SpaceAgeHero wrote:

Thanks for your hint over at romcenter forums! :-)

Just gave it a try and it worked as expected so far! Thank you very much!
(Perhaps you can optimize rebuilding? It takes very long. But that is actually not really a problem.)

Also predefined settings (with checkboxes) for Europe, USA etc. would be nice.

Thanks for the input.

Hello , first time posting on your board but I`ve been around your site for a while. Love the project....

I was looking for a way to easily edit your DAT files, after not finding anything I decided to make an app myself. Here is the result...

Some things you should know:

  • I`m an amateur coder.

  • I built this around DAT files because that`s what I needed it for. It might work with other DAT files but most likely it will not. There are different types of DAT files. The application will tell you if the DAT file is unsupported and won`t just break, so don`t be afraid to try.

  • You will need .NET Framework to run this app. Get it here

  • I only tested this with Windows 7.

  • Any feedback whatsoever is greatly appreciated. If you download it please leave a comment, tell me what you think.


  • Game list is sorted alphabetically even when the DAT file isn't.

  • Select either games to Remove or to Keep.

  • Search for and select titles in the DAT file using any word or phrase.

Features I would like to add in the future:

  • Support for all DAT files.

  • Remove all dupes/clones function with user selected region preference.


Sharing this as my way to contribute back to this wonderful community. Hopefully someone else besides me will find this useful.

I do know of Convert DAT. It was brought to my attention after this app was already complete. Sharing it anyways cause I think CheckDAT is a slightly better solution.