Sorry for reviving this thread but i recently updated my PSX USA set and found some more dumps with the same issue as before:

Fighter Maker (USA) (Beta)
Thrill Kill (USA) (Beta)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (USA) (Beta)

Hope this helps.

Jackal wrote:

Thanks for reporting this. I checked those dumps and the last sector was scrambled and did not contain the correct data. I've fixed this by running psxt001z --fix on the data track and then using injector.

psxt001z -
injector - …

I guess we should do a thorough recheck on all the other multitrack PSX dumps to see if there are more dumps with this issue.

I have compressed all of the USA games in the PSX database (except for the mia) but none show the same behaviour so i guess no other game has that issue but i am not sure, i don't have all of the japan and europe dumps but none of the ones i have has that behaviour, thanks for clarifying the issue.

Hi everyone, i didn't know where to post this so i posted it here, i use gpack to compress my psx colection, i separate the audio tracks and convert them to flac but i have found two games that have some audio in the first track, these are MLB 99 (USA) and Fantastic Four (USA), i decompressed them and i am not sure if the data at the end of the track 01 file is audio and thats what gpack is converting to .tak or there is something else like a bad dump. Any thoughts? I hope i was clear enough any help is welcomed.


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Enker wrote:

Use IsoBuster to extract "PS3_GAME/PARAM.SFO"

Then you can check the version at the bottom and see if it's different.

Thanxs, it seems that the Dragon Age: Origins dump i have is the same than the one on the dat but for some reason clrmame pro doesn't recognize it if i put it on a folder and only when i compress it on a zip it recognizes it, i also used hascalc to double check, my only doubt is the ring numbers are different than the one on the database (as previously mention on my other comment), i'll upload the UFC 2010 dump later.


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I recently started a few PS3 games that i have with my PC, 2 are already in the dat, i have other 2 that aren't, "Dragon Age - Origins" and "UFC 2010 Undisputed", now, i know that there is a Dragon Age - Origins dump in the dat but mine is different, the code on the ring is different (BPSS-053470A1 3) and the crc is different but the size is the same as the v1.0, i don't know how to extract the data from the iso as to verify if it's actually different on the PC side. Can someone help me?

i have god of war greatest hits edition, the problem is that the rings and the dumps dont match the one on redump neither the barcode, the serial does match, it is SCUS-97399 and the version is the same than the one here i dont know if i did something wrong, i have redumped it several times and they all return the same :-s, another problem i have is dumping the DVD that comes with god of war ii, mine is the greatest hit also, but the method of runing the DVD and let it play and then just dumping it with isobuster just returns an image that can be mounted and played but the video is all f%&$ up, i ended up decrypting it with dvd decrypter but i know its not the way, can somebody help? hmm