46 C8 4E F1 02 57 41 56 45 66 6D 74 20   RIFFÈNñ.WAVEfmt 
10 00 00 00 01 00 02 00 44 AC 00 00 10 B1 02 00   ........D¬...±..
04 00 10 00 64 61 74 61 A4 4E F1 02 00 00 00 00   ....data¤Nñ.....

if it can't overread into lead-out there could be a problem since it has to overread into lead-out +20 with this disc & drive

you can use an over drive with smaller read offset to dump the last track


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(v1.0) or  (v1.1) can be indicated by time stamps


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I agree, there are no clues that the other image is no fake (except it  is a demo version)

Of my knowledge DVD MDF files do not contain some extra information, this is why it should be not all too difficult to change it.

The only thing needed is the encryption key

sorry, it was directed to RetroGamer

RetroGamer, you don't have to decrypt it !!!

Just unlock the drive, see post2 ^^

We can't store the KEY, but all the user data on DVD can be read out !!!


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so probably this game was imported from France, why not to name it (France) because its the source where they taken it

p.s. whats the reason to all this topic splits?


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gigadeath wrote:

1) if we change it to (Europe) (Fr) then we should change to (Europe) (De) all the German language games which were distributed in Germany AND Austria.

Austria and Switzerland don't distribute any games them self, they import games from Germany !!!
I do not understand the whole excitement because of this naming, it's all in the right form like it is.

p.s. what's the internal serial of this DBZ game? Are you sure the Spanish release does not match the France one?


3/4 raw = 3 samples


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yeah, you can post it or not, its your free choice ,)

this IFPI code (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) is indeed not the actual ring code from the disc pressing factory, but it is an IFPI of the disc slice pressing fastory (plastic thing), it has nothing to say, but the guys decided to add it to the database

user7 wrote:

a single file is obviously much more manageable

not really, and if you wanna dump the disc as a single image you would need to dump it scrambled

user7 wrote:

you dont need to deal with the issue of gap accuracy which may result in mismatching file checksums for the same disc

there are no issue, and file checksums for the same disc arent different !!!

is mounting of multiple images possible? *rolleyes* dont see any sense in it tongue

F1ReB4LL wrote:

I've just named 2 titles, where this 'method' doesn't give a proper result (experienced users will get the wrong result as well).

F1ReB4LL, if you can calculate the last used data sector + add the postgap, you will see that there exactly 151 sectors pregap for "Gale Racer" and 152 sectors pregap for "Gunbird" Track02, and that without any sub analysis !!!

Haldrie wrote:

The best way to tell what the gap is for these discs is to count how many sectors you had to go back from the start of track 2 until you saw the garbage data. If you went back 150 sectors then it's a 2 second gap, 225 sectors then 3 seconds, ect...

This way can be used, but by experience users.


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I fully agree Haldrie smile

okay, thx smile

can we add you as dumper to previews posted links?

and did you dump "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2" ?

we can only fix thus games if you did a redump of them

Ok, will do in the future and I checked back over my past dumps and luckily, none of them should have had GH in the serial. But, all the Greatest Hits versions in the database that are listed below should all have 'GH' added to their serial:
How do you know that? I don't see you in the dumpers list. Not all Greatest Hits have GH in the disc serial.

Just out of curiosity, what make the Tomb Raider Revelation listed here 'v1.1'?
There are other version of this game, and this one would marked already as v1.1 because of knowing of existing an other one.

I don't know if there's a method for determining the v.# that I should be doing. smile
You don't need to care about, serials will be set by Mods.


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Jackal wrote:

Willkommen smile and lol @ 'the robot guy'

lol, and a lol back to you big_smile

there were many different things:

- http://forum.redump.org/topic/4634/

- http://forum.redump.org/topic/4400/

- and more about his "dumps" was discussed in IRC as well

If they were pnz's dumps, they were temporary removed/hidden


Here is the games which were hidden for now:
except for the 4 titles he did verifies


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maybe your burning tool does not fully support our cue stile (?)

try to make a single image - mount the redump cue and create a new image from it, and burn the output again.