The current entry info is equivalent to other similar dumps. I think the main issue is that /a is not mentioned in any of the dumping guides, so most dumpers won't know how/when to change the offset in DIC.

Yes, if the Lead-In/Out only contain 00s, then the default 0 offset is used. If there is data in the Lead-In/Out areas, but the exact write offset is unknown, then the dumping offset that will read the most data is used and noted in the comments. It's uncommon to find data in those areas, so most dumps can only be drive offset corrected (0 offset).

It's not possible to determine the write offset for most Audio CDs, but you can manually check the Lead-In/Lead-Out sectors for data. If there is data in either of those areas, you count the bytes to get the correct offset for dumping, 4 bytes = 1 sample of audio. If the data is in Lead-In, use a negative sample offset, and if it's in Lead-Out, use a positive sample offset.

You can use "DiscImageCreator.exe audio DriveLetter Filename DriveSpeed -5 0" to check the Lead-In data. For Lead-Out, check the _disc.txt to get the disc's total sectors and copy/paste that LBA after DriveSpeed, then add a space and paste it again but increase the total by ~5 so that it will dump enough data.

Adding /a -12 to the DIC cmd should create a complete dump for this disc.


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Any update on the SID Codes? Can you also recheck It has IFPI L245 instead of IFPI L275.



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Mastering SID Code is incorrect, it's probably IFPI L279. Mould SID Code should be in the format 453x, and it's on the Label Side.


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Hi, please recheck the disc for the Mastering SID Code, Toolstamp, and Label-Side Mould SID Code.



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Thanks for the fast fix, sarami!

@Resistiv: The three new dumps were not affected, so only Destiny needs redumping. It uses the older Xbox One format, which only has UDF. smile


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The latest DIC versions are underdumping UDF-only Xbox One discs.

USA dump should match this:


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Can you recheck the Disc Serial? It should have /ANZ after CUSA-05359, if it is the Australia release.


Thanks for redumping your disc. Billy's disc is the same version. He didn't respond to my post yet, but hopefully he can try to dump the disc again.

Thanks. Please add the ice log to your post once you finish redumping. It has the combined offset which is needed to get the HDA offset for the database.

Also, please post your newly submitted Elder Scrolls Oblivion (Xbox 360) disc on the forum with all logs attached. That disc should match so one of the dumps must be incorrect.

Track 03 likely has an error in the dump that ice.exe couldn't detect. Please try to redump the disc.

EccEdc.exe (included with DiscImageCreator) might be able to detect the error.


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This can't be properly fixed until a dumper provides the correct Mastering Code.

That seems to be the case. The only 1.49 (0x31) dump in the database is Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc, and 1.01 seems to be the base version for that disc in other regions (Europe/Japan).

There are some with hex numbers (like "A") for other Nintendo systems (NDS for example), but I don't know of any example for GC/Wii.

Nintendo uses hexadecimal for the version number. Cleanrip converts it to decimal, but adds a 0 for some reason.

Only an admin can mark the ringcode as verified. A scan of the ringcode is required.

We only change the region once the Europe release has been dumped. Please post the verification with hashes/ringcodes/getkey log in the Dumps forum. Thanks!


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I checked the sizes of his other dumps and they are all correct. The underdumped one should match this new entry:

That ringcode matches the one you submitted here:


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I don't know where "1.20" comes from, so I can't add a comment for it. I would guess it's on the main menu.

The 1.00 version is not needed for these unlicensed discs, since they use the header from NHL Hitz 20-02.

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Isn't layerbreak standard for all the Xbox discs (1913776)? If yes, some kind of swapdisc image could be created, similar to the DC one.

Security sector range is a problem, but 0800 dumps don't use them, you just count, whether a number of errors is 65536 or not?

Yes, the layerbreak is always the same.

I think 0800 drives have a fast error skipping feature, so a normal drive would need to skip the sector ranges in order to dump the discs.

Kreon is needed to dump the SS.bin and get the security sector ranges.

For the DVD-DL method, it would need to have the Xbox Layerbreak as well or else the dump would include sectors from the middle zones (zeroes).


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Is this a verification? It should go in the Dumps section if it is.

If not, then I can add the barcode/case info. The Ring info can only be added if the hashes match the entry.