Yes, that should work. Some Plextor drives may also be able to dump the high density section (I tested PX-708 & PX-755SA).

That should work fine for dumping the High Density section. Low Density section can be dumped with the cd command before using the trap disc.

I used 8 /c2 for C2 error detection, and dumping worked when I tested back in April.


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sarami wrote:

Thanks. I understood OS was unrelated. USB adapter, there are a lot of various adapter, so I don't know yet this is unrelated or not.
Is your firmware the latest? If so, the firmware is probably unrelated. About the device driver, do you install a virtual drive -
daemon tools, Alcohol52/120% etc - or other dumping tools - Clonecd, AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink etc. I listed these tools as an example, I don't know these are related or not.

Enker wrote:

I also did a DIC dump with my TS-H353B drive on Win 7.

What firmware do you have? I had BC05 but this didn't work.

Yes, the firmwares are the latest: PX-708(1.12), PX-755SA(1.08), TS-H353B(KREON firmware, default firmware was Dell D200, I'm pretty sure it worked for dumping GDROM). I have all of those programs installed except for Alcohol52/120% and DVD Shrink. I also have Virtual CloneDrive installed. They don't seem to cause any problems.


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jhmiller wrote:

Maybe in 2012 Enker had a PC with IDE connection. I am using usb adapters.

I used Win XP(32bit) with an IDE connection for my PX-708. I just tested it on Win 7(64bit) with a USB adapter and it started dumping right away using DIC.

My PX-755SA wasn't dumping at first, but after rebooting the PC, it worked right away. I tested it with a Win XP PC and a Win 7 PC, and dumped two discs using DIC.

I also did a DIC dump with my TS-H353B drive on Win 7.

Do your drives still fail with the latest DIC version?


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I'd add it as Original and mention the red case in the comments.
Edit: If the barcode or cover is different from the Original, then we could add it as Reprint instead.

I don't think redump will use .wud (or .key for the disc key). .iso is used for all non-CD systems.


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Wii U discs can now be dumped with wudump.

I've tried to contact GFatha about his dumps with incorrect ringcodes, but I never got any response. If you do read this, then please fix these errors as well: … ification/  -L0 3 should have another digit "E11J150B   VLS2EE" bolded part is incorrect

Adding a comment is enough for those discs. They include PS3 software(usually a game), so they should be in the PS3 dat.

Moved to fixes section.

The first batch contents are here: … s-sp-dvds/


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Only admins can lock that field, so you would have to submit them to F1ReB4LL or iR0b0t. You could make a topic in the fixes section with the scans, just put something like [ADMIN] in the title.

I added some topics earlier, but some are huge or have lots of unneeded info, which doesn't make adding easy.
I saw fuzzball's dumps, but I thought only DIC dumps are accepted for verifies, right?


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/a isn't needed for audio cds, DIC uses the driveOffset.txt to detect the offset for your drive. It's confusing the way the app describes it, but /a lets you apply a custom offset to the default one. It's only needed if the disc has data in the lead-in/out areas.


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The tool is useful for identifying discs which might have protection, but due to the false positives, the discs will still need to be checked with pSX 1.13 and a USA BIOS (other regions are not suitable) or with the above no$psx method.
With pSX the game will either show the mod screen or freeze, it usually happens right away but sometimes you have to start the game.


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I found a good case to prove the false positive text issue. I checked this Japan demo and it only has the text in the file. The full game is protected (freezes).

EDIT: More examples are Alundra 2 & Ape Escape. Only the Japan versions are protected, the others just have the JP text.
Alundra 2 also gets a false positive with MODPAR & Version 1 of your tool.


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I did a test with no$psx and I noticed that Window/TTY Debug Messages logs some CD cmds. Protected games have the below log when the game does the mod check. I didn't see the cmds with MediEvil II, unless the game doesn't check until the end lol.
The old MODPAR tool does find a mod check code if you scan a save state, but I wonder if it's not active in this version.
EDIT: I tried a end game save for MediEvil II (USA) and it turns out it does have the protection after all. I think it only checks near the end of the game!

CDROM Command: 02 xx xx xx
CDROM Command: 0E 01
CDROM Command: 16
CDROM Command: 0B
CDROM Command: 03
CDROM Command: 19 04
CDROM Command: 19 05
CDROM Command: 09


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Thanks for the update! Version 2 works for those Japan games, but I think the text search is giving a false positive for MediEvil II (USA). I tested it for a while and I didn't get the mod screen. Seems odd that it would have the text and no protection though.


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The first one is tricky. The mod screen shows up after you start a new game and finish the beginning dialog, which takes a few minutes. Another slow one is "Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (USA)", the tool detects this one.


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I tested your program and it works great for the games I tested. I found some games where it couldn't detect the protection.

Here are the games:
Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke (Japan)
Saru! Get You! (Japan) (v1.0), (v1.1), (Demo)

It was probably hidden by someone, I don't see it in the deleted feed. An admin can check if it was.

Btw, can you double check this write offset?


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Use IsoBuster to extract "PS3_GAME/PARAM.SFO"

Then you can check the version at the bottom and see if it's different.

I vote for storing them unformatted. There are some unusual codes that would be nice to preserve.

Mastering SID: Some XBOX USA discs have IFPI130
Mould SID: Some PS2 USA discs have 72xx or IFPI 72xx

The first one is a USA region disc, I added it to the USA wiki. Homeland is dumped. The others are developer NR discs, and I'm not sure if redump wants those or not. Here's a topic about dumping NR and RVT-R discs.

Some serials are unknown and they are not very useful for the list. I might add the Japanese titles to the list sometime though.

Edit: The serials would help with adding/matching the titles to the database, so I will add the ones I can in the next update.

That Mario special disc is dumped here:

The Wii Japan discs are already on the wiki, and the other Wii lists haven't been made yet. It would be better to keep those for now so they don't confuse anyone.


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The only accurate way to get them is by changing the system settings or checking for in-game language options. Even games with matching EBOOT.BINs can have different languages (see FFXIII-2).