This is GordonJ (RomVault developer).

I would really like to see Redump add their DB's disc ID to your DATs so it would look like:

<game name="Dune II - Battle for Arrakis (UK)" id="81849">
This would then enable me in RomVault to link back to the redumps webpage from a link in RV's UI, which would be really cool to add.
With a link like this:



GordonJ here developer of RomVault.

I am asking if it would be possible to add the diskID number used in the Redump URL to the DATs output.
For example game:


Could the DAT output for this be:

    <game name="Scavenger 4 (Japan)" id="11109">

adding in the id="11109"  this would enable some nice new features in RomVault such as RomVault UI linking directly back to the redump page for that dump and opening it in a browser, so that the full info can be view by the RomVault User.

Thanks in advance.