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The mastering code still needs fixing. Also, please check the PM I sent you.


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The mastering code is missing the last number. Also, we keep the first zero in the version, I saw your PS3 dumps are missing that as well.

Can you also answer here please: http://forum.redump.org/post/53331/#p53331


Use jamjam's getkeyfrom3k3y on the IRD rebuild.

Dumping with IsoBuster is fine. The metadata can be added from a verification or a matching IRD rebuild.

Adding a comment is enough for those discs. They include PS3 software(usually a game), so they should be in the PS3 dat.


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Why not just always keep the series? The series covers are not always unique/matching (Example1, Example2, Example3).

Sometimes they are just one game, and they would lose a lot of meaning without the series (Example1, Example2).

Moved to fixes section.

The first batch contents are here: http://forum.redump.org/topic/15341/add … s-sp-dvds/


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Only admins can lock that field, so you would have to submit them to F1ReB4LL or iR0b0t. You could make a topic in the fixes section with the scans, just put something like [ADMIN] in the title.


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Redump uses No-Intro's naming, so only articles, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions are lowercased. The rest gets capitalized.

I added some topics earlier, but some are huge or have lots of unneeded info, which doesn't make adding easy.
I saw fuzzball's dumps, but I thought only DIC dumps are accepted for verifies, right?


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So you only want the SuperLite/etc. series or also keep the ones with it on the title screen? I don't see how the game/title series is different from an author, and those aren't always on the screen either.


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Sometimes the series is included on the title screen, that's why I think keeping them would be best.
For your example, I think the most complete series title should be used.


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Adding blabla series is similar to adding the author's name, so we should probably keep those. Though there are many inconsistent author titles in the db, some have it as alternative or omit it completely.


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/a isn't needed for audio cds, DIC uses the driveOffset.txt to detect the offset for your drive. It's confusing the way the app describes it, but /a lets you apply a custom offset to the default one. It's only needed if the disc has data in the lead-in/out areas.


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The vol # shouldn't be omitted IMO, but adding both genre+vol looks messy. The PS1 SuperLite games also have a genre on the cover, so we could just add it as a comment.


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I don't think there are different vol series, and Table Game seems to be a genre. According to rakuten listings, Mahjong is vol.1. I can't find a spine scan to confirm this though.


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I noticed this yesterday, it's fixed now. I made SuperLite 2000 the edition for two of the dumps since the ringcode is different.

I couldn't find the vol # for this dump: http://redump.org/disc/34529/


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The tool is useful for identifying discs which might have protection, but due to the false positives, the discs will still need to be checked with pSX 1.13 and a USA BIOS (other regions are not suitable) or with the above no$psx method.
With pSX the game will either show the mod screen or freeze, it usually happens right away but sometimes you have to start the game.


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I found a good case to prove the false positive text issue. I checked this Japan demo and it only has the text in the file. The full game is protected (freezes).

EDIT: More examples are Alundra 2 & Ape Escape. Only the Japan versions are protected, the others just have the JP text.
Alundra 2 also gets a false positive with MODPAR & Version 1 of your tool.


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I did a test with no$psx and I noticed that Window/TTY Debug Messages logs some CD cmds. Protected games have the below log when the game does the mod check. I didn't see the cmds with MediEvil II, unless the game doesn't check until the end lol.
The old MODPAR tool does find a mod check code if you scan a save state, but I wonder if it's not active in this version.
EDIT: I tried a end game save for MediEvil II (USA) and it turns out it does have the protection after all. I think it only checks near the end of the game!

CDROM Command: 02 xx xx xx
CDROM Command: 0E 01
CDROM Command: 16
CDROM Command: 0B
CDROM Command: 03
CDROM Command: 19 04
CDROM Command: 19 05
CDROM Command: 09


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Thanks for the update! Version 2 works for those Japan games, but I think the text search is giving a false positive for MediEvil II (USA). I tested it for a while and I didn't get the mod screen. Seems odd that it would have the text and no protection though.


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The first one is tricky. The mod screen shows up after you start a new game and finish the beginning dialog, which takes a few minutes. Another slow one is "Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (USA)", the tool detects this one.


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I tested your program and it works great for the games I tested. I found some games where it couldn't detect the protection.

Here are the games:
Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke (Japan)
Saru! Get You! (Japan) (v1.0), (v1.1), (Demo)

It was probably hidden by someone, I don't see it in the deleted feed. An admin can check if it was.

Btw, can you double check this write offset? http://redump.org/disc/37221/


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Use IsoBuster to extract "PS3_GAME/PARAM.SFO"

Then you can check the version at the bottom and see if it's different.