Hello all, new guy here.

I'm interested in Friidump, which is why I'm in this thread.

I have downloaded the source to Friidump 5.3, and have it running on windows under VS2010.  I'm learning!

But I am unsure of two things, and any help would be appreciated.

1. There is a program called BruteForce3C included with Friidump.  According to the text file, when I run it, it will interrogate the target drive to determine if it has READ BUFFER capabilities.  The text says that "all returned data different from $00 will be logged to files."  Has anyone done this?  When I run it, I don't get any files created, at least not in the same directory from which I launch it.  However, I DO get a set of numbers, like 141.712.  If I run it again, I get 135.985.  What do these numbers mean?  Do they have any significance, or should I only  be concentrating on the fact that there is no file created?

2. The target drive data is
a) H-L Data Storage
b) V/M: HLGDR-816B
c) DVD-ROM Drive
d) Model GDR-8161B
e) Type HDCO
f)  Drive Rev A2
g) FW 0045
h) In the "MFC" section:
    E-H023-02-2782 (B)
    2003. 05
I have seen some listings of drives that are known to work, but they all list the result of a successful Friidump, displaying something like "HL-DT-ST/DVD-ROM GDR8164B/0L06".  Obviously, that actual text does not appear on the drive itself.  Given that items "a", "c", and "d" match, should I expect the drive to work?  Or do I need to see "0L06" someplace, also?

Note that Friidump shows this drive as not supported.

Also note, I have the target drive connected via a USB to IDE adapter.  Should I try for a direct connect to the IDE cable?

Again, any help here would be appreciated.