Nobunaga has typo

Great! This is the only "Welcome to PlayStation 3" disc I couldn't extract the BD protection information for. I wonder if you could give it a try? Instructions are here:

Both Discs and Downloads are too long, but Downloads is the most problematic.

It's input device and browser specific, but in certain configurations it is too easy for the menu to disappear after you've clicked on a download, or if you move off the edge of the menu accidentally while scrolling down. So you have to scroll all the way back up to make it appear again, and be careful when you scroll back down.

A sub page for discs and downloads would be more accessibility friendly.

Examples on Surface Pro Win 10:

Microsoft Edge, Touch Screen: Impossible to use menu
Microsoft Edge, Mouse: Need to keep mouse within popup menu otherwise it disappears
Chrome, Touch Screen: Menu sticks now matter where you press or drag, this is actually the most usable
Chrome, Mouse: Same as Edge, Mouse

I think this one needs the DreamWorks prefix.

Ninkū: Tsuyokina Yatsura no Daigekitotsu!

'ū' should not be used in the dat.


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Thanks to iRobot for bringing the site back up.

As Jackal said, thousands of volunteer hours have gone into making this database.

A rough low estimate of 1h per dump (acquisition, dumping, language check, submission) means that I've personally spent a year, 40h/week dumping games.

Between all the dumpers, admins and moderators, this database has millions of dollars worth of time spent on it.

That's a database worthy of a solid backup plan.


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I think this fix *might be* built-in for L/CFW 6.39ME v9.7 and L/CFW 6.60ME v1.6.  But that's just a guess based on the change log (for 6.60ME v1.6).

    Change CPU clock from 199/99 to 200/100.;
    Update VshMenu. Now you can use translate text.
    Fixed a ISO size when dump it through USB in XMB.

The timeline of the plugin release and ME custom firmware release makes sense, and neur0n developed both the plugin and ME custom firmware.  I haven't tested any of this...

Do you need more info from me?  I know my description is probably confusing...

I noticed I had submitted the wrong ssrange for the GOTY edition:
ssrange: 110336-114431

I'm actually curious to know if tossEAC's disc is 110336-114431 (and didn't notice my mistake) or if it's really 108976-113071.

Anyway, after redumping the regular edition with minesweeper, with correct ssrange, I found out that the regular edition matches the GOTY disc 1.  Here are the corrections for the regular edition disc:
CRC-32: 67a44b16
MD5: 48caef5459a2b2bda688455f52b8aff8
SHA-1: 25257b3e72aa3c0f9a73410fffd204c7be509306
ssrange: 110336-114431
dmi,pfi,ss are correct

So these 2 discs should be merged together...

Every game released in the USA has now been dumped (minus alternate revisions and demos).  Congratulations, and thank you to everyone that helped achieve this significant milestone!

The following games are still missing:

Castleween / Spirits and Spells
Disney Sports Football
Disney's Party
Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure
WWE WrestleMania XIX

The newest releases are now requiring the v3.21 firmware sad

Another update.  I've made changes to the game list, see the comments at the top of the xml for details.  The number of undumped USA games is getting smaller!

I'll be able to dump many of the missing games, but not that one.  So in case anyone was waiting for me to dump it, stop waiting!

To quote the naming convention:

2.1.7 Trademark Reminders
Trademark reminders such as “Disney’s” are not included in the title usually. They are only included if they are relevant or part of the title (ex. “Disney Sports”).
Also generally original artists or authors are not removed from titles (ex. “Mary Shelley’s Dracula, “Archer McLean’s Dropzone).

My vote would be to take out the Disney, Disney/Pixar prefixes.  If you look at no-intro's DS and GBA dats, they do not have them in the title for games like Cars, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, etc.


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The scene releases seem to have gotten better with each console generation.

GBA: hacked intros
NGC+XBOX: good game data, but not 1:1 dumps
WII+360: mostly good 1:1 dumps

I see it as our job to fix their mistakes.  We don't need to lower our standards.  Let's do the best that we can do.


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From what I've learned so far on XBOX 1 dumping, the difficulty with dumping with KREON drive is finding the correct location of the security placeholders, not with the random padding.  Maybe you're saying that the security placeholders are part of the random padding, and getting rid of padding gets rid of the security placeholder problem?

I've been able to dump XBOX 1 games with KREON, zero the placeholders using info in the database (which was done with modded XBOX), and I ended up with a dump matching the database.

I've just started buying XBOX 1 games, I have over 80 so far.  Even though I would much prefer dumping them on my KREON drive because of the convenience, I don't want to do it at the expense of less accurate preservation.  I'll get a modded XBOX soon...

Projects like SPS (Software Preservation Society) are going to great extents in order to preserve floppies quite accurately, allowing copy protected discs to be fully preserved.  This is the direction we should aim for.  Just because we don't have a solution for dealing with problematic discs like copy protected cds, saturn rings, etc., doesn't mean we won't have one in the future.  We shouldn't let currently impossible things be a reason to do less with XBOX discs, which are inconvenient but possible to dump.

Another update.  I took the time to promote from dumped to verified status.

Thanks for the information amarok.

I read the wikipedia pages for Norwegian language.  It says Nynorsk ('Nn') is used by about 10-15% of population, Bokmål ('No') by the rest.

I then started LittleBigPlanet in Norwegian to see which language it uses.  With the help of an online translation dictionary ( ) , I found that the following text used in LittleBigPlanet is Bokmål ('No'):

Lar deg importere en sikkerhetskopi du har lagret under Lagret datatjeneste.

The translation in Nynorsk ('Nn') would be:

Lèt deg importere ein sikkerhetskopi du har lagra under Lagra datatjeneste.

It all points to the correct language code being 'No'.

Can the person in charge of the datfile generation code please fix this?

Another update.  I'll promote the necessary entries from 'Dumped' to 'Verified' in the next update (it's very time consuming).

We're finally under 100 undumped USA games  smile

The Official No-Intro Convention (20071030) says that the language code for Norwegian should be 'No'.  Currently, the dats are using 'Nn'.

Another update.

And here's the stylesheet.

This is similar to the GameCube list that I've created.  It is based on the wikipedia list, and was programmatically created, so there could be a lot of errors.  This comes without warranty  wink

I wrote the code to parse the wikipedia page, and import the status of a previous database, so I may update the list from time to time.

If you use Internet Explorer to view the xml, it will automatically apply the stylesheet and you'll see statistics, dump status tables and undumped lists, so make sure you have the xsl file in the same folder.