I've read this in the PSX Dumping Guide:

Unfortunately, no disc emulation or burning software currently supports SBI, neither do image formats. Our new image format with SBI support is in early development stage.

Are there any news about this image format ? any ETA ?

Thank you very much !

I've already make the .sub file ( and also the .sbi one ) ... but I don't know how to put it on cd-r sad When I use clone cd , the game still crashes at hte same point !  sad

I've the original disk . I've make the image by my self sad

Hi , this nice psx game is unplayable due to libcrypt protection  hmm
I wonder if exist any way to make a perfect dump of this game ... I've read that a sort of software that can burn disc with libcrypt support is in development ..
What can I do ?

Thanks  wink