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The entire video partition is just random data in the dump I checked "UCJB-98302", so I will set them to Red status.


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Are the three yellow dumps going to be marked as Red status or are we keeping those entries?


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We could add the merged dumps if others agree that it's okay. It's been almost 5 years since I posted that info, so that's why I said they probably wouldn't be added to Redump.


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I think the 0 byte files in the filesystem is due to the partitioning, since the Volume Space Size for both isos is correct. Video UMD dumps also have 0 byte files in the PSP_GAME folder, but the first partition on Video UMDs is not dumpable yet.

We probably won't be able to add these dumps to Redump until there's a dumping tool that can dump both partitions at once, to ensure that there isn't a gap between them.

There's a discussion about adding them here: http://forum.redump.org/topic/17909/psp … ombo-disc/


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There isn't a clear shot of it in the photos, but it might be V9L6. I'll add it as V9L9 for now and it can be fixed via a verification.


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Does the dumper not want their name credited or should we use "anonymous"?

Can you also recheck the Front Side mould code? It cannot be the same as the bottom code.


Not that I'm aware of. It would be nice to see if it worked. I don't have any with a broken case to test with.

The disc I have "UCJB-98306" is single layer (ringcode has the 0000-00000). I'm still not sure if there could be a gap or not. The file size "905314304" is almost the maximum for a SL UMD "906362880", so there's only 1MB left free.

Merged or unmerged would both be fine for redump. The disc form would need to be updated if we want to keep them separate.

The game is still playable when merged, since it's the first partition. Only the video part will not work.

There aren't any tools that can dump PFI for UMDs. sad

Putting the non-merged hashes in the comments would be a quick solution. No one ever agreed if we should accept these or wait for a better dumping tool.

I don't know how the partitions are positioned on the disc, so we could be missing some data if there's a gap.

We'd likely need the PFI data as well, in order to make a "merged" iso usable.

See my newer post here: http://forum.redump.org/post/56075/#p56075

The method I posted isn't accepted right now. We need better dumping tools for these dual partition UMDs.

Yes, in-game menus is the correct way to check them. Note that some games will crash Dolphin if you have it set to English. Here's one that crashed for me: http://redump.org/disc/29037/


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There should be two Mastering SID Codes (one on each layer). Both codes are probably IFPI LB23.

PIC is present on every Blu-ray disc. PIC dumping instructions: http://forum.redump.org/post/55878/#p55878

It would be difficult to rename all of those and keep the correct ones. There are 900+ titles for Disney/DreamWorks/Nickelodeon. There are some minor ones as well (ABC, Miniclip), which would be difficult to find.

Thanks. Everything looks very good. smile

Thanks, user7 smile. After start DVD Decrypter, can you mention copying the (Region,RCE) info to the user's dump log?
PVD step is also missing. Hopefully DIC will support DVD-Video in the future, so all of these steps won't be necessary.

DiscImageCreator doesn't support protected DVD-Video. Here's an old post I made to explain how to dump DVD-Video discs.

Here are additional steps for protected discs:
1) Run readdvd.exe -d D: -o NUL
2) Press Q to stop reading and then copy the three keys from the command window (decrypting disc key, trying player key, decrypted disc key).
Protected disc template:

Region: #,#,etc. (list all)
RCE Protection: No or Yes
Copyright Protection System Type: CSS/CPPM
Encrypted Disc Key: 
Player Key: 
Decrypted Disc Key: 


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Can you fix the typo "00002CBE" in the ringcodes, and check the Mould SID Code as well? I can add the verification after that.


Yes, that should work. Some Plextor drives may also be able to dump the high density section (I tested PX-708 & PX-755SA).

That should work fine for dumping the High Density section. Low Density section can be dumped with the cd command before using the trap disc.

I used 8 /c2 for C2 error detection, and dumping worked when I tested back in April.

I doubt there are many devs interested in researching the UMD Video dumping issue, so it may be quite a while before these can be dumped.

There still isn't a tool that will dump both partitions in one go. I think it would be best to wait until a proper dumping tool is available, since there may be other data that is needed from these UMDs.