Arhi they must be from an other region, the actual UK discs with these numbers were dumped lately.

Do you remember where you have bought them? Is it maybe Russian releases?
Would be great if you can make some scans.


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yeah, this dumping method is protected by a patent  lol

please do not use write offset from high density area on low density tracks !

these two areas were mastered on different ways, probably on the same machine but "maybe" with 2 different offsets.

determine the write offset from low density area using the standard cd dumping guide, and dont care about high density offset, ICE is shifting it automatically to the correct position.

Hmm, somehow it reminds me of revision stuff, probably they didn't change any game relevant data and that's why version number has not been changed (?)

I would say, check other alt. versions, and if they are similar to this, name them (Rev. X), in this case it would be (Rev. A)


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yeah, its a little bit messy but it works smile


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when the last 20 samples of LG dump are different to other tracks (zeroed), then you will have to copy them over


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EAC has had cut these negative offset corrections, use the track from LG as a main one,
then add zeroed missing samples to the other two tracks and compare the END only from all three tracks,
they should match! If so, then LG track is correct and you just need to add a pregap to its beginning!

okay, nice, there IS your difference wink

please continue the discussion in the other topic now...

okay, we can put it inside of TRACKER section for now, so only registered users with dumper status have access to it

and YES to your question (WAVE4 only, WAVE3 is already mentioned)

I've put the old description online again

But we need a better layout for that, if you can, post your guide inside, we will then try to find a way for a nice description together  smile

i have no info now about WAVE5, but i may download L4D2 and get it from there.


amarok wrote:

One question that remains is how to distinguish WAVE3 from WAVE4

I think there is a way how to do that if you still have some discs with WAVE3 & 4 ? We would need to check the visible partition sizes, they may be slowly different in size !?

amarok wrote:

Is the XBC method better?

not really, better use isobuster method.

if you want to write a dumping guide please do so, i have no time for that, i may correct or put some additional info afterward.

amarok, are you going the non-isobuster way? i guess you are using XBC (?)

ahh, firmware limitations (and chip set differences)

amarok wrote:

I didn't know that

I didn't tell you, that's the reason ,)

amarok wrote:

Do you know what sets these drives apart so they can read these discs?

Well, they have to be taken apart, yes! There are some different reasons why that has to be done. And using these drives is much more work (and more complicated) than using a Samsung drive with a hacked firmware -> Kreon.

To be exactly all drives, which are working for Dreamcast dumping, can be used here also (with a little exception that they can not be used to read SS sector data, but DMI & PFI can be read out)

Devcon wrote:

it's there any way to filter only the dics i'm missing?<system>/<system>/


I guess filter options are very limited, for more info you would need to ask Dremora

You can bookmark everything you need for faster access, however  smile

Devcon wrote:

Are they changed to 'Miss' automatically for all the users?

It would be nice, but not available ATM


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could you also post the first sector contents?

yes, i was just pointing to incorrection

I don't believe dat file generator uses UTF-8 encoding, it would be a mess when you think about all the other countries and languages which aren't "familiar" (have more signs) with a simple English alphabet !

some ppl have complained this before, so it seems not to be supported by Win7.

try other ways, like resizing manually with a hed editor, or use isobuster and extract an amount of sectors like you need -> so if your current extracted image is 300150 sectors 4ex. and the pregap is 150 sectors (2 secs.) then extract 150 sectors less = 300000 (length)

but when you go manually ways try to do it carefully !


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It's probably a bad mastered disc, it doesn't mean fatal errors, and when your twice dumped info is equal then there is no problem, just submit your dumping data  smile


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Well, to set Europe + USA to World should not be a problem as they cover both PAL + NTSC, as it is how we gonna now to merge them for other systems when two releases match. Japanese release would be anyway different and have own Japan tag.

btw. why not to create a new (Japusa) region  lol

Discovered something funny in the last track of this disc which should usually match other last dummy tracks of this series.

Here is what it contains in the last sector

0010 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................
0020 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 0D 0A 0D 0A   ................
0030 : 0D 0A 0D 0A 0D 0A 0D 0A  09 20 20 42 4F 4C 4C 4F   .........  BOLLO
0040 : 43 4B 53 20 41 4E 44 20  53 48 49 54 45 21 00 00   CKS AND SHITE!..

lol  lol  lol


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okay okay, i will up it tomorrow, i promise  roll


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Actually, you should check:
- if there is data BEFORE the 1st track when it begins with "non zero'ed" samples
- and if there is data AFTER the last track when the last track ends with "non zero'ed" samples