I figured they were. So, discs with protection like this can't be dumped?

I have 3 unlicensed PS2 discs: Swap Magic 3.6 CD & DVD, and a GameShark disc. All of these discs only dump about 6% before I get an unreadable sector error. None of the discs are scratched and they all stop at 6%, so they all must have some kind of protection. I've tried dumping them with all of my drives and none of them can dump more than 6%. Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen?

You can dump it if you want. Just leave a comment about it being included with the game, and also post the redump link to the game.


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Wow, thanks a lot! I thought that it wasn't good because it does have a small scratch, but if it matches then I'll submit it. Too bad I can't verify those other two discs I have with scratches, the hashes don't match. I still have to gather the ring info before I submit all of my dumps, so it might take me a day or two to submit them. Next I'll be working on PS2/3, SS/DC, and Xbox/360 dumps. I haven't dumped most of these type of discs before, so hopefully I won't run into any problems. Thanks again to both of you for your help.


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One of my drives slows down while copying the disc, but the others seem fine. It slows down at 70% done. The audio tracks seem fine. Here is some info about the disc and the hashes in dat format:

Serial: PBPX-95002, SCUS-94418
EXE date: 1997-07-25

<game name="Interactive CD Sampler Disc Volume 4">
        <description>Interactive CD Sampler Disc Volume 4</description>
        <rom name="Track01.bin" size="640174416" crc="fbedb40d" md5="34bd976fb93212d508706c090f36f18e" sha1="124146d68022f1ba72b8221be60d1a086725af06"/>
        <rom name="Track02.bin" size="26765760" crc="b6a2c6e6" md5="bdaebd20f84020d17dee50829628ebd2" sha1="f1d1320919acbb3bd083279718501c71d634facf"/>
        <rom name="Track03.bin" size="25530960" crc="74f6dff0" md5="036490fa03602818a106deea8b84427e" sha1="e6105fe0e24bd5bd1128d5ad4c136ab72708416a"/>


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Well, I dumped it with a third drive and got the same hashes. This disc doesn't have EDC or any protections. There is a small scratch, so I won't submit this one until I can fix the disc and do another dump. I know what you mean about plextor's having issues, I found that out when I started dumping, the results didn't match my other drives.

P.S. Would anyone happen to know of a good way to fix a scratch? I have two other discs I can't verify because they both have 1 stubborn little scratch. I've tried to fix those, but nothing has worked.


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Thanks! The Copy Range function of EAC worked, though the interface was annoying. While you're typing in the values it keeps changing where you're typing after a few seconds, and in order for it to accept your input you have to click in the End Position text box. This bug should be added to the guide, I'm sure it would help many people out in the future.

Also, do you know the answer to my CDmage question? That disc had 2 audio tracks and I didn't have a problem dumping it, but the high amount of errors makes me think something might be wrong with it. It plays fine, and I tested every demo too. I'll try dumping it with a third drive and report if it's different.


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While I was dumping my PlayStation collection I found two games with audio tracks that are smaller than the ones in the DB, the data tracks match the DB, though. The Games are: http://redump.org/disc/13075/ and http://redump.org/disc/13074/

The discs only have one audio track and they're just a bunch of zero's. One thing I noticed is that the gap is detected as 0 seconds for the audio track and 2 seconds for the data track. The data track has the scrambled sector -150 sectors back, and I calculated the combined and write offsets for 2 drives, one is a plextor, so I used px_d8 to verify. My audio tracks are 37,044,000 bytes, is this correct or is the 0 second gap an issue? I detected the gap using 3 drives and they all reported the same time.

I also have one more question. Is it possible for a good dump to have over 5,000 errors detected in CDmage? I have a new demo dump to submit, but I noticed the high amount of errors and thought I'd better ask before submitting it. There were not any read errors while dumping it, and I dumped it using 2 drives.