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I'll be using what's listed on this thread, plus the kreon firmware above (v1.00):
http://forum.redump.org/topic/6073/xbox … tructions/

If a different version of anything needs to be used please let me know.


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Thanks, I thought I had to be registered to download from eurasia, now I see that's not the case ^^
Seems v1.00 is also available there:
http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?name= … p;lid=4510

I guess I should get this one instead then?
Well, I want to get these dumped now so can't be waiting for something that might not happen wink


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Just got a Toshiba SH-D162C to dump some Xbox games, but I'm having trouble finding the correct Kreon firmware for this drive (I think v1.00 is the latest).
I've found it in a couple of websites, but while one states it works in the C version of the drive the others state it only work in the B and D versions. So I'd like to be sure I'm using the correct one instead of screwing up the drive for good when flashing it.

Could anyone please post the correct firmware version to use?



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Yeah that's what I'm doing, method 2 I was referring to is running psxt001z on a cloneCD subdump. Using cloneCD is what is suggested on the dumping guide for this.


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Thanks, good to know.
I don't know how to be sure a game has libcrypt protection or not, I suppose posting the sectors.log will be enough.


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I'm trying to dump PAL Space Rider which appears to have libcrypt protection. Using psxt001z --libcryptdrvfast [drive_letter] I'm getting an error reading subchannel data, so I tried using method 2 (cloneCD+psxt001z), but noticed the guide mentions I need to use v0.20 beta 12, but the link to it is broken.
I'm using 0.21 beta 1 not sure if this one works or not, before I post the dump info and to be sure the info will be correct I'd like to confirm if it's ok to use this version for both methods.

Ok, I probably missed something important along the way, but I was just scanning my PSX set which I didn't do since like November or so and I was surprised when cmp tells me the Track 1 of a huge amount of European and Japanese games (and some USA too) have the wrong crc!
So what's going on here? What did I miss? Or is it a problem with the current dat file?

EDIT : Ok, I just figured it's not an error and that I can fix this with injector. Is there any tutorial on how to do it? Also I'd still be very interested in knowing what exactly happened.