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Hey Jackal ! How are you doing ? smile

Passing by and glad to see redump is not dead.
I read this and I have a suggestion that you may want to forward to our admin friend.
When users try to register they get the message : This forum is not accepting new registrations.
irobot should edit the template/phrase to point to the account request forum.

Cheers !


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here's a list of psx dat entries violating a very important rule of the convention which is the region flag is prior to any other


either it's part of the title and you don't use brackets, or it's a flag and you move it after region flag

For not for sale editions, I recommend to fully integrate any special edition tag to the title, AND use a (Not For Sale) flag, this is what I do in MESS, but this would not be No-Intro compliant (mostly because the convention is now being very old)


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oh snap! can't trust anyone nowadays  mad

Nice, thank you.

Wouldn't the project grow faster if there was a link in the front page, I have never seen the wiki before.


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here at gamefaqs 2 versions, SCUS-94301 and greatest hits

here is SCUS-94351



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There is an alternate serial for WipeOut (PS) it's a bit different than the one in db. http://redump.org/disc/2772/

Here is the back cover  link

There is also a greatest hits version of WipeOut (src: gamefaqs) which isn't this one above.

So three packaging.


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OK thanks for this explanation


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iR0b0t wrote:

chd is something specifically, its a file container and not a file descriptor !

Isn't ISO a container too?


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who thinks the MAME chd format is better than cue sheets?


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Does it count all redumps?