Interesting i have bought a PSX disc today and i cant get even close results to the last one i posted here, i get only the blue color this time for the disc not the green one...

For all my pics you can open them in new tab for 100% view

Hmm funny i just found the PSX files i didnt deleted them so here are the pics i made when i had the disc

Nice, so we still have to see what it would look like for the psx discs.

Wow great shot smile what disc is it? And what smartphone do you use?

video example from the same dvd, the full hd mode will be available soon

Edit: also i will buy cheap PSX discs next weeks to test and post it here

For the ringcodes i try to move the flashlight spot in the middle of the disc and raise or lower the distance till i see something. For the ifpi codes in this example the flashlight spot is on the edge of the disc in the middle.

two more for ifpi code examples from same DVD-9

Maybe my method can help you, because most of us have a smartphone and/or tablet nowadays. I am using the free and open source app for android "Open Camera" with it i can enable the flashligt mode so the light is always shining so you can position to the right spot where you can see the ringcode or a part of it. I have redumped only one PSX game and it worked there great too i have returned the game disc so i cant show you the example but i did it with a DVD-9 PC game so you can see what i mean. On the last two pics i have put my phone on a box so i dont have to hold it.

I used this with my old samsung phone and with the new one and it works on both, but i would also like to hear if that works for other people too so please give me feedback about it.

video example from the same dvd

Edit: also i will buy cheap PSX discs next week to test and post it here


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please check here … martphone/ my reply i moved to a new post

No those are not from me, i am from Germany.

Here are a few Plextor drives cheap (depend on what shipping cost you may have) … einteriors

From DiscImageCreator first post:

* Recommend drive
CD: (Drives must be able to rip by scrambled mode and read lead-out and read lead-in).
   - PLEXTOR (No OEM Drive)
     - PX-760, PX-755, PX-716, PX-714, PX-712, PX-708, PX-704,
       Premium2, Premium, PX-W5224, PX-4824, PX-4012 (PX-714, PX-704 can't test it enough.)
       - Firmware of a plextor drive:
         (Without a reason, you should update the latest firmware.)
       - PleXTools Professional XL:*/http://ww … download//
       - PX-Info Utility:*/http://ww … .download/
          Useful tool for PLEXTOR.
   - HL-DT-ST
     - UH12NS30 (Combined Offset minus disc only)
GD: TSSTcorp(TS-H353A, TS-H352C, TS-H192C) <- This drive might be supported too.
DVD: All supported drive

i have ordered a PX-760A it will be delivered soon then i will have one spare drive for sell if you need.


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as long you can see the code and identify each letter phone camera is good enough, i am using my phone camera too and can even do psx ringcodes with it


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What is the best way to test it? I can test with my 760SA


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sarami wrote:


Vendor                    Model                    Firmware(*1)    Lead-in    Lead-out    Scrambled    GD-ROM(*2)                Wii-ROM
PLEXTOR                    PX-12TS                    1.01            Yes        Yes            Yes            No                        No
PLEXTOR                    PX-20TS                    1.00            Yes        Yes            Yes            No                        No
PLEXTOR                    PX-40TS                    1.14            Yes        Yes            Yes            No                        No

I confirmed some SCSI drives. I believe PX-32TSi also supports 0xd8 and reading lead-in/out.

Hey thanks for the info, i have 7 of them i wont trash them then but can sell to future redump dumpers, are there any scsi 2 usb adapter for cd-roms they could use? I found only for hdd.


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I have got a bunch of old UltraPlex drives (PX-32TSi) connection is SCSI so i cant test them. Does anybody know if they working with DIC? Date is 03-1998 if that helps


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Hi Schrodinger,

I could try to grab a 716 or a Plextor Premium from a german marketplace site.
For the 716 i would want 15€ + shipping cost to you
For the Premium i would want 40€ + shipping cost to you

if you would accept one of the drives and they are dead when i recieve them,
i would send you a 716 from my own collection that is known working.


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i have exact the same disc twice i can send you as a donation if that can help


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sarami wrote:

Is it really ISO9660 disc? If so, it is easily unbelievable that "Only" old Windows (3.1?, 95?, 98?, 2000? etc) can read it.

here are the dump files with reentrant's DIC i could open the disc on windows xp but not on windows 8.1 tested on 4 plextor drives


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Have also here a game with that protection from the Gold Games 4 collection called Conflict: FreeSpace - The Great War also known as Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War is listed here … urom.shtml under SecuROM R2 i have also the two files on the disc cms32_95.dll and cms32_nt.dll but i miss the DADC logo on the disc so maybe they removed the protection for the Gold Games 4 collection.


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Hi i am getting this error

it is aborting while checking track 12

logs attached.

Edit: Ok now thats strange it works fine with Plexwriter Premium, the error was with PX-760SA both were connected with the same USB dongle.


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It is everything fine now wink


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xTMODx wrote:

get an appcrash with some of the newer versions...


thanks! works again