>But aren't they only created by EAC for CDs containing audio tracks?
sure, EAC is useless for data track images only wink

>How do I get them for CDs with only a data track?
If you wanna use IsoBuster, then do right click on "CD" -> "Extract CD <image>" and after extraction it will ask you for CUE creation, or you can look for DATA TYPE in: Track01 -> Properties -> Advanced -> there you will see Mode1 or Mode2

>and got different gaps for every drive and extraction mode!
- Gap detection Method A only, nothing else, other methods are in most cases inaccurate !!!
- Detection accuracy: secure, before gap detection set drive read speed to slowest speed !!!

CUE sheets are indeed needed !!!
They contain information to data type

Rocknroms, concerning post 38, my dumps where fixed you can remove that nfo, and you can also update the first post with subs

problems with pregap detection in perfectrip:

ClockWerx (J) (Track 06) http://redump.org/disc/5088/
King of Fighters '96, The (J) (Track 13) http://redump.org/disc/5250/
Thunderhawk 2 - Firestorm (G) (Track 07) http://redump.org/disc/5194/

subs repost:

http://redump.org/disc/5088/   perfectrip
http://redump.org/disc/5250/   perfectrip
http://redump.org/disc/5194/   perfectrip
http://redump.org/disc/5196/   perfectrip
http://redump.org/disc/4892/   perfectrip

okay, i will use PX-760A to read the subs out, but which tool is the best for it?

i did the subs not with PX-760A, i did them with an other LG drive, this maybe be the reason,

but it does not mean that "all his dumps are suspicious now"

I know, but they are lazy roll

you should read Offset detection using the D8 read command topic

but i will simple tell you what is to do:

- you count first all shown lines 139.75 x 4 = +559 (that was correct)

- by FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000182026200, you have to go back 2 full sectors -> 2 * (-588) = -1176
- by FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000182016200, you have to go back 1 full sector -> 1 * (-588) = -588
- by FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000182006200, you have only to count the lines
- by FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000181746200, you have to go forward 1 full sector -> 1 * (+588) = +588
- by FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000181736200, you have to go forward 2 full sectors -> 2 * (+588) = +1176

in your case you have also +559 samples from lines and -1176 from header = -617 (combined offset, that you will need for EAC correction or (-1) * (-617) = +617 if you wanna use it in perfectrip)

for factory write offset just substrate "drive offset" from "combined offset" = -617 - (+30) = -647 (needed for db)

that's all !!!
happy dumping now !!!

eeek wrote:

Another question is that when I use ISObuster it always dump as .iso how can I get it to dump as .bin or can I just change the extension manually?

Of cause, you can change extension manually to *.bin
By default IsoBuster should extract raw cd images to *.bin, and dvd images to *.tao
If you are sure that you extracting your image in raw (2352), than check this settings:


Moreover, you should set timestamps as follows:



Lite-On LH-18A1H
Lite-On SOHD-167T
Plextor PX-W4824TA
Samsung TSSTCorp SH-D162C
Samsung TSSTCorp SH-D162D
Lite-On LTD-165H
Lite-On SOHD-16P9S
Plextor PX-708A
Plextor PX-755SA
Plextor PX-W4824TU
TSSTCorp TS-H353A, TS-H352C, TS-H192C ???

Note: If it doesn't work after some retries, then first read ahead a bit (sector 60.000-x) and then (re)try normal range again. Or try to remove the cover.

If you have any supported/unsupported drives, let us know and they will be added to the list!

ASUS CRW-5224A (axisleon)
ASUS DRW-24B1ST a (Enker)
LG BD-RE GGW-H20L (Teancum)
LG CED-8120B (iR0b0t)
LG GCC4482B (Enker)
LG GDR-8164B (iR0b0t, Rocknroms)
LG GSA-H10N (Enker)
LG GSA-H42L (iR0b0t)
Lite-On iHAS324-32 B (axisleon)
Lite-On iHBS112 2 (Enker)
Lite-On iHDP118 4 (Enker)
Pioneer DVD-129P (axisleon)
Pioneer DVR-103 (iR0b0t)
Pioneer DVR-111 (axisleon)
Pioneer DVR-216 (axisleon)
Plextor PX-116A (axisleon)
Plextor PX-760A (iR0b0t, Rocknroms, Jackal)
SONY CRX140S (axisleon)
SONY CRX230E (nrl_quaker)
TEAC CD-532S (axisleon)
Toshiba SD-M1502 (iR0b0t)
Lite-On COMBO SOHC-5236V (axisleon)
NEC ND-4550A (nrl_quaker)
Samsung TSSTcorp SH-S202J (nrl_quaker)


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I think it's a PCE topic? big_smile


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Nologic wrote:

till they decided to be lazy, followed by pissing in my coffee.

lol I must laugh, sorry!

Nologic wrote:

Well the ring couldn't that be compensated by an overly large pregap?

I do not think it is a good idea, the original disc has no gap between LOW and HIGH density areas, we have to dump them properly and have to find an other solution.

Nologic wrote:

It would be nice to archive my dumps as single images with a cue sheet.

You can just parse all single images together, and create GDI to CUE converter, and add instead of ring area a pregap to the first high density data track, but only to your private copies after you did dump them on the right way wink

Nologic wrote:

Anyways I guess we'll see what I can cook up.

Hopefully it will taste to all of us tongue

I don't know the reason for adding postgaps,
but some people think it would be better to have EDC data in their PSX images,
I just think if the original disc works perfectly without EDC why also to add it afterward ?


if you look at it closer:

psxt001z by Dremora, v0.21 beta 1

File: Track 01.bin
Size (bytes):   680732304 <-- 2 seconds postgap were added
From image:     680379504 <-- original dump size
Size (sectors): 289427
From image:     289277
EDC in Form 2 sectors: YES <-- probably it was modified in CDmage to become EDC data !!!
ID: SLUS-00170
Date: 1996-03-07
System area: US EDC

thus is nothing unusual for sprayed p2p images

here are the subs, if you wanna more let me know

http://redump.org/disc/5088/ SUB
http://redump.org/disc/4892/ SUB
http://redump.org/disc/5196/ SUB
http://redump.org/disc/5194/ SUB

here is SUB for KoF96 if required

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Try to redump ClockWerx, verify KoF'96 and check those PAL titles.

I will do it if my hardware permissible it, have a patience, and does not remind me every day for it tongue


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themabus wrote:

sounds like a good idea

Yes, but there are contras:

- If you make a "quick search" you will find no results! (because of no "Demo" / "Taikenban" in name field)
- DAT will looks like -> "Devil May Cry (E) (Demo) [SLED-50359]" (that's not very nice)
- Possible demo discs with different versions, how to add them then?

...and maybe we will find more contras.


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Games they are not heavy protected (protection that uses subchannels) are welcome.

Follows can be easily dumped, games with:
- CD-Checks only
- LaserLok / LaserLock (mastering errors in LASERLOK folder area, i believe in the beginning of the disc)
- CopyLok / CodeLok (protected EXE)
- SafeDisc (mastering errors in the beginning, mostly from sector 800 till 10000)
- Ring PROTECH / Ring PROTECH +  (mastering errors, in the end of the disc, many unreadable sectors, sector after sector, ca. 3500)
- Some SecuROM protected discs (1 error'ed sector in the end + subchannels), it is better to wait with dumping them!!!

Taboo protections are:
- StarForce all versions
- SecuROM discs they need subchannel data (.SUB) to run
- ...all the other protections they use subchannel data


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okay, i agree smile


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Rocknroms wrote:

No, because it's part of the title; it's not the print edition, but the game edition.

yes, but it is not really a part of the official game title! and should be separated from it!

i think the better solution is to set it in braces like "demos" and other "...ban" editions


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nrl_quaker wrote:

remove from the title and move to edition

hmm, i don't think it's a good idea, how want you to recognize then in the dat, whether it is a demo disc or a full version?

Rocknroms wrote:

If the game is different from a regular edition or if a regular edition doesn't exist it should be part of the title.

would it not be better to be put this in the braces?


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Rocknroms wrote:

If special or promo or else matches regular it has to be removed from title.

Just a note: "And has to be added to edition also" tongue


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nrl_quaker wrote:

I think it's a good idea to move all demos\bans to edition.

Move(remove) or add in addition ?

To add them to edition can also not be wrong


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There is no reason not to keep DC section.
Some dumpers here, have DC games (including me, tossEAC, Rocknroms, NiK0tiN, ...),
but need some experience/praxis in dumping dreamcast games.

okay, but i think it could be useful because of existing SECUROM folder and sector