Hi all. Does anyone of you, the long-time PS2 owners in UK, know what were the original demo discs which used to come packed with PS2 systems back in 2001?
I need to find exactly the demo disc which supplied with SCPH-30003 R system in 2001 but I do not know which disc that was. I know there were the following demo discs released in 2000 and 2001:
1) PBPX-95204 DEMO DISC ...(further numbers unknown to me)
2) PBPX-95205 DEMO DISC 3-066-725-02(1) (does 3-066-725-01(1) exist?)
3) PBPX-95506 DEMO DISC 3-073-543-01(1)
4) PBPX-95506 DEMO DISC 3-073-543-02(1)
The images of the games found on the back of SCPH-30003 R box display exactly the same games found on discs numbered 3 and 4 above. But while searching on eBay I found actually two or three sellers of their 30003 R systems who claimed to had bough them with PBPX-95205 3-066-725-02(1) inside. And this one, as I know, was released in 2000 and not in 2001! Yet, I had one seller of 30003 R model who claimed PBPX-95506 DEMO DISC 3-073-543-01(1) was supplied and one seller of 39003 model who claimed it to be PBPX-95506 3-073-543-02(1). But for those late 39003 models there were other PBPXs, like 95514 and 95520, right? Hence, the priority is for either PBPX-95205 3-066-725-02(1) or PBPX-95506 DEMO DISC 3-073-543-01(1). Could you please help me out? I hope what I typed isn't really confusing, is it? Sorry, if so.
I couldn't find anything helpful on the net except of those eBay sellers' words. The discs are pretty old so when I ask about this usually no one can remember anything for sure. I am searching for the disc for collection purpose only.
Thanks to all for your time.