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The Outer Mastering Code/Mastering SID/Toolstamp codes are the missing ones. There are two rows of ringcodes on Xbox discs. One for each layer, L0 and L1.


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Thanks for the PZ2 redump. It matches the database dump now. smile

I'll add these without ringcodes for now. Can the dumper provide scans of the discs? The two ringcodes should be easily visible then.


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Can the dumper recheck both ringcodes? They are both missing the ringcodes for one of the layers.

Also, Project Zero II needs to be dumped a second time to verify the hashes, since this dump doesn't match the database.


Yes, that is currently the case. It would be good if we had a topic where they could be posted/processed, but right now we don't have an admin that will check ringcode scans for all systems.

Only an admin can mark ringcodes as verified, and a scan of the ringcode is required.

Batman's ranges in the database look correct. The ranges are always 4096 sectors, and 1378281 doesn't add up to that amount.


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This can't be properly fixed until a dumper provides the correct Mastering Code.

That seems to be the case. The only 1.49 (0x31) dump in the database is Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc, and 1.01 seems to be the base version for that disc in other regions (Europe/Japan).

There are some with hex numbers (like "A") for other Nintendo systems (NDS for example), but I don't know of any example for GC/Wii.

Nintendo uses hexadecimal for the version number. Cleanrip converts it to decimal, but adds a 0 for some reason.

Only an admin can mark the ringcode as verified. A scan of the ringcode is required.

It's not required, but I could add a comment if you have one in mind.

The edition should not be Original in this case. If a game is only available Bundled or as a Limited Edition/other type of release, the edition should be kept as is and not changed to Original.

Any type of beta should have the "Preproduction" category. Same as the Final Fantasy XI beta, and other public beta discs.

I think this disc was only available bundled, so there aren't any barcodes.

I changed the region based on the Mastering SID Code, but IFPI LB25 can be used by any region. There's no way to tell if your disc was USA or Europe region.

We only change the region once the Europe release has been dumped. Please post the verification with hashes/ringcodes/getkey log in the Dumps forum. Thanks!

The earlier discs (2002 to early 2003) don't have the year printed on the box front/spine or the disc. I used the 2xxx.x.x format for the filenames, since that is present on all of the discs.

The year on the spine is separated from the 「月刊任天堂店頭デモ #月号」 title, so I think it's okay to omit it from the Japanese title. It would be good to check how it's formatted on the main menu (if it is displayed there).


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I checked the sizes of his other dumps and they are all correct. The underdumped one should match this new entry: http://redump.org/disc/56878/

That ringcode matches the one you submitted here: http://redump.org/disc/56836/

I removed Edition from the Best Buy/Toys R Us/Walmart dumps. I kept it for Just Dance 2, since the cover says "Best Buy Edition".

The Target ones have the edition name shown on the cover, so I think we should keep those as is. The others just have the store name on the cover, so "([store_name] Edition)" is fine for those. smile


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I don't know where "1.20" comes from, so I can't add a comment for it. I would guess it's on the main menu.

The 1.00 version is not needed for these unlicensed discs, since they use the header from NHL Hitz 20-02.

The region rules for Xbox/Xbox 360 changed recently (wiki guides have been updated) and the DMI.bin region code is no longer used. Now the region is tagged according to where the disc originated from. So this dump will be (USA, Europe) once you submit the verification. smile

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Isn't layerbreak standard for all the Xbox discs (1913776)? If yes, some kind of swapdisc image could be created, similar to the DC one.

Security sector range is a problem, but 0800 dumps don't use them, you just count, whether a number of errors is 65536 or not?

Yes, the layerbreak is always the same.

I think 0800 drives have a fast error skipping feature, so a normal drive would need to skip the sector ranges in order to dump the discs.

Kreon is needed to dump the SS.bin and get the security sector ranges.

For the DVD-DL method, it would need to have the Xbox Layerbreak as well or else the dump would include sectors from the middle zones (zeroes).


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Is this a verification? It should go in the Dumps section if it is.

If not, then I can add the barcode/case info. The Ring info can only be added if the hashes match the entry.