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I know no CDDA database which works like redump... I mean there is AccurateRip which sucks, because it isn't free for devs.
As far as I know it also doesn't handle offset too good...

I have a huge collection of original CDs which I want to dump, but someone told me to wait with that until iR0b0t releases an almighty tool which handles all the pregaps and offset corrections and read into lead-in, lead-out correctly.

I hope that happens before I die big_smile


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I am totally for a DVD, BD and (most importantly) CDDA database... just not under the redump.org banner.

Remember: "Jack of all trades, master of none"


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@Rocket: I guess that would be over the top for this website. Where do you draw the line when you start alowing DVD dumps to be added to the db? What if there is a connection between the movie and a video-game but it is pretty loose?

The way it is handled today (only if the medium was included in an actual game) seems much better and is clear for everyone.
IMHO the flood of Movies would harm the website more than it would help.


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I don't think we should decrypt discs.
This way, they are not 1:1 bit-perfect copies of the originals... which should be the aim for this project.
Decryption is a step that should be done by e.g. emulators or dedicated programs from the original, unaltered disc-images.